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King's College - Pennsylvania Reviews

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I love the experience I am having at King's college. The professors are outstanding. I enjoy the small campus atmosphere. Having classes with 15-20 students, make the learning experience exceptional.
The school molded me into a better person, student, and professional. Perfect school for someone who wants to be directly involved with the inside and outside campus community. You know everyone and make long lasting relationships. High growth potential as an institution as well. Constantly making positive changes. Solid leadership.
All the visits that I have attended have been very informative and friendly. They have a very nice small college feel. Each one of their major programs will challenge the students in a small class environment.
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King’s is an absolutely amazing college. It’s such a warm and welcoming environment. The staff at King’s are simply amazing, being teachers, librarians or even the food workers. They are all lovely and supportive.
Loving my college experience, so far. Small school, but i prefer it that way. Our sports teams aren't great, but there's still school spirit. Parties are alright, but don't get your hopes up.
Awesome Place to go to school. I love it there! Even the courses are amazing, the sports program is amazing. The school cares about their athletes.
I love this small private school! Everyone on campus is kind and willing to help out. The professors are wonderful and want to see their students succeed. There are many activities on campus from intramural sports, yoga, movie nights, trivia night, plays and musicals, and debates. The area surrounding campus is okay, but I would not recommend walking alone at any point in the day. The campus is about two blocks from the city center which has plenty of restaurants, and the King's bookstore.
Attending King’s College allowed me to enhance my verbal and communication skills effectively. The education is great and the professors are outstanding.
Definitely not the school for you if you're looking to party. Classes within your major are definitely challenging to prepare you for your future.
I love the campus and the environment on and around the campus. They have a great Business school and I am looking forward to being a student here.
King's College provides an inviting and supportive community of students and faculty to help their students thrive both personally and professionally. With their strong academic programs, campus life, and affordable private tuition, I've come to enjoy the King's life.
My experience at King's College is unique being as I am an African American and Asian Indian woman. The school and area offer very little diversity in their students and staff. I do enjoy my field psychology, but that department is experiencing many changes right now so I am unsure of it's future. The school itself is expanding which I consider to be a plus because it is a very small school.
So far, it has been an okay school. some of the professors will treat the students badly while others are here to see their students succeed. The Education Department is amazing and the educators in that department really care about their students and they will make sure you understand something if you ever needed help.
King's College is a very nice college. King's does a lot for its students, faculty, and the community. The facilities are very nice. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and the professors are the same way.
What I like about King's College is the community and environment of the college. Its welcoming to anybody and everyone is nice. Small class sizes is the great thing about King's College and the professors try to help students to the best of their ability.
I transferred to King's and absolutely love it. My teachers and classes are awesome. They give financial aid and really care for their students. Best school in the Wilkes barre area!
The small town like college. The education, faculty, staff and the students the way we get to interact with each other is nowhere to be found in any colleges so easily.
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I love how here at King's they do their best to include you as a student and really make it feel like a second home. Not only that, but they start your focus on your major almost immediately so you are getting as much experience as you can get.
The houses are in ok conditions and they are very friendly to people signing up. They are also volunteers.
My experience has been enjoyable because of the people around me, but so difficult due to my major. So much time must be put into constant study.
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