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I did the majority of my pre reqs online. I enjoyed it quite a bit . The professors that had online classes also had campus classes and if I had problems they would allow me to come in for a class or needed item.
It is a nice community college where there are not many colleges around. Same as every college there is both good and bad.
In the time that I have spent at kirtland I only had a basic understanding of what it was I am leaning, now I have a lot better knowledge and a deep appreciation of what I’m learning. The only thing I would like to see change at my kirtland campus is for more students to join.
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I think Kirtland Community College offers a great opportunity to get a headstart in the game. It offers excellent classes many of which are offered at 4-year universities. However, these classes are more than half the price which makes Kirtland extremely affordable. I do not regret spending my first year of college at Kirtland and feel as if I have saved a lot of money.
When I attended Kirtland, I only had online courses. Even so, my experience was satisfactory with both the staff and other students. All of my instructors were kind, helpful, and quick to respond to any questions I may have had with my courses. Some of the other students even offered to help me with homework if I had any trouble, and I'm very thankful for that. I would definitely recommend KCC to anyone interested.
I have had a great experience with Kirtland. Kirtland is the school I have stayed with the longest. They have a wonderful understanding staff who is always more than willingly to help. The instructors are wonderful as well. Only thing to improve would be the materials some instructors use for online classes. They are not very user friendly such as Cengage.
Convenient learning experience, most of my classes are done online. Will make it easier to achieve goals for a two year degree. Financial aid is available.
Kirtland is a great smaller community college, they have a great range of programs and opportunities. The professors put in the extra effort for students to succeed in their programs. KCC offers great classes at affordable prices.
Kirtland Community College provides a great learning environment with amazing staff to help you along your learning path.
Kirtland Community College has been a great place to obtain an education. The small class sizes, location, and low tuition has been wonderful.
I enjoyed Kirtland Community college overall because of the people who worked there. When I needed help with my finances, the people in the office were very helpful in that. My advisers would always do their best to get me into the classes I needed even if it looked like it was full. The environment there is very laid back and quiet. Not very much going on that would distract you. The facilities are okay, no cafeteria, just vending machines. But the teachers are almost all amazing, I only dropped out of one class there my first day because the teacher was unprofessional and very much annoyed me, other than that they were great, especially the art professor.
They are very well educated, as well as provide a great education!!! They care about you and your success.
Kirtland community college is the perfect up north retreat for the dedicated college student. Kirtland is settled in the beautiful rolling hills of northern michigan in the middle of the beautiful gorgeous country side. Enjoy the activities of all 4 seasons.
I have taken courses through this online college and I have had an overall good experience. The teachers are good and the classes are not terribly difficult.
Brand new health science building in Graying Michigan just off of Interstate 75 and opened this past fall of 2016. State of the art materials available for all health occupations. The building is absolutely beautiful, clean and maintained and is easily accessible.
They have more schools since they made more money from college students. Now I have to drive far distance to go to school.
Wonderful staff, great curriculum and the most beautiful campus around! You don't feel left out or forgotten it's like they've got your back. There are a lot of services and help to succeed.
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Going to Kirtland for my first year of college was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It wasn't costly, but I still received a quality education. Unfortunately, I had to transfer because I took all I could take there toward my program. If you're going into nursing, this is a GREAT option. I was also a work-study for the disabilities department. The staff is very friendly and it was like we were a big family.
Most of my online courses have been great overall experiences. Student interaction in the discussion forums is vast and most instructors actively participate in discussions as well, giving a more personal feel to an online course that can be missing when compared to in-person classes.
Most of my instructors have been very helpful when additional help or clarification was needed. They're all clearly experts in their designated studies and have a passion for the subjects they teach.
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