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I really enjoy being at Kenyon. I love its environment. The school doesn't feel closed off to me. There are a lot of things to do with only a 15 minute drive away. It's not separated from things. It's a college campus but just not within a city. I like how people are quirky but also don't fit that as a label. The students are people. It's that simple sometimes.
Kenyon College is a great place to learn and grow. Due to the small size of the school, it truly is a tight knit community. People are connected to each other in many intricate and unexpected ways, which gives Kenyon students a sense of commonality, despite the wide variety of interests and views that the students of this school hold. From the beginning, classes are small and personal. Professors will get to know you and they will help you in any way that they can in an academic environment that is both challenging and fulfilling. Ultimately, I am very happy with my choice of Kenyon college.
I really hate this school. Not worth the work to go here. The girls suck and the boys are aggressive. Nothing within 3 hours of the place. No parties. No girls. No fun.
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I love the small classes and access to the professors. The KAC (Kenyon Athletic Center) is amazing. The freshman dorms are pretty average, but housing options are much better for upper classes.
girls have a weird liberal vibe, definitely not as good looking as the grade they have rn. boys are crunch as well but from what ive seen the boys are all around better looking
I was looking at a wide variety of schools when applying to college (OSU, Miami(OH), University of Dayton) and Kenyon (surprisingly) gave me the most financial aid out of any of the schools. I would have cost me twice as much to go to Ohio State. I didn't have a stellar GPA or ACT but I was recruited to play a sport which definitely helped me get in. The campus is amazing but secluded. It's about a 10 minute drive to town where all the chain restaurants are chipotle, mcdonalds, wendys etc... The only down side to the campus is walking 3/4 a mile to your car where all freshman have to park but if you don't have a car it's not an issue. In terms of parties something is going on every weekend usually, especially during the first weeks of school. Academics are definitely hard but manageable, the only thing that I didn't like is the requirements you have to have before you graduate but as a freshman I don't really have to worry about that yet.
I have really enjoyed my experience here. The people are top notch. There's something for everybody, even though the school is so small. Some narrow-minded academic departments, mediocre food, and problematic administrators have limited my experience, but it's been really very good so far.
Not safe for women students on campus in my opinion. Current administration contributes to rape culture. One of the latest cases of the administration failing to protect victims is detailed on Wordpress with the comments showing a long history of rape on campus and examples of the broader community victimizing victims. Google Michael Hayes Wordpress.Also unless you drink or smoke, campus life is isolating.
You are entirely reliant on frats and sports teams for all-campus parties. Older students will usually throw smaller parties/pregames in their apartments. Most people don't dress up to go out. It's nice to have everything on campus, but after coming back from a study abroad program where I was going to legitimate nightclubs, it leaves a lot to be desired.
All-campus parties can be a lot of fun if you're in the mood. Apartment parties are more my style, and there's a bit more freedom with those anyway. Girls especially need to be defensive on nights out. Turn out the lights in Old K and some dudes think they can get away with anything.
Professors at Kenyon are amazing and worth getting to know. Most will genuinely care about your success and wellbeing, though they will make you work hard. It's usually not too hard to get into classes you want, unless you want to get involved with the Creative Writing program--entry to those classes are based entirely on favoritism. The workload is intense, and how much you can get away with not doing the reading will vary by professor.
Kenyon, unfortunately, is pretty homogenous in certain areas. The student body is gradually becoming more diverse, but very slowly. Overall, most students are white, upper middle class, and from the East or West coast (not a huge amount of Midwesterners.) Some students can be kind of snobby towards locals. The campus is mostly liberal, with pockets of trust-fund Republicans who mostly seem to emerge during discussions about diversity, so take that for what you will. In terms of sexual orientation, no one will care. Many students identify as something other than straight. There are lots of diversity-related groups on campus, which provide nice support systems for minority students.
Though very few will admit it, most students arrive at Kenyon with very little partying experience. This does lead to some mishaps when it comes to alcohol, but Safety is always there to help if something actually does go wrong. Everyone gets served at all-campus parties whether they're under 21 or not. There is a bit of a divide between Kenyon students who party and those who don't (the latter are often labeled as "Indoor Kids"), but you won't see a lot of crazy binge-drinking stuff like keg stands or beer funnels.
There are a lot of opportunities for internships/resume boosters on campus, which helps, especially if you live in an area where there are not a lot of summer internship opportunities. Many of the recruiters who come to campus are a little too corporate for what I want to pursue after graduation. The CDO itself is great and they will help with any aspect of job/internship applications you need.
The academics alone make it worth it. Kenyon has some of the best professors in the country, and I can count the bad classes I've taken here on one hand. You have no "gen ed" requirements, but you do need to take a certain number of classes in each discipline (Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Fine Arts). This is a lot easier to do than it sounds. Students of all majors/concentrations/interests hang out with each other, and for the most part, students aren't super competitive when it comes to academics. Everyone just wants to do their best rather than be THE best.
I won't lie to you and say that sexual assault doesn't happen here. Like every other school in the country, it does. Kenyon has gotten a lot of criticism for their response to sexual assault and are currently trying to change that. There is a lot of awareness but little action. Older guys take advantage of naive freshman girls. That's simply what happens. There are support systems in place but a lot more needs to be done.
I've had some pretty awful dorm rooms, I won't lie. Many of the buildings are old and it shows. It seems unfair that the old, moldy New Apts cost the same amount as the big new(ish) NCAs. Being a CA (Kenyon's equivalent of an RA) is a big deal and some of them take their jobs way too seriously. But others are super lax and won't care what you do.
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I made some of my closest friends through my sorority, and it's been an important part of my life on campus.

Your life will not revolve around your Greek organization 24/7 the way it would at a larger school. Though there are frats and sororities, frats still tend to dominate the social scene (there are more of them and they throw more parties), and while individual members can be fine, hive-mind tends to take over in that large a group of men.
The KAC is fantastic and worth the walk down the hill. If you're not an athlete, it can be kind of intimidating if you're there at a time when entire sports teams are working out together.
You will learn a lot, both in and out of the classroom, and you will make some pretty amazing friends. Everyone at Kenyon is passionate (some would even say "nerdy") about something, and Kenyon encourages those passions to the surface. You have to be comfortable with working hard. There are no easy As here.
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