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King University - Tennessee Reviews

320 reviews
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The academics at King University are excellent!
I'm in the online Bachelor of Art's in English program. Everything about King University is wonderful. If your looking for a college that offers 100% online programs King University is definitely a great option.
We were required to do a online program on this subject so I feel the school tries to help students with this issue and is very much involved.
They were so helpful with the application process. They contacted me constantly to make sure I was doing everything the correct way and always answered my questions.
  • College Senior
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
I don't live on campus so I can't judge this.
I don't get involved in sororities. It's just not my thing.
I am an online student so I don't have a lot of interaction with the athletic department.
My school has been so helpful in the entire process of enrolling and answering any questions that I may have!
I don't participate, but others I spoke with love it.
The main campus has athletics!
"I am a senior graduating this fall with a Bachelor of Communication, and I'm excited! Going back to school was a personal goal, and I needed a convenient schedule that would accommodate my busy life. King University offers an accelerated program for adult learners they offer online classes or one-night-a-week at the Knoxville campus. Personally, I prefer the convenient schedule of one-night-a-week. I have learned attention to detail and time management skills in the communication program at King University, and these skills have become important because ultimately I am responsible for my education. King University is accredited and offers affordable learning in a Christian environment. What can you do with a communication degree from King University? Studies show that employers seek skills in verbal and written communication, teamwork, and technology. King has prepared me with these skills, I have been challenged to think critically, speak publically, actively listen, and communicate effectively. I encourage you to come and join the King experience."
The Communication program at King University has been the savior of my turbulent college career. Before King, I had difficulty committing my time and money to a single major for fear that I would end up unhappy in my journey. However, Communication is the most underrated and the most useful skill anyone can have. This degree is perfect for those, like me, who consider themselves a "jack of all trades." King has made earning my degree simple by offering a convenient, accelerated schedule that I can afford. The Communication classes are small at the Knoxville campus, which caters to people like me who prefer a one-on-one teaching approach. King values community, and I have enjoyed getting to know my Communication classmates. We have great discussions in class as well as outside of class as we work on group projects together. The security guards are very nice, and students feel safe as the grounds are patrolled. The best part about King's Communication program is how involved the faculty and staff are in the education process. Every time I ask for help, I always receive a prompt response from knowledgeable people. My instructors are very active in emailing, and have even offered to Skype on their own time to help me. Overall, I would rate my experience in King's Communication program an A+.
I love going to King University Knoxville Campus! Everyone there really cares about you and wants you to succeed.
The Knoxville campus of King University focuses mainly on BSN, MSN, and DNP Nursing degrees. While these are hard programs, everyone at the school is willing to work with you in order for you to succeed. Once you get your nursing degree you will not have any issue finding a job.
  • College Junior
  • 9 months ago
  • Value
The safety is great, I always see the campus police driving around
My overall experience has been great! The administrative staff have been so incredibly helpful and nice and so have all of my fellow students! The campus and town are just beautiful! I love the small class rooms and personal attention!
  • College Sophomore
  • 9 months ago
  • Value
I have no personal experience with campus housin at all. I'm a commuter and don't have any purpose in being in on campus housing so I don't know much about it. I've heard people say that's it's not that great but that's just hear say.
  • College Sophomore
  • 9 months ago
  • Housing
There's no Greek life that I'm aware of. I'm just not into Greek life though so that may be why I'm not familiar with it. So if there is any then it is small and low key.
School spirit is great! Athletics are great! I'm not really involved in sports and don't go to games so I don't know too much about them. Out of the students that I have met so far though, most of them seem to be pretty involved!
Campus population is extremely diverse and extremely accepting of minorities
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