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Kent State University is an extremely diverse and inclusive place. All of the professors want to help you understand what is being taught. The student life is great and I really feel at home.
Kent State University is an amazing college to be a part of. I have had many great experiences and opportunities so far. I love the college atmosphere and the amazing vibes that the campus gives. I have made many friends through living in the resident halls and through my on-campus job. I have loved the classes that I am taking towards both of majors and know that I have picked the exact majors that I want to have. I am excited to continue my experiences her at Kent State and hope to travel to Florence, Italy to study abroad. Kent State is also one of the safest campuses.
I love it here at Kent State! They are very god with their students. Very helpful here. I am a transfer student from Wright State and it was so easy to get into here. Everything went smooth. The atmosphere here is a college town. The downtown are gives us a lot to do. You will never be bored. The professors actually care for you.
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Very great school. I am currently a fashion student and its the best decision I ever made. I must warn that the workload is over the top meaning it is very heavy. You need to be able to pace yourself and have very good time managment. Its a really deiverse school. The teachers are good aand experience and more then willing to help you after class to improve in areas you are struggling in.
When I toured Kent, I immediately felt welcomed and encouraged to attend the university. The people were kind and the campus was clean. The tour was organized, along with the meeting I attended afterwards with an admissions counselor who was able to sit down with me and answer all of my questions. They are truly engaged with their students!
Feels safe. Beautiful and welcoming. We took a tour recently and enjoyed our very personable tour guides.
People and Professors are nice and helpful. Professors are very professional and knowledgeable of the subjects they teach. The campus itself is a great size and transportation around on the bussing is really quick and easy. Plenty of clubs to join, plenty of Frats and Sororities to become a part of. Recreational leagues are well ran and maintained, depending on the mess hall you're at the food choices are usually the same but the surrounding downtown Kent has a lot things to do and a lot activities to be a part of.
I love it here. The faculty within the visual communication design is very good and they help students with any problems. The university cares about their students and try to improve their college experience.
Kent State University is amazing. I attended community college right out of high school and took a visit to the campus and fell in love. The students are great, the professors are great, overall the school is great.
The thing I like the most about Kent State University is the academics and the professors. I like how I can choose what classes I want to take each semester. It helps me stay interested in my education. I have also had many professors that genuinely care about my education and how I learn.
What I love about Kent State university is the variety of diverse cultures as students come from different walks of life and end up forming friendship with others through out their college journey and beyond
The campus is easy to navigate although some of my classes are a good walk but there is a campus bus service if I don't want to walk. My dorm room and roommate are cool. There is lots of food choices and the food is pretty good. I have used both fitness centers , one of which is close by the laundry facility which is included in the tuition so I don't have to worry about having change. I met some new people and have run into some from my high school. I am currently thinking about joining a couple of clubs. There are several to choose from.This week I will be meeting the rest of my instructors and ordering more books. So far the book prices are pretty reasonable. Most of the books I've bought are used. I am still navigating my way around. Overall, I would have to say that things are going pretty good.
I really loved attending Kent State University! I made some the most amazing friends there through an extra curricular group. And, I learned so much both in the classroom and outside of it. The environment is exciting and stimulating, but safe and a beautiful campus all at once. I had some of the most phenomenal professors, but also a couple of pretty terrible professors. Kent has a very progressive, diverse, and exciting culture!
As a current student at Kent State I can say I have overall had an excellent experience. The university is clean, safe, and offers cutting edge technology and amenities that enhance learning and student life immensely. The staff is attentive and concerned and are always willing to give of their time and resources to ensure you succeed. The town is also beautiful and the updates make it a fun place to connect with friends and family.
Its a beautiful school full of professors that take the time to care about your education and will help you through any confusion if you come to them for help. the college is experenience is in the dorm rooms where I met most of my friends.
Kent is a great environment. There are many friendly and helping people. There are many fields of study so you’re more than likely to find something you like.
The diversity at Kent State is amazing! Not only that but its proximity. It is just a 20 minute car ride to Akron which has so much to offer as a city with world renowned museums and the culture is incredible. Downtown Kent is also a blast. It isn't overwhelming but the art culture is amazing and the restaurants are even better -- People know you here!
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Kent is a beautiful campus, with tons to do in the downtown area and a lot of groups to join in your free time! Kent also has a great party scene between dorms and on campus apartments there is always a place to be! All and all student life is awesome and I would highly recommend Kent State!
Kent State is my dream college. With copious amounts of resources for undergraduates, graduates, and alumni from any background, KSU goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of everyone on campus and foster opportunities for positive growth in their students.
Love the environment and the involvement of students/professors/faculty. The campus is beautiful and there is always stuff to do and people to meet.
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