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Kent Salem is a very small school. They need to make outlets more available to charge student's laptops with, they are very hard to find and usually taken. More quiet areas should be available since you're pretty much limited to the library (only quiet area) or the main lounge/lobby, which is always full of loud people screaming to their friends. It's hard to get any work done since it's usually loud.
I love that Kent Salem is a small campus so it is a personable experience. I also appreciate that they offer a variety of useful resources for students. Also, the professors and staff are always available, friendly, and helpful.
Talked to them on the phone very friendly. I have made a appointment with them to tour the campus. Looking fprward to start there in a year for childhood education.
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I like KSU Salem a lot. Classes are small and professors are very accessible to students. Most classes I took, the professors really seemed to care about students and were knowledgeable about the subjects they were teaching. My main complaint is that they lack certain classes I would like to take, so I have to switch to another branch of KSU. Overall though, I had a great experiemce at this campus.
I liked the student to teacher ratio. It was a small campus so all of the classes were easy to find. What I would change is putting a cafeteria for students to eat lunch or dinner on the campus. Beings as though this campus is in Salem there isn't much around for a student to grab between classes. There were no lockers as well as no place to put a packed lunch.
I am currently a sophomore at Kent State and I absolutely love it. I was very nervous to go to college, but not anymore. All the teachers are very nice and welcoming.
Great school with great professors (with a few exceptions like everywhere) that care. Those low quality professors seem too be weeded out. They all seem willing too help if asked.
I have only taken online classes but the software is easy to use and there are very few errors. High schoolers are able to take classes there which is great.
This campus provides great one on one relationships between the student and the professor. Classes are small enough that the student is more than just a number and the professor actually knows your name.
Kent salem is a great regional campus. We have active security patrolling every day. Multiple large parking lots. Its always very clean, and the professors are the nicest I have ever seen.
Online classes don't always give good interaction between students, but it is convenient.
Online classes allow for flexibility.
The professors have been great. I have not had any trouble learning from them.
I plan on working in the family business and this degree will allow me the opportunity to fit in with other.
I have learned a few new things or have relearned thing I have already known and forgot.
I enjoy the option of learning in an online classroom. It allows me the flexibility I need.
My work schedule is flexible and I just take the classes I need to get through
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I do not enjoy online classes, they are hard to learn from and understand what your professor is looking for. The assignments are pretty easy to do but the online tests are nerve wrecking since you are timed and you normally only get 30 minutes for the test. Being in class you get to know the professor and the students but online it is frustrating if there are no clear directions. Would not advise you to take online classes if you learn by being in class and following along with the professor/students and taking notes
Being able to see your job career in action and seeing what your job will be like helps you to determine if you want to be in that field or if a different career is in your best interest
I love the class sizes, the teacher knows everyone's name and the students know one another, it is a great environment and I feel that I learn better in small groups than I would in a large lecture hall
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