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The professors are great, they are there for the students. My major is a science major. The science building is not well maintained. Some of the sinks don't work in the labs, which isn't good, those are needed when we do experiments. The ceiling caved in last year during break. The year before a teacher fell through the floor in that same class room. The campus itself is very beautiful but it needs to be updated and money spent on the buildings themselves.
Keystone is a very close knit school, you feel welcome from the start and they like to get you involved in the community. A huge benifit of going here is books are included in your tuition for full time students. They give you an iPad that is included in tuition with you books loaded onto it. Any books that aren't available online you can rent directly from the college for usually less that $10 for the entire semester. It's a small rural campus with homey dorms and down to earth professors that are willing to help you and work with you as much as they can.
Keystone College provides freedom from the ordinary life of the city. Great for anyone wanting to explore the woods and see what there is in life.
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Attending Keystone College was one of the greatest decisions I did as a young adult. Keystone College makes me feel at home and I would recommend it to anyone. I chose Keystone because of the diversity and the academics are amazing.
Tight community wonderful professors happy to have started my first semester at keystone could use some work at the cafe food is suspect also should invest in a football team
Great professors. Class sizes are good. The campus is beautiful. Received a lot help and information from the professional staff such as financial aid and business office.
I love the people at Keystone. I have a very large group of friends and every single person I meet is very friendly. The professors are amazing teachers. In high school I wasn't a good student and at Keystone I have a 3.2 gpa.
i like it and its very spacious and lots of things to do around the school. Very nice people and really good food served on the cafe. The teachers do a great job as well.
I like how it is a small campus, small number of students in a class. I like how it is kind of in the woods.
Keystone college has a great student to teacher ratio. The campus is safe and very nice. There are many majors to choose from. Along with great academics Keystone offers many athletic sports to choose from if you are an athlete interested in continuing your scholastic career. The college atmosphere is great and the campus is surrounded by walking trails that are near a nice creek that runs behind the campus. It has a rural family home town feeling to it. The advisors and faculty are extremely helpful and polite and were very instrumental in helping myself while adjusting to a whole new life and experience as a resident student. One of the best things Keystone College has done was offer the Keystone promise and also enroll all incoming students into the LRAP (Loan Repayment Assistance Program).
The professors at Keystone College are some of the best teachers that I've ever had. The campus is small but very comfortable to those who grew up in the country. The faculty was very helpful in getting me ready for school. However, sometimes it appears that they try and rip people off financially after you've already joined. A few times I have caught them "forgetting" to remove things from the financial statement. This can sometimes be a frustrating thing to deal with. One time they charged my tuition payment to a different student. That should never happen. They need to get better at that. That is a big concern but other than that I've had an enjoyable experience.
My time at keystone starting from 2015 has been nothing but great. Faculty is nice, everyone is friendly. I've acquired many opportunities through keystone whether it be from taking classes or joining a club. The classes are hands on and most science classes go outdoors.Keystone is a green campus which also makes us appreciate it more. The campus is beautiful and not as complicated as a university. The trails on back campus can have you walking around in between classes To get your daily does of nature and learning.
Keystone Is a really great college. The professors are great. The class sizes are small and they do have a lot of activities to do throughout the year.
Keystone is a tiny college, with poor equipment, and awful management. Facilities are horrible, especially with the contract with Sodexo. The one saving grace that this school has is the faculty who actually give a damn. Professors are the ones who are doing their best to help their students, even when they know that the system they are in is horrible. It is obvious that the management of the school has no idea what's going on, nor do they care. The reason to go to Keystone is to have a relationship with your professor that you can actually benefit from.
I love the environment and how close we are all together in the community. However I wish the education expanded more for studying days.
I did not like how unorganized the college is and how unorganized the professors were. They seemed like they didn't really care if you succeeded or not.
I love the campus with everything they have to offer. They have a band program, athletics, and several clubs to be involved in. It's like having a second family because there are always people there to help you. On the other hand some classes have timed tests and teachers expect students to get an A+ in 10 minutes with 17 questions. I feel like they don't understand that it's a lot of information to cover. In a regular classroom there aren't timed tests, you have the whole class period to take it. Giving timed tests doesn't let students think for themselves because they have to rush to get every single question. That minimalizes their capability to do well on a test!
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Overall, Keystone is a decent college. It's a small campus with small class sizes, which I like. The professors are, for the most part, pleasant. However, as a commuter, I find the parking lots, and routes to the parking lots, poorly lit. I don't feel that there is a good place for commuter students to go. As in, there is no place for me to heat up my lunch if I were to bring something hot to eat. Also, I feel the Internet could be improved. I often find it running slow when I use it. Finally, as a transfer student, I find that I have only been told things through the grapevine. There are things that I have learned that I feel should have been addressed either at orientation, or at a scheduled meeting with someone in the education department.
I liked my time at Keystone. It's a small campus so it's not hard to meet everyone. The campus is off a highway and not near any big city. They pride themselves on their back campus of hiking trails. Also, there were many different activities held on campus for students. They started this program called include-ed, where every full time student receives an iPad and books are included in tuition. Most of the students attending Keystone are commuter students who feel left out of activities offered for students. The campus at night is very dark, as the walkways are dimly lit. Overall, you feel welcomed at Keystone. The only thing I feel Keystone could fix is how the inform students. It's hard to get information out of staff, not professors. And the college sends out mass emails which don't always get to everyone.
Keystone is very diverse and welcoming. Everyone is personable and friendly. The teachers are understanding and friendly. There are a lot of resources available to the students such as computer labs, store, and lots of food options. The Performance Band is also very dedicated and amazing.
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