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I would like to see Keystone actually care for their students. The food is absolutely horrendous, if you have a problem with somebody they blow you off. The RA’s don’t like to do their job. If you get harrassed by a student, and report it to them, they blow it off. Do NOT come to Keystone. You will hate it.
I love this college. The food is very good. They have a wonderful free music program!! There are also so many afordable majors to chouise from. The students and staff are so friendly and helpful. The campus is small and has lots of walking trails. They have bee keeeping and tree classes that students can take.
I love being able to get to my class easily and the activities and clubs are a lot of fun. The food is not the best but there is a campus shop with a vareity of food to buy. Overall I would say keystone college is a great 4year college to attend.
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I love how the college continuously holds events that bring people together. They are so big on making people feel like they belong and it really helps when you see that.
The college is in a country setting,making for smaller class sizes. Great one on one from teachers. Make for a wonderful learn experience
im very excited about going o this school, i love the area and environment . i really feel like i could see myself living there and learning new things. the food is great and the teachers and students are so nice and welcoming. when i step onto the campus it feels like a whole new world. the classrooms are a great size and you can really get individual attention when needed, the teachers actually take them time to help you understand the material
It is a private school so it’s a little more costly than others.It’s a good school to attend if you like a small campus with easy access to nature, there are many hiking trails students have access to. If students do not have a car on campus they do run buses certain days and times of the week that allow those who cannot take themselves transportation. It has nice benefits like providing and iPad to the students that your textbooks come on, as ebooks. But about half the population commutes, which I would recommend. There is not a lot to do on weekends especially those without a car and the dorms could be much nicer. The food isn’t top notch. You also have the choice of eating at the Grill which is a restaurant on campus. Everyone here knows everyone else so it gives the sense of a close knit community within the school. My class sizes are small, the most I’ve had is maybe twenty-five students.
I loved everything about Keystone College since the first college visit. The admissions office does a lot of contacting students who either submitted their application, or is in the middle of it. And they try to connect with you in inspirational and motivational ways reassuring you that if one college didn't accept you, not to give up on college. They care about you as a person, not what you bring to the school. And they treat your family like theirs.
Keystone college is a nice school. The campus is great and the faculty is nice. It is a small school and has a lot of potential. It has many on campus activities and extra curricular activities to get involved in. There are also many chances for volunteer work.
Since I have been at Keystone, I have noticed that they are very interactive with their students. There is always something to do on campus, and whenever you need help, everyone is eager to help you.
I’m a current student at Keystone and a few things stand out. The first is the small class sizes allows for more student-professor interaction. The second is the professors are excellent and are very proficient in their fields and take great pride in teaching the students. The final thing that stands out is the diversity on campus, which helps lead to a mutual respect among the students on campus. Overall, this is an excellent school and I highly recommend applying. I can promise you will not regret it.
Not a bad school, it's small and quite. Not a party school, everything you mainly have to drive to the next town over for fun and etc. Free textbooks is a great plus :)
The professors are great, they are there for the students. My major is a science major. The science building is not well maintained. Some of the sinks don't work in the labs, which isn't good, those are needed when we do experiments. The ceiling caved in last year during break. The year before a teacher fell through the floor in that same class room. The campus itself is very beautiful but it needs to be updated and money spent on the buildings themselves.
Keystone is a very close knit school, you feel welcome from the start and they like to get you involved in the community. A huge benifit of going here is books are included in your tuition for full time students. They give you an iPad that is included in tuition with you books loaded onto it. Any books that aren't available online you can rent directly from the college for usually less that $10 for the entire semester. It's a small rural campus with homey dorms and down to earth professors that are willing to help you and work with you as much as they can.
Keystone College provides freedom from the ordinary life of the city. Great for anyone wanting to explore the woods and see what there is in life.
Attending Keystone College was one of the greatest decisions I did as a young adult. Keystone College makes me feel at home and I would recommend it to anyone. I chose Keystone because of the diversity and the academics are amazing.
Tight community wonderful professors happy to have started my first semester at keystone could use some work at the cafe food is suspect also should invest in a football team
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Great professors. Class sizes are good. The campus is beautiful. Received a lot help and information from the professional staff such as financial aid and business office.
I love the people at Keystone. I have a very large group of friends and every single person I meet is very friendly. The professors are amazing teachers. In high school I wasn't a good student and at Keystone I have a 3.2 gpa.
i like it and its very spacious and lots of things to do around the school. Very nice people and really good food served on the cafe. The teachers do a great job as well.
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