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I have taken courses through this online college and I have had an overall good experience. The teachers are good and the classes are not terribly difficult.
Brand new health science building in Graying Michigan just off of Interstate 75 and opened this past fall of 2016. State of the art materials available for all health occupations. The building is absolutely beautiful, clean and maintained and is easily accessible.
They have more schools since they made more money from college students. Now I have to drive far distance to go to school.
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Wonderful staff, great curriculum and the most beautiful campus around! You don't feel left out or forgotten it's like they've got your back. There are a lot of services and help to succeed.
Going to Kirtland for my first year of college was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It wasn't costly, but I still received a quality education. Unfortunately, I had to transfer because I took all I could take there toward my program. If you're going into nursing, this is a GREAT option. I was also a work-study for the disabilities department. The staff is very friendly and it was like we were a big family.
Most of my online courses have been great overall experiences. Student interaction in the discussion forums is vast and most instructors actively participate in discussions as well, giving a more personal feel to an online course that can be missing when compared to in-person classes.
Most of my instructors have been very helpful when additional help or clarification was needed. They're all clearly experts in their designated studies and have a passion for the subjects they teach.
I'm currently earning my Associate of Arts and will be transferring to a different school to earn my Bachelor's degree. While an associate's degree is a great step, it is a stepping stone to a higher degree and therefore won't have much impact by itself. Being a community college, there is no expected name recognition or advantages that a degree from this school over any other community college.
It would be great to see more classes related to Sociology studies available, especially as online classes.
Small school size and availability of online class options has made this school a great and convenient way for me to earn credits while balancing the responsibilities of work and caring for my mother and her medical needs.
I am able to do all of my classes online so it is very flexible.
I love that I can work at my own pace and the teachers are always available via email.
As before, I had trouble finding a job after graduating with transcription certificate.
I love the small class sizes and that it's not hard to get the classes you want.
I was easily able to get an internship for my transcription degree, but it took me 2 years to find a job.
Small classes with personalized teaching. Have done most of it online.
Small campus and great teaching staff!
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I will be doing my first online class this semester. Last semester we had to submit our assignments online and it was easy to understand. Everything was made available such as the lectures, power point slides and labs
People whom have graduated the nursing program from Kirtland have had excellent employment opportunities. I have seen many job offers while still in school
I am entering the nursing program and haven't had much experience with this yet
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