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3,977 reviews
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Professors are really great, especially within my major. Being an architecture major is hard work but all of my professors are always understanding and get that we work very very hard.
I did not have a great experience here. they over sold the schools academic program to me and when I actually went the school fell below my expectations of what I assume to be qualified as learning.
I love going to Kent state, I am duel majoring with three minors and my advisers have worked out a plan to have me still graduating on time! The dorms are large and very clean, the food is pretty amazing, and the classes are lots of fun. The only thing that bothers me is that our meal plans do not work in the hub (the main dinning establishment) between 11am-2pm so that commuters can get in for lunch without a huge crowd.
kent is an overall nice place to live around. I've lived in Stow,Ohio for my whole live. The city of Kent always has stuff going on down town its just so fun to go watch the fireworks, bands play live. As a result Kent state is a school that would fit anyone looking to find a school that feels like home but still be in the college environment.
I couldn't be happier with my choice to attend KSU. As a Fashion Merchandising major, I am given amazing opportunities at a highly ranked school. I've also made my best friends and love meeting fellow students.
I love Kent State! I am a fashion merchandising major, which is one of the biggest programs at Kent. The fashion department is so amazing and that's what really makes me love Kent so much.
I have had a wonderful experience at Kent State and would recommend it to many students! It is the prefect balance between large state college experience but it has never seemed overwhelming to me. Downtown Kent is a great place to hang out, grab food, or hit up the bars as well. There is plenty of things to do there and I really enjoy being close to Akron, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.
Always something to do. The facility take an interest in your success and ensure that the students are on the right path.
So far I have had a great experience at Kent. Their study abroad program in Florence is fantastic and I would highly recommend it. The campus is just the right size, big but not overwhelming.
Kent state is an overall great school. The campus is pretty and the campus life is fun. It is a very safe campus. You never have to worry about that. There are many different organizations you can join to get involved with.
Great overall, instructors and residence hall staff are very friendly and helpful. Have lived on campus for 2 years and have loved it. As an RA on this campus I enjoy being a resource to new and returning residents. The College of Communication here at this university is phenomenal.
Kent State University has been great experience so far. The atmosphere is so much different from High-School and I have made so many new friends throughout the different classes I have been taking. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me at Kent State!
Its nice and teachers really care about your education and you really feel like your at home and safe
Finding the right college is very difficult and can be extremely stressful, however as soon as I found Kent State I felt at home. It's overall environment is full of welcoming people in a place that is your home away from home. Kent focuses on academics and makes sure that they make your dreams a reality. Kent State has so many opportunities for you to get involved and meet so many new people. Downtown Kent is also a very cute college town, with wonderful family owned boutiques and restaraunts.
Very good University. A lot of ways to get involved on campus. Nice people, welcoming. Kent State is overall great. The dinning halls are ok but not horrible. I love the campus, it is beautiful. The professors are always available for my major and very helpful.
I'm a fashion design major at Kent, and I think the fashion program is excellent. The program itself is extremely well structured. I feel like I have learned a lot, and have been given some great opportunities. The one major downfall is that we don't have a big enough space, and some of our sewing equipment could use an upgrade.
I am a sophomore college student at Kent State University (main campus), and couldn't have asked for a better college to fit my needs, lifestyle, and academic goals. One of the greatest things I love about KSU is its dedication to inclusiveness and communication of the student community, making sure every single student sees their worth in the bigger picture. The campus offers a safe, secure, and comfortable home for all of the students.The professors are personally dedicated to your personal and academic success, and push you to grow and be at your best. There's also plenty to do on your downtime, like Friday night movies, pep rallies, not to mention the hundreds of student organizations. When you're a Kent State student, you learn how to rise above challenge, change the world, and find your place in it.
I have loved Kent State University since the first time I stepped on campus. The campus is inviting and gives me a sense of security while enabling me to obtain the desired freedom I lacked in High School. The teachers and admission faculty are always eager to help me and give the help necessary to fulfill all of the necessary requirements to complete another successful year.
I love my experience at Kent State. I grew up in Kent so I was afraid that my college experience would be a boring one since I grew up here. IT'S NOT! They have so many amazing opportunities for on and off campus students! Also, I have a son and the Child Development Center on campus (Pre-school) IS BY FAR the best decision I have made for my son! The staff also have made such a different in my life for so many different reasons!
The architecture program makes this big school feel so much smaller. Even though thousands of students attend this university, there is always a sense of community.
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