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My experience with Kentucky State University has been awesome, such an amazing atmosphere. You automatically make new friends and feel that every student is family. You can focus on one on one teaching that can enhance your knowledge on a professional level.
Kentucky State overall is a great school, this is my second year at this school. I'm a out of state student so this experience was a total shock at first, but once I had got adjusted to it I ended up loving it.
Well this is my second year at Kentucky state overall I love the school and the people. They show that they care about you. Kentucky state is a small school and I love the fact that the classroom are small because a person like me need a lot of one on one time with the profession. Its just a great school to go to.
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The school has came a long way since it opened its doors.
its very great. the classes are the perfect size and great teachers.
its very good and aware they keep an eye on the students and make sure everybody is safe.
its good to me as long as I am getting my education and have somewhere to stay.
  • 8 months ago
  • Housing
its very exciting you get to see them step, the probates, and its just a lot of fun.
it is very good. They have a lot of school spirit and they love their school.
The teaching staff is phenomenal! The administration is awful. The school is horribly disorganized and desperately needs order. I'm not sure I would come here again if I had it all over to do.
There are many talented players, but I feel bad for them. They need a lot of updates.
Its alright could be better
The safety on campus is fine.
They try to do the best they can to give someone jobs.
  • Dec 29 2015
  • Value
The class sizes are small and the teachers and TA's are very interactive.
The Greeks are always doing something for the community.
The school is good, but it can be better in some aspects.
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Haven't really heard a lot about anything so everything is good
everything is fine as of now just got done with my first semester could've done better should've
Frankfort is the capital thats where we are located and I'm a Poli Sci major so its gonna be easier for me to find work than other students with different majors
  • Dec 28 2015
  • Value
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