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Great school to go to, professors care for you and want you to succeed, small classes, which is nice, but it’s not the school for me.
King University sets a high a standard on academic excellence and makes every effort to assist the students success.
King University is a private Presbyterian college in the beautiful hills of Tennessee. The people here are relatively nice.
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The communication program at king University in Knoxville Tennessee is one of the best if not the best communication programs to be ever found in continental America. King University founded in 1867 is an accredited university with over 150 years of experience in providing higher education to people from all walks of life and continents.
The communication program at King is also very family and adult friendly. As a busy real estate business man before enrolling in the communication program at king University, I felt like my dream of acquiring higher education was impossible due to my schedule and family demands but with King it has been possible with flexible hours and very helpful and experienced instructors.
If you are ever look for a quality education at an affordable and accredited university, look no further, King university is the place to be!
There are small class sizes and the professors are friendly and willing to help you. The staff is friendly as well and everyone is fairly easy to access. The best place to study is the library because it is always quiet. It is a hilltop campus, so there is a lot of walking to be done uphill.
I liked the scenery. The sunsets are the best around. I like the availability of professors and the small classroom setting.
The professors are caring and always willing to help! If you are having issues or get stuck in a class and don't know how to do an assignment, they are extremely understanding, patient, and helpful. The best experience I have had at a college.
Excellent college. If you are an out-of-state student there is a lack of grants and scholarships to help you pay for tuition, books and other items. The faculty is very helpful. Your advisors willkeep in touch with you and answer any questions you have.
I am in my last semester at King University in the online communication program, and I’m about to graduate! King has created their online communication program to be affordable and great for the working adult. I took some time from school to work and save money, and attempted to go back traditionally- unsuccessfully. I decided that I needed to attend online so that I could have time to keep up my jobs. I found that King had an online program that included public relations, marketing, interpersonal communication, and more. I aspire to earn a career in public relations upon graduation and this program has equipped me with the knowledge and skills for that. In an online environment, it is important for the professors to respond to emailed questions in a quick manner, and King professors are great with doing this. I would recommend this program to anyone, especially those with families or full-time jobs.
King University provides various programs for adult learners to further their education. I started the online communication program three years ago at the accredited King University. The communication program has provided me with knowledge and information about effective ways to communicate in the world today with new job opportunities. The program has been a great way for me to attend online classes while juggling a family and work. The class schedule is one class every five weeks. This schedule is a great way to focus on one individual class at a time. I would recommend the online classes for anyone that is pursuing a communication degree.
King University is such an amazing school. I am majoring in Mass Communications. I honestly would have never been able to go back to school if my degree could not have completed online. King University is in Bristol, TN and I live in Virginia. I work full-time, and have a very busy life. Being able to complete a degree online made my life so much simpler. I get stressed sometimes about the work, but every professor has helped guide me through. I can access any of my assignments no matter where I am. The Communications program at King University covers so much material such as advertising, public relations, editing, journalism, and public speaking. The courses have helped me gain more knowledge of the Communications field and confirmed my love for Mass Communications. Personally, I think the program has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and possibly explore different careers with this degree.
I am an online student in the Communication program at King University. The option of online learning has been helpful to me because I am not within driving distance to campus. Therefore, this allows me to attend classes in an online setting. It also is a great option for adults who work full time and may not feel comfortable in a class room setting. I am a Communication major and I would like to say how very informative the instructors are and they provide you with the tools you will need in the world of communication. The instructors are great about stressing to the students how they are available to help with any questions or concerns you may have, therefore providing a phone number or email. King University is an accredited school and I would highly recommend this university to anyone pursuing a degree and highly recommend King’s communication program and its staff.
I am a student at King University pursuing an online Bachelors of Science in Communication. I would consider this one of the best online schools for communication majors because it covers a variety of topics including editing, public speaking, PR, and rhetoric. This program is so effective because it is an online communication program for working adults. I researched many schools when I decided to switch from traditional to online school and the number of universities that did not cater to my needs and that only took a limited number of my credits shocked me. There are difficulties with online school like lack of community and distance from professors, but I have found that they try and help relieve these issues as much as they can as professors. I would definitely recommend King University!
The school was great until the disbanded my major. I was an Athletic Training major and King got rid of it and the nursing program so for that I now have to transfer. The athletics there are not what I thought they would be, they make it sound better than they really are.
The academics at King University are excellent!
I'm in the online Bachelor of Art's in English program. Everything about King University is wonderful. If your looking for a college that offers 100% online programs King University is definitely a great option.
We were required to do a online program on this subject so I feel the school tries to help students with this issue and is very much involved.
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They were so helpful with the application process. They contacted me constantly to make sure I was doing everything the correct way and always answered my questions.
I don't live on campus so I can't judge this.
I don't get involved in sororities. It's just not my thing.
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