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Kent State University - East Liverpool Reviews

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Kent State East Liverpool is a wonderful school for anyone who is looking for a solid education that isn't very expensive. There are people around every corner ready to guide you down the right path towards your goals. It is a small school with a big heart.
Kent has really good programs as far as academics. I haven't had any bad professors. I am in the occupational therapy assistant program and the professors are fun and passionate about what they do. You get a lot of hands on experience and tools to use for your career.
My experience at Kent State has been good. There is a local campus where I live which gives me a short commute. The professors are great and willing to help in any way they can. There are lots of resources through Kent that you can access in the libraries or even on our own accounts.
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VERY convenient. Professors will work around your schedule if needed. It's a very flexible environment.
Online courses are very different from sitting in a classroom, but at my school, they make it feel the same. It's very comfortable and convenient.
I am learning so much! There are many classes that are offered, on and off campus. The professors here are incredibly smart and talented with what they do.
It's very new and exciting for me. I'm meeting some amazing people and professors! What makes my school unique is the diversity among us. Every single person is unique in their own way. We express ourselves and show our true colors.
Variety is great and teachers are knowledgeable
Great program with hands on learning
Small campus, shady town, most teachers nice
My thoughts on my school's tuition versus how much education I am receiving are mixed. On one hand it is definitely important to get a proper education and degree in order to hopefully obtain a job in the future. I value my education greatly and think that having a degree will help to further advance me in the career that I want to pursue. At the same time it is questionable if the cost of obtaining this degree is really worth it in the long run. Going to college to obtain a degree is the main goal. Potentially having this degree will lead to one being able to get a good or decent laying job to ensure them some type of financial stability throughout their life. But then the student loans come into play. Once you obtain the degree and good laying job will it really be worth it to take the money you will he earning at your new job to pay off thousands of dollars in loans over the next 10-15 years? In some aspects it seems almost counterproductive. Financial aid at my school is very easy to learn about. The financial aid advisors are extremely helpful with letting one know exactly how to apply for it and what they can expect to receive as well.
This campus offers the students a vast majority of resources to help with anything they may need. There is a library that is very centrally located in the middle of campus. The hours are very flexible to allow students with time conflicts to be able to use the facility when needed. Leading up to the week of midterms and finals they library also adjusts it's hours and opens earlier and closes later to allow students more adequate time to study for their upcoming exams. There is also a YMCA right by the campus. Although the campus is not directly affiliated with it they do offer a student discount when getting a membership which is very helpful. There are also many types of campus activities offered to encourage student participation. We do a lot of fundraising for many different organizations. Things such as bake sales, food drives, book drives, and even selling food items such as candy bars and fudge.
The online classroom versus a typical classroom setting is definitely a very big adjustment. In terms of registration I have found that it makes it considerably easier to be able to get into certain classes needed for my major. When classes are in the classroom they are harder to get into and there are fewer options since I am a commuter student and all of the campuses are a good distance from my home. Having the online availability can allow you to take a class from any campus without having to worry about the commute of getting there. Online classes also provide a great chance for interaction with peers. Most of the online classes I have taken encourage students to interact with their peers in discussion groups. These allow students to voice their questions and concerns and see if others have similar issues as well.
They are all very outgoing, friendly, and helpful. Everyone is supportive of each other and never fails to offer helpn whenever needed.
There are really not that many academics offered at this school. You can start your academic career here, but you can only take it so far and then you have to transfer to another campus.
The athletic center for KSU-EL is the YMCA across the street, which you can not utilize unless you are taking a class the requires you to, other than that you have to pay for a membership.
This is the only college I have attended and the admissions process was nice and honest about what they wanted.
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The tuition is very reasonable, and the financial aid process is a headache because the financial aid department is located on the main campus and it is a hastle trying to get important papers where they need to be because the main campus is 75 miles away.
I ahve only taken two online classes towards my degree at Kent State University, they were the most detailed and complete classes. The professors e-mailed you and let you know what they wanted from you, which helped with the learning experience.
The student body at Kent State University- East Liverpool is very diverse. There are many and all types of people attending this university from all over the Ohio valley, some but not limited to: African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual, Veterans, and even people that already have careers and degree's that just want to either farther their education or are looking for a change. The diversity here is amazing, it is almost in comparisson to the actual University.
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