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I love Kent State. Since the day I first toured, I felt welcomed into the community and have had little to no bad experiences with the university. Kent State as an organization puts a lot of time and effort into being engaged with students and making them happy. Their staff and services have always been very helpful and I feel like I truly matter on campus.
Coming to Kent State Univesity was probably one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The campus is beautiful, people are friendly, and the food is ok for it to be a college campus.
Kent State is a great school to attend . It is undoubtedly the greatest decision I could have made on my choice of schools. There are opportunities for students of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. If I could go back, I would not have it any other way.
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I love Kent State. There lots of student organizations that will be attractive to anyone's interests. Also, the residence halls are very nice and in excellent condition. The food choices and quality are fantastic. Honors college students get excellent living and library perks. And, the chances to study abroad are numerous.
Good environment, but really expensive and not many opportunities for commuters. Most of the professors are professional and most of the classrooms/ buildings are clean, but construction is always happening.
The campus at Kent feels like home. The professors are always willing to go the extra mile to help their students.
The atmosphere of the school was amazing. I grew up in a small town and being on a campus with more people on it than in my hometown was crazy, but it's allowed me to open up to more people and introduce me to new things that I know I wouldn't experience back home.
The campus is really nice they have nice areas to relax and study and the dorms are roomy so it just isn't a crammed space. the party scene is always fun because there is a party nearly every weekend
Challenging education, beautiful campus, black squirrels. A school that appreciates sports but doesn't revolve around them.
I love living here and attending classes. The campus feels like home and my program (fashion) has amazing teachers.
I transferred to Kent State University for my junior and senior year to earn by B.A. and have never felt more at home. The staff, professors, students and locals living in Kent are the friendliest people I've had the pleasure to connect with. The university strives for diversity and inclusiveness as well motivates students to be champions of social justice. The campus is every bit as beautiful as the minds of the students that call this university home. I'd like to see Kent State offer more incentives for minorities to attend this school and further add to its already impressive commitment to diversity.
When I initially came to Kent State University I wasn’t very excited. For a multitude of reasons I was homesick and uncomfortable but I was willing to give KSU a chance to win me over. One of the most appealing aspects about KSU would have to be the numerous opportunities for involvement in a variety of subjects and topics. No matter what field you were pursuing you could always join a club or talk to professors from another department and get involved in a different project. Majoring in one or two fields didn’t mean you had to keep yourself isolated in it, you could cross over into any and all branches of topics you could think of. There are tons of events going on every week, 95% of them being absolutely free for students. Regarding faculty, for every not-so-good professor, there’s other professors or tutors or mentors ready and willing to help you if you take the first step to reach out to them for help. Living in the Honors Dorms is excellent. I’m enjoying being at KSU.
I love the atmosphere at Kent State. Everyone is always willing to help and really friendly. The campus is pretty easy to explore, and events are always happening so there is rarely a dull moment. Professors are energetic and enthusiastic about their subjects and teaching.
Kent State is an underrated, close knit university. Everyone always questioned why I wanted to attend Kent as my first choice, but they just didn't understand. Kent was (and still is) my home away from home. Kent helped turn me into the person I am today. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I had and life long friendships I made while at Kent State.
My experience with Kent State has been great! The teachers teach their classes as if you were majoring in them. You actually learn what you are being taught. I don't like how the food on campus is so expensive. I wish they were cheaper considering the price you have to pay for staying on campus and for all your classes. I also feel that some of the groups on campus should advertise better by getting more of the school involved. possibly by putting the information on the online Kent home page. So far this has been an amazing experience for me and I have met so many people while on my journey here.
My experience at Kent State has been quite a difference from the Kent branches. I notice that there is more to do at the main campus. The professors teach you in every class as if this is what you are getting your degree in. This helped me learn more and focus on my education understanding what is going on in my classes. I do wish that the food wasnt so expensive on campus. I also would want the school clubs or events to be advertised better. Maybe even on the kent state online home page. Overall my experience has been great here at Kent State University. I have made new friends and love the scenery of the campus.
I would like the WiFi to be better. They should salt the walkways more; I literally slipped once and fractured my pinky because I slipped on black ice on the sidewalk.
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My experience at Kent State University has been amazing. I am a single mom attending Kent State, but I still feel welcomed and encourage to be involved with school. The best part about Kent State is they have a single mom program where it is just this big support group I love it. Kent State really cares about all their different types of students they have.
I have had a great experience at Kent State. I have lived in the dorms, at home as a commuter, and off-campus and have enjoyed Kent from each situation. The campus is beautiful, the people are kind, and there are so many organizations and teams to get involved on campus. One thing I would change is if the university had more of a focus on athletics. I feel that sports brings people together and I have not been to a football game during my time here. Creating more of a culture around sports would bring the university together.
I enjoy being at Kent State University. The campus is just the right size to find your place in. One annoyance I have with the campus is the food options. The business hours and locations of the food vendors are bizarre.
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