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In all honesty, I absolutely love Kent. Despite it being pricey, there are so many benefits. Kent in itself has an amazing atmosphere and amazing oppurtunities. I just wish it was cheaper to attend.
Love the teachers and staff. The school has a pleasant and very safe atmosphere. The teachers are very compassionate and are willing to help students any way possible. The students, teachers, and faculty are friendly and very welcoming to new and returning students. Tuition is at a reasonable rate and the classroom size stays at a minimum. Kent State is a phenomenal school and I would recommend it to any high school student that I come in contact with that is looking for a college to attend.
The campus is beautiful and it is easy to tell where campus stops and starts. The campus is not intertwined with the city and I feel very safe. The education I am receiving is wonderful and I am grateful for all of my wonderful professors.
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I currently do not attend Kent State University right now, but I am planning to because I went on tour at the school and I really enjoy the orientation and the tour of the campus. The people I spoke with were very helpful and it easy to navigate the campus.
The campus is beautiful and the food is good. The academics are great and so is the campus life and parties. There are a ton of clubs you can join-- there's one for everyone
I like the overall atmosphere of Kent State; I did not feel overwhelmed in my first few weeks attending college at such a huge campus. However, if I could change anything about Kent State, it would be the variety of meals in dinig locations and their proximity to dorms.
Very helpful with everything I need for the fall. Very informative. Looking forward to four years.
Kent is a great college town with plenty to do and the university helps out with things to do on and off campus. I joined a sorority on campus and it has turned out well. I love my sisters. I have ran into a few problems with the bursars office and things dealing with my classes, but they have all been solved. I believe Kent State is a great place to go to school even though the football team sucks.
Kent State University was a home away from home for me as an out of state student. I loved the diverse but connected community Kent State had. The college town feel of Kent made the city feel like a true community. Most of my professors were excellent, and even though class sizes are often large, professors are usually available for one-on-one interactions during office hours.
I just finished my first year at Kent State and I loved it. I really just enjoyed everything about Kent, the dorms, education, people, the location of the campus and the campus itself. One thing I did dislike was the amount of construction that went on throughout the year. Overall, I would highly recommend this college to everyone.
I am a senior at Kent State University and so far my experience has been well. I enjoy the school and what it has to offer, such as the variety of classes, clubs/organizations, events on campus etc.

What Kent State needs to work on is their diversity. As an African American woman, I noticed there is not much diversity on campus.

Another issue Kent needs to work on is housing. Some people have to sleep in floor lounges because they accept too many students in the beginning of the year.
I love Kent State! Having just finished my first year at this amazing university I believe I am able to give a reasonable review. Starting with the pros, Kent State has an amazing resource system. ANYTHING you need, Kent State has or can point you in the right direction of someone who has it or how you can even start it yourself. Kent State has amazing faculty and staff that I believe are truly there to help you. From custodians to our president, I have had nothing but great experiences. Our sports/recreational teams and facilities are top tear or currently being renovated to get there. Kent State is always improving and trying to be the best. Cons, being that it is such a huge university parking can be a hassle and the walking can be tiresome. There is a wide range of people there so of course a few aren't going to be the most pleasant. All in all I truly enjoy Kent State and cannot wait to further my education here!
Kent State is a beautiful campus and is a great place to further your education. The campus life is alright there is always going to be up and downs to every campus. The food isn't the best, but it is still better than living on your own and having to eat Mac and Cheese everyday. I'd say the party life is alright it's only fun for a few weekends and if you aren't 21 no way you're getting into a bar. If you're just going for a great education then this is the place for you.
I was on Kent State women's track and field team for two years and it was excellent. I like everything about Kent State everyone is generous and helpful when you need to go in the right direction. I love everything Bout Kent State and nothing don't need to be change.
Kent State was an okay school. I did not enjoy myself that much, but I was here for my education. Personally, my major was not that beneficial to me and throughout the years, I could tell that the program will soon be non existent. The campus is beautiful, but more things are being taken care on the outside opposed to the in house itself.
I love that Kent State University makes me feel like I am at home. It is my home away from home. The people that work at the school and make up the community give a positive influence to those they serve. The staff and faculty go above and beyond to allow students to feel comfortable and that they are not alone in the college process.
Current student at KSUCPM (the podiatry program located in Cleveland). This school prepares you well for the future/ your career.
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I love the environment at Kent State. The professors are very helpful and ensure students get the grades they deserve. Some of the professors however are very disorganized.
The past four years went by so fast. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Kent State, even though I am a commuter. I learned about my potential as a student, and am going back to campus to start graduate school Fall 2018. Flashes forever!
Kent State is a really great school. It's easy to find your group here and feel like you have a place that you belong. However, since we are a liberal public campus people do have demonstrations and things can get a bit heated. All in all it's the college experience I always dreamed of and I'm thankful I came here.
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