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The faculty are always trying to show you they're working to improve things for the campus, academics, and student life but they just talk in circles and nothing ever gets done! Don't stay in the dorms because even though they are working on renovations for them, it's not worth it. The dean who runs it is not fit for the dean job description. I lived on the same hall as the dean's house and she would let her children run up and down the halls on their bikes and scooters while yelling during the early hours of the morning. Kettering college lacks terribly in communication. I had a hard time with some classes ended up having to be a semester behind due to a class I passed but the grade still wasn't high enough. Kettering waited until it was too late to tell me. So I was unable to retake the class before the new semester started and they didn't have an answer for me when I asked them why they waited so long to tell me.
I love Kettering College. The one down fall is that it is a very disorganized nursing program, however, you are guaranteed a job when you graduate. You have to weigh the pros and cons with how you learn compared to how the classes are taught. The professors for the most part are great but there are some that for me personally weren't good.
Kettering College is amazing. The professors are there to help you succeed and the classroom sizes are small and personable.
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So far, I am having a very good experience at Kettering College. The professors here are very one-on-one with the students and will help you understand anything you have questions about. My dorm room has Air Conditioning, Heating, and a sink, which I absolutely love! There are fun student activities to do from time to time. I fell very at home at this college :)
Best college experience of the 3 I have attended/taken classes at. Wonderful teachers who truly want you to succeed.
Kettering College is very rigorous, especially if you are in one of their accelerated programs. This may be a turn off for some, but i can say that it has really pushed me to be the best at what I want to do. If you want an accelerated program that will challenge you then go for it.
I have liked that the classes are all kept pretty small, so it can be easier to get a one on one with the teachers if need it. The teachers are all passionate about what they are teaching so it makes learning it better. I think that they need to change their transfer of credits review and acceptance because there were classes that I had already taken that they made me retake so that wasted financial aid that I really didn’t have to waste.
Kettering offers smaller classroom sizes and it gives you that enables you to get to know your classmates. It also help with your learning experience as teachers are better able to give you individual attention. The lectures always make themselves available outside office hours. Additionally, they do everything in their power to ensure that you understand the information and succeed. Kettering is a faith-based college and the chaplain and teachers are willing to have prayer with you if you need it.
I have really enjoyed my time at Kettering College so far. It has great academics offered and the instructors make sure to have the students prepared for their future in the health care field.
Kettering College is great! It is a small school that feels like family, especially when you have been going to small schools your whole life. The teachers are very caring and intelligent and are excited about teaching.
My experience with Kettering has been a pleasant one. I've had no complications whatsoever. Teachers are very flexible, along with the offered courses.
The online courses that are offered are extremely convenient. The only difference between the online courses and a traditional class room experience is that you're not actually in a class room. You can still have chats with other classmates, and the professors respond to any questions promptly. Being a full time student, and also a full time care provider can be hectic, but online courses make it easier because you can still get the same education right from your own home.
The opportunities given after graduation are an amazing. The network that you work within is tightly knit, and everyone is extremely kind. Just being given the chance to work within the network is an extraordinary opportunity.
The courses offered at Kettering College live up to the things I heard in high school. Each class is small enough to where the each professor knows you by your name. Thanks to these smaller class sizes, the quality of learning is greatly improved. The professors are very understanding, and also passionate about what they do and they want nothing more than to see the students succeed. Knowing that each professor cares about my education just as much as I do is an indescribable feeling. With out these professors, and the small class sizes, becoming discouraged could easily happen.
Being given the opportunity to receive a degree from this college is a tremendous blessing. Kettering College works closely with Kettering Health Network, which is what majority of who runs the hospitals near me. There are so many opportunities given to become a permanent member of the network when you graduate thanks to the college's work to get you in to these hospitals during clinicals. Most students are instantly offered a job within the network upon graduating.
Being given the opportunity to study radiology is such a blessing. It's not easy, but it's rewarding. Being a student at Kettering College is an amazing opportunity for many reasons such as, having the best teachers imaginable, having the most up to date equipment, and being given the opportunity to work within Kettering Health Network during, and after the program.
Each teacher is compassionate and understanding. They make each and every class enjoyable, and make learning difficult courses fun and intriguing. How each class is taught makes me want to get up and go to those early seven AM lectures because they're just taking the information and talking at you, they talk with you and they talk you through everything. I wouldn't trade going to my school for anything.
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The nursing program is an excellent program at Kettering! With giving hands on experience and an understanding that most students have to work while in school full time they help work with your schedule.
Such an amazing school with faculty who support you and want to see you succeed!
The workload is a lot but it's worth it in the end.
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