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La James College of Hairstyling & Cosmetology Reviews

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I went to college here and loved my school. I can from outside the state (Minnesota) and they also helped me get licensed when I went back to my home state. I really loved my teachesr that were always there for me when I needed them. 5 plus stars from me.
It is okay but it should at least provide free wifi to students...
Nothing Online – Online courses were't offered since cosmetology would be difficult to teach that way.
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Convienent College – This college was very convinient since it was only about a 10 minute drive o get there. We got Sundays and Mondays off so it gave us some time to ourselves and the fact that we could get the program done in a years time was excelent.
Lajames for Me – It was right were I lived so it was very convinient. The education was good, we were taught all the basics and I loved the trips they offered to futher our education. Life there was pretty good, new friends were found and most got along. Instructors were amazing, they were always there when needed and always had something new to teach. Even though there may have been some ups and downs I wouldn't change my whole experience there because I leaned so much from it.
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