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I know there are commercials on the radio for our school. Also I know we go out and help people around town and that's how we also recruit. The way we do job internship is we do our clinic work at a job site where we can get experience. It is really fun.
We have a pretty decent sized class. Our class also works together very well too. The quality of the course is amazing! When we come in for class the first thing we do is book work and end the day with skills. The professors are very helpful and very nice. I have a lot of respect towards them.
My school experience was pretty busy. I was a cheerleader, I did archery, and I did advanced classes. The main experience that I received in high school was to not be shy. It was a very outgoing type of school. We also had a lot of different types of people. It let me be more open to all different types of people. I would like to learn more about different cultures and different personalities.
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I only have one instructor and he is friendly and knowledgeable but there is no structured environment. I wish there were more classroom lecutures, perhaps 2 hours a day, since I am an all day student.
I'm a computer networking and repar major, and it is not what I expected. There are no electives, just computer studies. It is entireley self-paced. Little to no classroom teaching involved. The resources are good here, but you have to take advantage of them. If you are not self motivated, the opportunites to slack off are overwhelming.
Overall I feel that Kiamichi Technology Center- Idabel has truly help me develop the education and future of my desire. There are some areas that need an upgrade, but nothing that truly hinders the education you will recieve here.
My work experience has been great. The courses I take online differ from traditional classroom experience because there is no interaction with other students. It is specifically assignments and projects that must be completed on your own time.
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