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Drug use is a very minimal issue at Kuyper.
I absolutely love the small-school atmosphere at Kuyper, and the ease with which I am able to build relationships within the student body. The students Kuyper attracts all have similar goals and passions, and it is a joy to be surrounded by a family that will both push me towards excellence and walk that same road with me.

The professors are kind, intelligent, understanding, and well-equipped to prepare us with the knowledge we need to succeed. On several occasions I have had professors go out of their way to email or stop me in the halls to encourage me on a personal level. Not only do they each know me by name, but they remember details about my life and take time to invest in me both in and out of the classroom.

The Kuyper campus is beautiful, and with only one academic building, all classrooms are less than a 3-minute walk away.

Faculty and staff are also warm and engaging, ready to answer questions and point in the right direction as needed.
We do not have any sports at Kuyper, but there are plenty of intermural activities and they are an important part of the college's community.
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Kuyper has a wonderful close-knit community and all the professors are invested in the students success. Kuyper is preparing me and equipping me with all the tools that are necessary to succeed after college and everybody takes care of one another.
Kuyper College is school that challenges you to think about you faith and who you are as a person. The courses are challenging but there is always someone willing to help.
They keep a good balance between justice and mercy.
Its average. Not terrible, but they don't have tons of variety or good quality food. Pretty typical cafeteria food.
Grand Rapids is very welcoming and friendly atmosphere with a lot of fun things to do.
There is a huge range of off campus dining available, and a lot of unique and delicious and reasonably priced food.
The dorms and apartments are very spacious. The housing lottery is easy.
There is a broad variety and a lot of unique places to go that are not too far away.
The financial aid office was wonderful to work with, and when I did not have sufficient funds to come, they put together a forum to look over my situation and awarded me extra money to provide me the means to come.
We do not have many sports programs, and therefore do not have a lot of focus on athletics. People love to play pick-up games but it is not the center of our life at college.
Grand Rapids has many great dining options.
Because of the small campus the weather does not have much affect.
There are not many sport options. The main ones are just soccer, basketball, and volleyball.
There are plenty of places in the Grand Rapids area close to the school that are reasonably priced.
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It's a Christian college so there is quite a lot of restrictions but most students wouldn't do those type of things anyways.
Everyone is very accepting of race, economic status, and political beliefs.
Ask for help from the wonderful financial advisors.
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