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Kent State University - Tuscarawas Reviews

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I enjoy attending this school as it has many opportunities offered; including on campus study sessions, clubs and a wonderful library. It's easy to get into contact with your professors and advisors. The faculty are always willing to help.
Kent State Tuscarawas campus offers you a very low tuition rate for the price of 1. With the low tuition rate, the professors are very hands on with the minimal number of students in each class compared to Kent State main campus. They have a cafeteria open almost all day and outside activities in both fall and spring semesters. I earned my bachelors in Psychology at Kent State Tuscarawas and saved so much money compared to those who attend a 4 year public institution!
Great professors and instructors! Learn a lot and don't feel like I'm wasting my money there. Close to home and everyone is friendly.
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The campus is very small, which doesn't suit me very well because I tend to like bigger places. However, the professors all demonstrate immense knowledge on their subjects and all of the classes I have taken to date as a CCP student have been rewarding and eye-opening. The have an exceptional performing arts program and I know Richard Earley, the studio dance professor, is very good at what he does.
Kent State at Tuscarawas is a close-knit school able to provide academic support for each individual student. The range of available classes is excellent and many students are able to complete their general or lower-level classes here for a branch school price before transferring to the main campus. Some majors can even complete bachelor's degrees entirely at the Tuscarawas branch, as I plan to do with my nursing degree. The professors are cordial and understanding of the pressures balancing family, work, and school work and enjoy helping students reach their fullest potential. However, the cafeteria menu is quite small and overpriced. I survive by packing lunches. Everything else about Kent State at Tuscarawas is wonderful.
The faculty are wonderful and easy to work with. They all strive to see their students succeed! I have really enjoyed attending KSU-Tusc. The nursing program and nursing building is an extremely nice building and very clean!
I really liked how there was always a fundraiser going on that one of the clubs had set up. There would be things like pancake breakfasts and homemade Christmas cookies. There are definitely a lot of clubs compared to other Kent State branches, in my opinion. The Tuscarawas branch is the only Kent State branch left that has a gym other than the main campus. Also, they are constantly trying to introduce a new activity or replace one. For example, a sport. After I left there, they started a soccer team. Something I would like to see them change or fix is their wifi network; it seemed like there was always issues with it. Another thing I would like to see them change or fix is their parking area. Either make it bigger or rearrange it.
Schedule was very flexible, and it helped me a lot.
Online courses are not my favorite, but they work well for some of my class mates.
There are good opportunities, which I will definitely be looking for.
Professors seem to enjoy what they are doing, and have a passion for teaching.
There are many job opportunities in campus, and instructors will help students with interships if they ask so.
Great professors, with a lot of experience in the field!
My experience was great because it is a small University and everyone is helpful.
I have not had any major trouble with this at my school. The only thing that has been a pain was the fact that two of my course times changed after the course started. This meant a late start and scheduling conflicts. All of my credits transferred with ease. Due to the small size of the campus there are not many evening courses and no weekend courses.
I have not taken any online courses. From what I've heard they are relatively easy.
I have not done a lot of extensive research on the post-grad services at this school but some of the graduate students I have talked to say they are very good.
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Courses vary from professor to professor. I have had an Organic Chemistry class that was a breeze and I didn't have to study at all to get an A. I also had an introductory Biology course that I had to really work at in order to get an A. They were both very good courses though. I have not taken any online courses, only classes on campus. For the majority they are relatively small classes, lots of one on one time with the professors, and not a ton of work. I have also found that at this campus of Kent State there are not a large variety of courses. Mostly the basic gen eds and a few specific programs.
I have only been apart of Kent Tusc for a year now so I don't really feel qualified to answer this question. There are multiple resources on my Kent State account to help with careers, there have been several job fairs, and professors will send out career opportunities from time to time to students in their programs.
I am a part of the vet tech program at Kent Tusc. I will be going into my second year of a two year program. This program has a lot of hands on experience with animals and we are learning things that will be essential in the clinic. This program has a lot of bookwork associated with it as well. A lot of memorization of drugs, techniques, diseases, etc. Overall I really enjoy the program.
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