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Kent State University - Geauga Reviews

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It’s a very small campus with smaller class sizes but it is a very good school. The cost of attendance is way lower than the average college so you are able to save more money.
It is a great school I am in the nursing program in the final year and i can for sure say that the instructors are amazing and very much committed to their jobs. They want you to succeed at all cost and always have your best interest. The lab is interactive, though we have been short on supplied but we have mad due. I would recommend this school to all students who were not looking to go off to live on a campus.
Kent State Geauga campus is a Great campus. The class sizes are very small sometimes only five people in a class. The professors are very hands on and make sure you know the material that they are teaching. The staff are all very nice and helpful to the students! You never are left stranded to figure something out by yourself, there is always someone there to help. The building is also very clean which always makes for a good learning environment.
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Kent State University Geauga is a great regional campus, although it is very small there are so many people that truly want to help students succeed. They offer a comfortable student lounge and a large common area to do homework. Not to mention the ease and convenience of making up tests is simple due to proctors available. The price of tuition is affordable and you can achieve most of pre-requisites needed for your major. Technology available is up to date and easy to use. Kent State University Geauga is a great campus to attend to save money.
The campus is comfortable, the staff and professors are very friendly and helpful! Good student body.
I love the campus and the environment. I love how small the classes are because I can get the help I need.
I Like How Most Of The Professors Are Extremely Nice & Offer Help If Needed. I Also Like How That Make Sure You Understand The Assignments Given
Kent State Geauga is awesome! Everyone there is so helpful and nice, and it's two minutes down the road from my house :)
Being a branch of Kent State I get all the benefits and perks of Kent but with a lower cost. There is no campus life and the school itself is small but it's perfect for all of us who like small class sizes. The professor are great and just the entire staff in general is motivational.
A great college that individualizes learning based on the student. I would recommend this college to anyone who wants a quality education.
A wonderful campus, and a great opportunity for local students to get a head start on education. I really recommend Kent State University - Geauga.
I do not have any online classes so I would not be aware of the experience. Though I have heard many great things about it from people who do have online courses.
My school does a very good job at helping graduates find work after finishing school.
I have only been attending for a short time, but I am very impressed with the professors. They all excel in their area of study and they all have a way of teaching that makes it easy for everyone to understand.
This school is very local, but it is a very good school. A degree from this school would be looked at the same as one from a school that costed more money, or promised a better outcome.
Kent State has one of the best nursing programs in the country, I am very happy to be attending a school that has such a great program.
I've only been attending this school for a couple weeks, as I am a freshman. I was pretty bummed about not going to my first choice school, but I completely forgot about that when I started attending Kent State. I'm very happy to be attending this school. It has everything I could have asked for. It is clean, modern, all the professors excel in their areas of study, I know I am getting a great education. It does not feel like work to me, I am excited to go to school and learn.
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My first semester of college, I went to a completely different school and none of my credits transferred over so I had to retake the classes that I had already taken somewhere else.
I was homeschooled for a few years and Kent's online classes are far better than the online school that I went to.
I haven't had much experience with the career center, but from what I've heard, it's great and everyone's helpful.
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