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My first year at Kent I studied at the main campus. I had the time of my life living with my best friend and being close to Brandwine/Boston Mills so I could snowboard almost every day. I ended up moving back home and went to the Geauga campus to complete the accelerated nursing program while saving money. I had a great experience being in a smaller class and my teachers were all excellent. I was very happy to have this option so close to home. When I was going to school there in 2010 I wasn't very thrilled about the downtown area but now it's beautiful!!! Kent made a great decision to landscape and add new shops, restaurants and bars. I wish I could go back now!
Kent State is a very diverse campus that is supportive of everyone. The professors are very knowledgeable in their field of study and take the time to help their students.
On the surface, Kent State appears as your run-of-the-mill, small suburban, mid-ohio university. Sometimes, that's exactly what it is. But sometimes, it's exactly the second home you were looking for, filled with thousands of interesting people, great food and activities, and educational professionals who work for their students best interests.
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I love Kent State so much, I would recommend everyone applying and going here. Kent State is a safe place where you can be yourself and everyone accepts you for who you are. Go Golden Flashes
Kent State is an excellent institution that is inclusive for every student, regardless of his or her background. It is supportive of every student and dedicated to helping students succeed at achieving their dreams.
I enjoy the atmosphere of the campus, it feels like a family but I would change the food choices that we have in the cafeteria.
Kent State University has plenty to offer ranging from academic life to social life. Class size range from small to large and students have lots of flexibility when deciding courses. Kent State also offers many organizations including fraternities/sororities, professional fraternities, academic/sport clubs. The rec center is fantastic and the on campus food has lots of diversity.
Kent is an amazing school. I haven't had the privilege to attend but my visits there have been amazing. I will be attending after I finish my two year college.
Being a minority at Kent State University is very intimidating but also very enriching. There is so much help around campus for you and there are plenty of places for EVERYONE to fit in.
The overall experience at Kent State was impressive. The campus was very big and beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing the black squirrel as they are unique to the area. The staff at the student center was very informative and eager to provide assistance and direction. The dorms were spacious and a lot of options to choose from. Now I see why transportation is needed as it will be a long walk from one end of campus to the other. Lastly Kent has a variety of majors to choose from and that is great should I decide to explore another major.
Kent State University is an amazing school and I would highly recommend it to any student who asks me about. I am studying fashion their which Kent is know for the program exceeds my expectations.
I like Kent state university because even though it is not an Ivy league school it is still one of the top schools for research, athletics, and in my opinion financial stability. What I wouldn't change is how hard the faculty push there students to be the best that they can be.
The professors here genuinely seem to care about their students no matter the class size. The university tries to foster a sense of community and individuality into each student and I think they do this well. There's always someone willing to help you out academically and personally. If someone can't help you then they'll connect you with someone who can.
I love the opportunities to learn from, not only experts in their fields, but people who actually are or have been in the field.
I had journalism instructors who worked at the Akron Beacon Journal, one was a reporter, one an editor. Another was the film and TV critic for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Another had been an anchor man from Montana for 25 years. One of the marketing instructors worked at Motown Records under Berry Gordy.
I thought Kent State had an excellent teaching staff. Professors were really invested in you. However, administration staff ( financial aid, scheduling services, admissions etc) were terrible. It was hard to get a hold of the right people and no one seemed to have the same answer. I had to figure a lot of the technical stuff out for myself.
I went to the Kent state campus and the instructor were very pleasant. I was given instructions easily and friendly.
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I admire that there are many opportunities for help with classes, such as tutoring and supplemental instruction.
The environment at this campus is very nice, and other students support others so that we all can reach toward the goal of graduation. While I am very happy to be attend this lovely campus the tuition makes it very hard for me to get this quality education, faculty, students, teachers for the next 4 years.
I was a transfer student at Kent and I fell in love with Kent the first day I was there. It has a beautiful campus and everyone was so helpful and kind.The classes were great. The professors were not rude and were easy to get along with and the advisors will work there butts off for you when needed.
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