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I love Knox! Academics and activities are excellent. It would be nice to have some updated dorms, however.
The classes here are challenging, interesting and require a lot of effort and time management. The terms are very short, which means that breaks are very spacious, but a lot of content is jam packed into each term per class. Being a student here is a lot of work. Even so, faculty try their hardest to make sure every student can succeed. There is tutoring, social services, clubs, sports, financial assistance, etc. Essentially, you will have to work hard, but there is full support here for while you are at Knox and extreme preparation for your future after Knox.
I am actually transferring from Knox College to Regis University. The academics were great, but that's about the only think I liked. It wasn't a very clean setting, no assimilation between the athletes and general student population, the administrators did their best in difficult situations but regularly fell short. I'm sorry to say that Knox can be a moderately sufficient 4 years as far as getting an education, but you can get just as good of an education at another institution and have a much better 4 years. It isn't surprising that Knox struggles with retention.
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I love the diversity here. Knox is a place that will open your eyes to the world in one setting. It's impossible not to become an open minded person after just one term of attended Knox. The campus and beautiful and people are beyond friendly, not to mention the 100% dedicated professors!
The academics at Knox are challenging however the Professors try to help the students learn instead of memorizing for an exam. Knox operates on a trimester system so classes move really fast. A student can begin an intro class and by the end of the year be taking an advanced class.
I really love the small environment and how easy it is to get involved and truly feel a part of something on campus. There are endless opportunities, you just have to take advantage and there are great perks and benefits even on such a small campus. The people are awesome and you can always be yourself and find a good and true group of people to be with. the housing and food have a bit to be desired, but the educations is great with professors that have been around a long time and truly care about the students.
Knox is an amazing place to be. Everyone here is just so diverse and you will always learn something new. Classes are awesome and very challenging and you can totally keep yourself so busy !
Great place love it! Board is to expensive to taste only okay. Parties are nice, there is something every weekend and a scene for everyone. Ranging from small close friend group parties to larger ones where a lot of people come.
Knox College is a wonderful place for people to really find themselves in a community of close-knit people. From day one you find people you can connect with and activities that interest you. Even though the school may be small, you are a somebody to not only your peers but the professors and staff as well. You are able to create a personal connection with your instructors who are very knowledged in the subject area. No matter where you go at Knox, as long as you put yourself out there, you will find something for you.
The dorms are old and outdated. In the summer months, it is difficult to live in the dorms because of the lack of air conditioning. Moving in can be a very tough, hot and long day. The social atmosphere is very inclusive. Everyone is friendly, although some neighbors are not conscious of others. The walls are paper thin. The housing process is a hassle and disappointing.

Living at Knox can actually be very fun and fulfilling as there are several different options but there are a few things I would change.
Greek life at Knox is very different from the glamorized stories and stereotypes portrayed through media. At Knox, Greek Life focuses on inclusion and service. While sorority members cannot live in their houses, Greek life remains popular. Fraternities and sororities work together to bring members from all different backgrounds together through whole-campus events.
While the athletic facilities at Knox College need some improvement, the atmosphere is extremely supportive. I think my favorite part about Knox Athletics is the community. Every team on campus supports the others by going to games, making signs and cheering their hearts out. The fan support has grown significantly due to past and current successes of many sports.
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There are quite of number of students who go on to Peace Corps as well as Americorps. For those who really are goal-oriented and strive to be greater there will be nothing to stop them and Knox helps with the programs it offers with Alumni.
I think the challenge with Knox is that there are only 3 months to learn a whole subject and exams come quickly as they go which can blindside you. You may have up to 2 different "midterm" exams and then a final exam maybe 2 weeks later. The professors expect a lot out of you but they also help a lot. There are a lot of tutoring opportunities from the professors and other students as well. Class sizes are small so the professor has the opportunity to know everyone well (if you don't talk to them it's not going to happen).
We are having a lot of issues with Title IX and there are many students hoping to change it. Many female students have witnessed, experienced or know someone who has witnessed or experienced sexual assault.
Depending on your suite mates things can go very well or not. Usually when they give you a roommate through the general lottery it can be a miss and as a freshman with no one to ask to room with it is usually a hit or miss. The dorms should be updated in the fire alarm systems and there aren't any ACs in the quads. Laundry rooms in the dorms should be increased in machines because there aren't enough sometimes.
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I am in a Greek organization which is extremely popular because it allows anyone to join (Alpha Phi Omega). There is a lot of community service that happens and many members in APO are double Greek.
Our sports teams are not the best and I think it is safe to say that the Men's Soccer team is the best team Knox has. The intramurals/club sports are more popular because of this. The gym is pretty well kept so there isn't much to complain and there is a nice indoor gym and a nice track outside with a few tennis courts. The soccer field could be better.
It is a small community so you get to know the majority of the school and those you don't know, you have seen around. The professors are great—the ones I've had at least—and are available through office hours, after and before class as well as through email. Knox uses the email system very wisely.