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Kent State is a great place to learn and get a great education. Living on campus for the entire time is pricey so I don't recommend it but otherwise it was a great experience!
Kent State University is a beautiful school with very pleasant people. Thoughout my entire time here, I have not had any issues with either faculty or students. The school offers great academics and extracurricular activities. While I wish it was a bit more diverse, I am always excited to come back each semester.
I really like the diversity of people and food on campus. What I do not like is how much we pay for housing when we get average housing and small rooms.
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I am in Kent State's fashion program, it is one of the top fashion schools in the nation and it really shows within our classes. Kent State has a fun, academic-driven environment with many resources to help their students succeed.
Very diverse, accepting college. Great local vibe and countless opportunities to succeed. There are so many clubs and organizations you can join as well as so many majors to be in. The study body is fairly large, but the campus feels smaller and really feels like a college campus. Beautiful landscaping and college grounds.
I would love more diversity at the university. I have not really found my group but it's okay because there are so many clubs and organizations that are inclusive.
The atmosphere at Kent State is a great school, and the activities planned welcome all students and outside community members. Being part of the honors program allows me to get more involved and make friends who intend to put more focus into school than just a “normal” college student.
I like Kent State. It's pretty good but not many shops around plus you have to pay for laundry with a university card making it less convenient. Overall it's pretty good with a good range of professors and courses for everyone to enjoy. I hope I'll like it even more going forward into the future. Though I would like it even better if I were to win this scholarship. It's hard to work anywhere but on campus or downtown if you do not own a car which I do not.
Kent State has been an amazing college to attend. I am currently a senior and I plan on going to grad. school here as well. I am an education major and I have to say all of my professors have been incredibly helpful, they want you to succeed and they will walk you through any process. I have made so many connections here at Kent, and I cannot wait to further my education here.
I love the fact that Kent State University has something for everyone, from athletics, to theatre and the arts, to clubs that are socially relevant to today's college students. The campus is appealing and is easy to navigate. The Kent area has so many restaurants and shops to offer when my family comes to visit. My professors and academic advisor are great! Very helpful, friendly and always has the door open for students. I highly recommend Kent State!
I have so far received a high-quality education from high-quality professors. My only complaint about this school is that the advisors all seem to be condescending. There is also not enough parking space at the main campus!
Kent State University is overall a good school. They have a great nursing program that is very competitive. The campus is clean and staff/professors are nice. There are many clubs so there is something for everyone!
I have had a great experience so far. There is a ton of opportunities, and like every university, it is what you make out of it.
College is really a different experience, and that is the only way to put it. Every college is different, but Kent State provides so much for me and gives me the glimmer of hope of being successful that I need.
Fun school that has great extracurriculars as well as academic and social growth opportunities. Amazing place to live on your own for the first time!
What I love about Kent State is that everyone here expresses themselves and doesn't worry about anyone else. You really feel like you can show everyone what you like to do, or wear, etc. without being judged.
I am currently a freshman at Kent State University. I have already changed my major and am much happier now. I also cheer here at Kent State. Although practices are at 6 am every morning, it has given me a lot of opportunities and friends that I would have never met.
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I have had an absolutely phenomenal time at Kent State University. In my time at Kent State, the best decision I made was getting an on-campus job at the Recreation and Wellness Center. It was there that I learned valuable skills like leadership, communication, critical thinking, and professionalism. I have learned how to interview, lead a team, and be financially responsible.

Campus rec quite literally changed my life. I found direction, I found family, and I found a sense of purpose that I had no idea existed. While I initially was searching for a job to pay my rent bills, I found so much more and will be forever grateful for my time at Kent State University.
Great school! Professors are always glad to help and are very educated in their fields. The dorms are also very modernized and they are even updating their dining halls for next year! The campus s easy to get around and the bus transportation is very handy. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Kent State and I am happy to call this place my home.
Kent State really prepared me to work in the field. I also had a very full social experience. The campus was always clean and I enjoyed being on campus. In addition, I enjoyed all my classes and felt comfortable speaking to my professors one on one.

I am currently in graduate school at a different University. I do believe that Kent State can better prepare their students in their writing skills if they choose to continue their education after graduating.
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