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Kirkwood Community College Reviews

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Kirkwood is a very good community college with a wide array of academic programs. The professors are very personable, but there isn't student life aside from parties.
The college is a good one to go to if you want to get more bang for your buck. The tuition with the college is decently priced and they do offer benefits for being a student. i.e. open quiet study computer lab with class specific software, a rec center open to students for free, with a bus sticker you also get route 7 bus free to ride. The student population is also very diverse so you get to experience many different people through your studies.
I enjoyed most of my time at Kirkwood. I would say that you should do your research on professors. It is truly hit or miss. You can have some really great ones and then you can have TERRIBLE ones, but all in all it has been a great experience and the cost savings alone has truly been a blessing for me.
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It is a good college for community college. Some of the instructors could be better. But the food is good.
I highly recommend Kirkwood Community College. They have any learning options with in class on compass, extension locations all over Iowa, and online. The faculty are helpful and friendly. There are also many supports available for students such as tutoring.
Life changing experience. I was nervous about the transition from high school to college, however, Kirkwood made it so much easier and smoother for me to start my experience as a college student. As they say 'Start here, go anywhere" I started in kirkwood for my general education for premedical school, to continue at the University of Iowa. Love my friendly and helpful instructors and academic advisers.
I loved Kirkwood's campus and resources they have to offer. I have always found Kirkwood to be very inviting and the professors are all so kind and helpful when learning difficult materials.
Kirkwood has aided me in finding who I am and what I truly want to do with my life. I have made the best of friends and the classes are so small that you get close with all of your classmates.
I absolutely love Kirkwood. I have already graduated with one degree here. The staff is very personable.
The teachers are helpful and fun people. Students are nice. The classes aren't too hard but keep your interest.
I am currently enjoying my experience at Kirkwood. The professors are great at their job and are more than willing to help you out. If they can they will stay after class and help you with questions or if they can they have office hours available. The campus is easy to navigate and the students and faculty are more than willing to help you out. There is plenty to do around the area as well.
Campus has a big potential and space to grow teacher and peers are very friendly and very helpful very positive environment.
Kirkwood is a large community college with a variety of opportunities for everyone. It has a diverse selection of 2 year programs that students would have trouble getting anywhere else. It is also a great school for students looking to transfer to a 4 year university in Iowa, as it has made deals with all the public universities in the state so they will accept all the transfer credits.
I not once felt like I was being left out because Kirkwood allowed me in with open arms. The professors and advisors are excellent people who offered me help at all times. I love Kirkwood and if I could complete my degree at Kirkwood I probably would never leave that place. I highly recommend it to newcomers. I promise you won't regret it!
Kirkwood is an excellent "bang for your buck" Community College and offers a wide variety of classes and many majors, it's a great way to pursue a two-year degree or a start to a four-year academically. However, it is difficult to get involved unless you are connected to band, sports, or theater. Even living in the apartments doesn't offer much connection. It's a great school to get in and get out of fast, but you will not find a "college experience" here.
Kirkwood is a great school. Education is good, teachers are very helpful. The housing is walking distance, great apartments to live in.
Overall I liked my experience here. I met many great students and teachers. A majority of the teachers are will to meet with students outside of class to help them. I found that this school gave me the assistance I needed in class. I am sad that this is only a two year school because they have amazing staff and facilities. The education is very affordable and they offer so many scholarships, that most students leave after two years with no college debt!
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I was thoroughly surprised at the level of excellence I received attending a 2 year college. I learned more than expected and received many opportunities such as study abroad and out-of-classroom workshops and experiences, especially in the business department. I am constantly recommending Kirkwood.
Kirkwood is a relatively inexpensive Community College. Most of the instructors there are very good at teaching the lessons and are open to answering any questions that you might have, regarding the lecture or the assigned homework. The math instructors were also very capable at teaching the material and would go over numerous problems until they felt that the class was ready to move on. I also took their Computer Science Transfer Classes, and while they were difficult, the instructor went through all the concepts, showed us numerous program examples, and helped us whenever we had problems with our programs. Per the academic side of things, I feel that attending Kirkwood was well worth the price of admission.

However, the area around Kirkwood lacks any grocery store or mall. Having a car or a bus pass is essential if you need to do any shopping. The food on campus was nothing to write home about and is a bit pricey too. However, their pizza is very good.
Very nice atmosphere, lots of resources, and tons of fun things to do! They have a food pantry for when you are short on money and food, they also hand out free tampons and pads, and condoms. The tutoring center is so helpful and easy to get into. They also have a writing center that will help you whenever you need it even if you have writers block.
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