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My experience attending Kent State University is the professors seemed to actually want you to learn and understand what they are teaching, making learning a better experience. The classes are small enough to get that one-on-one learning as well. The campus is beautiful and full of leading technology to help us as students succeed.
I like the overall appearance of the university. If I had to change anything, it would be to add a social work and Japanese undergrad program.
I like the atmosphere on campus and the amazing and diverse people I've met through lots of their clubs and organizations. Construction around and on the campus has been going on for years and continues to slow down with less progress than before.
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I love Kent State! It is such a nice campus full of amazing people and awesome opportunities. Definitely a school to consider!
I am only a freshman but I am loving it so far. everyone is so kind, I love my roommate, I have made so many new friends, and I love how the campus is just the right size. It is not too far from downtown so you can easily walk and there are so many great things to do and tons of places to eat. I love Kent State.
The campus is very easy to navigate. There is an organization for anything and everything you can think of, and if it doesn't exist you can create it. The College of Architecture and Environmental design is a great school where you have the opportunity to meet and bond with all levels and faculty. Where the faculty really takes their time to get to know you and help you better your education. The college also has a number of professional organizations that help you adapt to life scholasticly, professionally, and socially; not only at the university but around the country and even the world.
Kent State is very open and welcoming and has so many majors to chose from. The professors are willing to help every student if you go to their office hours, there are a lot of off campus student housing which isn’t very convenient. The busses run through campus every day so it makes bearing the cold a lot easier when going to classes.
Kent State is perfect for students who are trying to get the full college experience. It has numerous clubs and events as well as a downtown area with shops featuring anything you could want. Bus routes are very helpful in getting to anywhere you need to go. There is also a bit of a party scene depending on where you live, so certain dorms are particularly noisy and messy. Professors also vary from being very helpful and offering many different assignments, to offering just a couple with no chance to save your grade if you mess up.
I love the environment and the people. The school is fun but lacks a certain ambition. As a freshman you don't get to focus on your major that much and the school should be more hands on.
There are many courses that Kent has to offer. So a curious mind with passion to do something can always find a right track. The environment is good. People are friendly. I am an international student and I have found a second home at Kent State.
What I like about Kent was the many nice new people there which everyone is like a best friend . One thing i like to see change in is nothing because that is a perfect college for anyone to go to.
I love Kent for the fact that it is a big school, but is still a traditional campus so it is super manageable to walk and get to class on time. Finding friends have been super easy and I can tell they will be lifelong.
Liked the campus and staff when we visited. Parking could be better. The students we met were nice and friendly. The updates to the older buildings was spot on. They seemed to use the money for updates wisely unlike many other campus.
I love Kent State University. The professors are very understanding and helpful and the students are friendly. The school makes me feel very safe and welcomed.
LGBT representation and visibility is amazing, my professors work at a good pace for my level, the student center is friendly and welcoming, the campus is planted heavily with all sorts of trees, shrubs, and gardens, the bus system does it's job well. There's nothing really I can complain about. There are even 2 gyms depending on your needs and an on-campus professional doctor's office/psychological help service.
Kent State University is a great school. I am looking forward to starting the nursing program this spring
When I visited Kent, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the campus was. The side walks, buildings, and greens were all very clean and put together. The staff members were all friendly and ready to help answer any questions. The dorms were decently sized and the food was better than most colleges. Kent offers a variety of different majors/minors that are intriguing to a variety of students. The campus also offers high security with their own set of police offers just for their campus. You never have to worry about walking alone an officer will always be happy to walk with you where ever you need to go. Overall, Kent State is a great place for college students to get a quality education, be safe, and have fun.
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My first year at Kent I studied at the main campus. I had the time of my life living with my best friend and being close to Brandwine/Boston Mills so I could snowboard almost every day. I ended up moving back home and went to the Geauga campus to complete the accelerated nursing program while saving money. I had a great experience being in a smaller class and my teachers were all excellent. I was very happy to have this option so close to home. When I was going to school there in 2010 I wasn't very thrilled about the downtown area but now it's beautiful!!! Kent made a great decision to landscape and add new shops, restaurants and bars. I wish I could go back now!
Kent State is a very diverse campus that is supportive of everyone. The professors are very knowledgeable in their field of study and take the time to help their students.
On the surface, Kent State appears as your run-of-the-mill, small suburban, mid-ohio university. Sometimes, that's exactly what it is. But sometimes, it's exactly the second home you were looking for, filled with thousands of interesting people, great food and activities, and educational professionals who work for their students best interests.
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