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Still early to make full considerations but thus far the experience has been very good. Encouraging atmosphere, quality instructors. Eclectic student body . Any type of personality should be able to find their group.
Knox is an amazing place to be. There are always free events for students happening through Campus life. Every professor is incredible and genuinely wants their students to learn. This campus is diverse and everyone is so accepting of gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural and ethnic differences, etc. Knox is also extremely helpful with financial aid.
The only way to describe the people who attend this school? Angsty middle schoolers who incite drama with oversensitivity to the drama they themselves start. Petty, ridiculous, and immature.
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I love that all faculty and administrators genuinely care about students are willing to work with them on just about anything. You don't feel like 'just a number' here.
I am currently a sophomore at Knox College. I really enjoy attending this school because it is a small four year prestigious institution, which is what I was looking for. I also think that I am getting a great education and experiences with being an adult. However I don't like that Knox claims to be so very diverse when in reality it isn't. I hope to see more diversity in the student and faculty populations in the years to come.
It’s a good school. I like my classes and the professors are supportive. I fee like Knox is my second home!
Knox is a school that is highly involved with their students and encourages students to participate in activities outside of academics. Students at Knox have many opportunities to better their college experience, but it is difficult due to the college remote location in Galesburg, IL. It is 3 hours away from Chicago and 1 hour away from the Quad Cities or Peoria where many internships can be found. The college has issues committing to Financial Aid given year to year. Despite the negatives, the students and professors at Knox are the most important aspect of this college. Collectively, they have built an incredible community that is focused on bettering the world one friendship and research project at a time. Professors are dedicated to making a difference in their fields and getting students excited about their education.
I am from overseas but a US passport holder and I LOVE Knox. There's a lot of diversity in the student body and you will never get bored with your classmates. Everyone is open-minded and loving on campus. The students are focused on each other's success which creates a refreshing and welcoming campus as well as academic program.
I may prefer Knox's previous slogan, "Freedom to Flourish," but calling Knox a "Human-Powered Experience" really gets to the core of the Knox... thing. I'm a tour guide here, and what I tell my "tour-ees" is to choose their school based on the people. Because it doesn't matter what building you're in, or what the weather's like, the moments that change you in college are the ones where a professor holds you to your best, challenges you to pull something out of yourself that you didn't know was there, or when another student takes the time to call you out on a character flaw, always in a loving way, or helps you put the pieces back together when you inevitably have that "first year breakdown." Knox is a school that understands, on a fundamental level, that these kinds of experiences are the ones that really develop a person into the kind of adult they hope to be. I really can't say how grateful I am to have come to Knox, as the campus seems naturally set up to help you... flourish.
I've loved my experience at Knox. I'm from the East Coast but quickly fell in love with the open Midwestern campus, the sounds of the trains, and all the people here. Knox is truly great because of its people: the professors who really care about what they're doing, the students who are all super involved, and the staff who make the place run smoothly. I love the Knox student body because they always speak out against anything they see is wrong with the administration or with campus. While I can get a bit stir-crazy in the winter and have had my fair share of boring afternoons, Knox and Galesburg are really what you make of them. If you get involved, you'll suddenly have more to do than you could have ever planned, and have friends from all corners of the world and all walks of life.
I chose Knox because it’s an institution that’s centered around teaching across a wide-range of curriculums alongside the vast racial and ethnic identities that emcompasses the student body. This institution has equipped me with the essential tools in understanding its diverse perspectives, and has challenged me in ways I never thought possible. The diversity at Knox has driven me to think more creatively on viewing issues or problems that I’m not as familiar with in a setting that acknowledges various opinions when making decisions and or evaluating different issues. I’ve also become more self-aware in learning from individuals whose backgrounds and opinions differ from my own. By being self-aware, I’m able to share my experiences with people that may have had the same experiences as myself, and I’m also able to learn about others experiences that may differ from my own.
The people that go to Knox make this College a truly wonderfull experience. We have around 250 International students on campus all from 50+ different countries. I am an International Ambassador for the College and in my work I have made really good friends with students and parents, to an extent, from around the world. But Knox could do better in their student life department. Besides being an International Ambassador I am also a Residant Assistant for the Campus life office at Knox. As an RA I have seen the gaps that Knox has and how they should fix them.
Small School, caring instructors, great campus, good food, lots of academic help available, They provided me with a tutor when I was having trouble with my math class
Knox College has a great sense of community and amazing professors. However, the food and residential housing are below average.
Small liberal arts college in small-town Illinois. Great academics, modest greek life, passionate professors. Great well-rounded education.
So far at Knox College it has been a very good experience. Although Knox does not have strong athletic teams but academics and campus is amazing and totally worth the money. I would recommend this school to students who are looking forward to major in Creative writing or arts as our school has a lot of emphasis on these two majors.
The overall experience of my first two terms at Knox College has been very nice. It is a very welcoming and proactive environment, students are trying to make change happen around campus. Many students are very expressive of who they are, so they are also accepting of others. A downside at the campus is that it isn't very handicapped accessible; there are a lot of stairs in some of the older buildings, and the ramps are steep.
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Knox College has been the best decision I could have made. I have learned so much about myself and others and I cannot think of a better place to go to school. The atmosphere is small, which is great for classes and getting to know professors. Somethings that I would like to see change are the cafeteria and the athletic facilities. The cafeteria could offer healthier food and more options. The athletic facilities should be updated and I would love to see funding allocated equally. Overall, however, this school is an amazing choice for anyone who is looking to grow and to learn more about themselves and the community around them. Also, if you like community service, Knox is the place!
My overall experience with Knox is that it is a great academic program if you already know the information that they are supposed to teach in the class for the term. I haven't been taught anything by any of my professors. They also give too much random homework as busy work, that almost never helps with the tests.
I'm an alum of several years, and I have to say I was disappointed in Knox. Knox always seemed to be increasing the number of students and decreasing the number of resources in an attempt to make more money. Dorms, classes, and the cafeteria were all overcrowded. The faculty and staff were overworked and underpaid, and they took it out on the students, who they complained were a bunch of brats from the suburbs. There was lots of nepotism, which limited accountability. I was disgusted by the administration repeatedly trying to silence rape survivors while I was there. I will say I had very qualified professors, though a few of them had poor attendance records, and the administration did nothing. Knox's sole career adviser gave me materials 20 years out of date and told me (as she told all humanities majors) to be a teacher or librarian (useless). My Knox degree wasn't worth much more than the paper it was written on, so now I'm in grad school at a much more quality institution.