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I like how Kent State University has a student multi-cultural center for students of different ethnicities. I participated in a program called Kupita Transiticiones which is a program at Kent State University that allows for students from different racial backgrounds to move in early and learn more about the history of different ethnic backgrounds. I fell in love with the program mainly because, I was granted a mentor who I am still contact with till this day.
i like to go to this college because i like the way they teach there student. they have to be apart of all this can happen to the same way or going to make them wait.
I’m currently a sophomore and actually just transferred to Akron because of money reasons and a major change. While I was attending Kent State I really enjoyed it, the whole atmosphere of the campus and the people there were so lively and I just had a sense of good vibes. The one thing that I would recommend the most is their tutoring programs. Going to the learning commons really helped me while I was there because it seemed every one was an expert on the subject you needed help on.
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My experience with Kent State is overall a positive one. They could work on somethings though. Like all the construction on and around campus which is a pain sometimes when you need to get to class quickly. But Kent State is a home away from home. Everyone was so welcoming. I love the surrounding area and what they have to offer.
One of the best things about Kent State University is that there is such a wonderful mix of people. The fashion school has a great curriculum but unlike other great fashion schools there is a mix of a lot of different majors. It provides a well rounded education with lots of opportunities both major-focused and non-major-focused.
It is a university in a quiet and calm environment. The atmosphere is quite conducive for learning. Professors are always willing to assist students in learning. There is also a strong level of communication between the admin and students.
KSU is a very comfortable place to be. I consider it to be my second home and enjoy spending my days there, but there are many things that are a little annoying. All the apartments in the surrounding area are fairly expensive, but most are very nice. Although, I sometimes think where does all this money I give them go? We will never know...! Most buildings are pretty old, but maintained well and some are being renovated. Most of the professors I have had have been very good, while some have been terrible and take advantage of their power. All together, the price is very affordable for college education and a degree from KSU is respected very well in any major really. Just don't expect there to be too much to do outside of campus unless you like the 5 bar/restaurants downtown.
Kent state university is located to Great area, great professors and the class sizes are perfect for learning.
Love this college. Student focused. Very good advisors and great professors. Everyone takes you seriously and you have good direction.
Teachers are very informative and the community is amazing. The student life has a lot of different options for food and different places you can eat at anytime day or night. The rooms are very nice and clean. The bathrooms have a very fun concept. Class times are great for an schedule.
I love being a student at Kent State University and am so very thankful for the many incredible professors I have had the privilege to work with and learn from during my studies in the early childhood education program. I would highly recommend Kent State and if it weren't for my incredible advisor, I have no idea where I would be!
Everything is very interactive and is very easy to navigate. It was very easy to schedule classes and me being a student in high school it made it easy when I had no idea where to start.
Education Department is excellent. Lots of experience during program. Completed both my undergrad and graduate degrees there. Highly recommend their education department.
After my third year here, I have studied a lot and maybe partied harder. Lots of greek life and the professors encourage you to challenge yourself. This allows you to push yourself and unlock your true potential. Kent State University is awesome for a student who wants to make something of themselves. Unless you're an art major then you are screwed because there are no jobs for that.
I've attended the orientation for Freshman at Kent State University and they made me feel like I was joining their "family". I can't wait to start next spring. They also had a great program which put all my mom's concerns to rest too. And a huge plus is that the campus is gorgeous in ALL seasons. I already love KSU!
I enjoy attending Kent State University. The college has many degrees to choose from. The college of art is excellent.
Kent state is an excellent school. It is a large campus but all of my professors have always made it feel like a home for me. No matter how many students are in my classes, I have always felt like I have received the help you would expect from a classroom of 10 students.
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Kent State is a great medium size college campus if you are looking for a bigger school but not too large of a school. It has a vast amount of clubs and organizations to get involved with on campus to make you feel welcomed and to make lifelong friends
Scantron tests...should not be allowed at an institute of higher learning. It teaches students to be lazy. I was more worried about getting a descent grades than actually learning anything. Having said that, I definitely learned how to suffice with minimal effort.
Kent State University is an extremely diverse and inclusive place. All of the professors want to help you understand what is being taught. The student life is great and I really feel at home.
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