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Knox has a beautiful campus and lots of squirrels. There is a large focus on sustainability and the campus is always working toward becoming more sustainable. The classes are small and the professors are invested in teaching. They care about their jobs and about their students. There is a club on campus for everyone, whether they enjoy ultimate frisbee, music, community service, or meditation, there is a club for them.
There is nothing particularly special about Knox on the surface. The campus is small and looks better in the summer than it does in the winter. Old Main (Knox’s oldest building) is the backdrop to the famous Lincoln/Douglas debate where the former president leapt from the window. Other than that, Knox claims home to a small city surrounded by cornfields. Attending Knox was the best decision I’ve made. In every class you take, your professor will know your name and care about your academic success. There are various clubs and activities. The people on this campus are friendly and proud. The library is gorgeous. The cafeteria food is average but the pizzeria nearby has amazing $5 pizza for students on Thursdays. It’s only when you look closer at the Siwash is when you understand why Knox has existed since 1837 and will most likely continue for many more.
I really like the people that make up Knox College. From the friends I have made to the professors who inspire me to learn more, the people of the college are the best part. I would like to see the living areas improved, as that has probably been the worst part of my time so far. The rooms seem to have all sustained damage and it is typically too hot in the rooms.
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This is a very good school with many opportunities available to every person who steps foot in campus. Classes are fast but professors are there to help and teach what needs to be known
Knox advertises itself as a small liberal arts school that will always go above and beyond for its students but I found this to be completely untrue. The cost of tuition makes no sense considering how little opportunities there are on campus for classes and for internships/ valuable experiences.
I like the overall experience but many little details are sometimes frustrating such as certain facilities. I love the students there, but it's definitely not something that everyone loves.
Knox is an amazing School that prepare students for the world that lies ahead of them. Although they have an okay dorms and campus, they try to ensure that every student feel safe in their respective space.
I like the atmosphere of the college and there are some good friends you make. The teachers really care about their students and make a good connection. It is expensive and Trio helps you a lot.
I really like Knox. However, they lack in diversity and need to figure out how to attract more black and Latino students. They want diversity but I feel they lack the knowledge as to how to do so. Also, their honor system is flawed, poorly written and hard to navigate, when something arises. The town of Galesburg, need diversity and bias training when dealing with students of color, especially on or near campus. Harassment is an issue.
I have made amazing friends here and feel so comfortable. The professors are truly invested in your academic careers and want to see you succeed. I feel like I will be prepared for the workforce when I graduate.
The professors and staff on campus are amazing and extremely kind and helpful. You can always find someone to help you with anything that you need. Knox is also very diverse, i met people from different corners of the world and Knox does a great job at giving a voice to everyone. There's always something going on on campus so you don't really get bored and there's a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus and in Galesburg.
Knox College needs to put more effort into recruiting students from different backgrounds, diversify the campus.
Knox College has been a great decision for me. The intimate class size and the dedication of professors to help the students really reflects by their commitment. Although the extreme weather is not my scene, I'd chose Knox all over again if I have to.
Knox is a extremely diverse campus that offers a vast and challenging curriculum. Knox also does a good job of preparing its students for the real world after college. Knox does lack however in aspects that are integral to the college experience such as night life.
I look back at my time at Knox College and I truly believe that I would not change anything about my college experience. Knox offers its students something unique: the chance to be around people with extremely diverse backgrounds while getting an amazing education. The small class sizes allow students to truly get to know their peers and professors. Additionally, professors deeply care about the success of their students. I have met so many wonderful people at Knox College that have truly become lifelong friends. I could not imagine myself attending any other college. Knox has altered who I am in the best possible way.
Love Knox! I felt at home the minute I stepped foot on campus and have loved it here ever since! I love all the people and have received a great education here!
As a first year, Knox has been such a wonderful fit for me. My professors are so attentive and caring, they’re like a second family.
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Knox is a diverse campus that has allowed me to delve deeper within my self, and get a better understanding of others around me !
I am currently a first year at Knox and my first year has been going well. I really like that Knox is a small-sized school because of the classroom sizes. All the professors I have had have genuinely cared and wanted me to succeed in their classes. The professors are also very helpful inside and outside of class. Even though Knox is a private school, it is very affordable and I have received a lot of financial aid and scholarships that have made it possible for me to study here. Knox is also very diverse and its a very welcoming community. The campus is also very safe, I have never walked unsafe when walking back to my dorm even late at night.
My experience at Knox has been very unique. Everyone here is so friendly and wants you to succeed. The professors are amazing and will be there to help no matter what. The small school culture brings about opportunities that you will rarely find a large university and gives you a home away from your own.