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Academically, the curriculum is challenging; however, it is of relevance to propel students like me to learn the real-world situational challenges and how to deal with them.
I have dreamed of going to Kettering University all my life. It's unique blend of a Co-Op internship (which is paid btw) and heavily lab based classes give students a break from the traditional lecture halls most campuses see. Finishing off our four year degrees in two years, and being able to also graduate with two years of engineering/science/business experience sets us apart for the rest of the world.
Kettering University challenges you while preparing you for you future. It's in depth courses and it co-op program give you experience to you your whole life.
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The absolute best thing about Kettering is the co-op program. This is the reason most students attend the university as it is very hard to beat. The value out of this program is rivaled by only a few universities in the country.
I really like how much I learn and the co-op opportunities. I wouldn't change much about it except the price to attend.
Kettering is a fantastic University and program to be a part of as a college student interested in any STEM related degree. Their Co-op program is second to none in the connections they have as well as the meaningful and powerful experience one gains from attending this university. Finding a job after graduation is all but too easy because of the 2.5 years of experience already under your belt. Overall great school but the people who go here are not always the most exciting or diverse.
What I like about Kettering University is its emersive academic system. KU based its educational philosophy on a dense in classroom study for 3 months, then 3 months at a co-op of your choice. The overall experience that you gain from this University is by far one of the best schools for engineering students.
Kettering is a very good school to go to if you want to be an engineer. It will give you everything that you need to do well and succeed in the real world. The community is great, however what the school lacks is immensities. It can not compete with larger schools when it comes to facilities and dining services or student involvement.
The most notable thing about Kettering University is the co-op program. With no time off, students have three months of in-class time, after which they go to a co-op, where they work real-life jobs with real-life companies. This setup rotates continually until the student graduates with his/her degree.
Kettering University is a great place to be. Students, staff, and faculty all share the same mission to learn and succeed. Their unrivaled Co-op program allows students to gain on the job experience throughout all 4+ years of school. Return on investment is incredible with a 99% placement rate.
Their Co op program allows you to graduate with up to 2 1/2 years of experience in your field of study
I thoroughly enjoyed the co-op program. It is great to be able to work full time while earning your degree, without work and school overlapping. I wish that tuition was lower, but the co-op program attempts to offset the high cost. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a straight answer from financial aid or student accounts regarding your awards and payments. The university spends a lot of time, money, and energy on recruiting potential students; however, for currently enrolled students it is difficult to get support from the university in a number of things regarding student life (starting a new club/organization, hosting an event, etc.).
Curriculum isn't as difficult as expected - just compacted. Professors are average, but you can get close with them as the school is small, which creates a good sense of community. The closeness allows for a level of safety that Flint in itself make not make you feel, but it is a great city with a lot to offer when you're done studying. Kettering's food isn't exceptional, but there are a lot of good places to eat close to campus. Greek life is a massive part of campus life, but not anything like the stereotypical Greek life. Definitely would recommend as it increases involvement and social life. Greek life is the focal point of the party scene, which is much more exciting than anyone would expect. Overall, a great school with a lot of opportunities both before and after graduation.
Greek life is pretty fun, teachers really care about how well you learn material. The co-op program is a great way to offset the cost as well as get on the job experience.
I enjoyed the co-op opportunity and real-world experience obtained from working in the field during my schooling. Understand the responsibility of a full-time employee is very beneficial.
I have had great experiences with almost all of my classes and professors, and the best part is that I get to work a co-op job 6 months out of the year to gain experience and help pay for school. The biggest downside to Kettering is its location in Flint, Michigan where you need to be careful in order to stay safe.
I like Kettering University because of the co-op program that the offer and its a private college as well, and therefore, a smaller campus and more one-on-one.
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It’s a great place to get an excellent education and also gets you great hands on learning. It’s the best of both worlds.
The atmosphere is fantastic! A small amount of majors meaning great focus on those few majors. No teachers assistances just professors. Fantastic Co-op opportunity!
This is the most unique college cause of the curriculum it follows specially the co-op here is just amazing. small campus enables us to know each and every one of our batch mates. The profs r awesome and so is everything else.
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