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Kent State University - Ashtabula Reviews

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This is a small, close-knit university! I love attending Kent State-Ashtabula and I love the staff and students that also attend!
The school is nice and the staff is great! Professors are eager to help and because the school is on the smaller side, you are able to really connect with the staff and get the help you need when you need it. Workload is manageable and getting the class you want is pretty easy.
Most of my professors were good teachers from whom I was able to learn the material. While I didn't need a lot of help, I felt that they were accessible should I have had an issue.
I did have a problem with an online professor who failed to teach or grade anything. The school eventually remedied the situation, but not until after finals that semester.
There were many places to study there, with multiple computer labs and printers. The bathrooms were also fairly clean.
The admissions staff was not well informed as to high school requirements for CCP students. When I had a problem with the one professor, it was difficult to get ahold of the appropriate people to deal with the issue. They were unable to give me my transcript for my own records (being homeschooled) there.
With everyone being commuters, the student life there was pretty quite.
Ultimately, I had a good experience there and thought it did well for my academic career.
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Kent state Ashtabula is a local college that gives students a relatively low cost option for college. However, there is little growth and this college is "behind the times" in certain circumstances. There are some amazing professors that teach here, however, there are some very strict and unprofessional ones as well. Overall, it is a decent college.
I love this school. I struggle at times with my assignments but it's not because my teachers are not doing their job, I just need to reassess my studying techniques for a better learning experience. I am struggling with health issues at the moment and my teachers are very understanding and work with me on things I need to make up and keep me in the loop at all times which I'm thankful for. Additionally, I have met and befriended some of the best people.
Can’t wait to start attending. But so far everything has gone so smoothly so far. I couldn’t ask for a better experience for enrolling at any other school.
The communication from my advisor and student services has been awesome. Everyone has been extremely helpful. The Ashtabula campus is quite new and very nice.
Very fluid and organized ]. Definitely learned more than what I expected to learn and overall a great community college experience. Professors were very motivated to teach and made the classes fun and enjoyable.
Kent State Ashtabula was a very positive environment. The teachers really want to see you succeed and are available for additional help if you need it. The teachers are knowledgeable and you can tell they enjoy teaching.
I am in on online program, it is a great school and offered what I needed in a convenient format. It is a specialized program.
Went here in the late 90s. Not a good school for students with disabilities. Professors don't care about there students and it shows. I dropped out not only for that but the program I was going to enroll in was cut. Went back in 03 to give them another chance under a similar major. They said I was never a student at that institution and had to start all over by doing another assessment and paying another application fee. Never looked back. My cousin had a similar experience. Went to Youngstown State University and they requested records from Kent and got nothing but at least I was much happier at YSU
Everyone, the staff and students, are so kind and helpful. I’ve been to other universities and not one of them compares to KSUA. The professors are always willing to stop what they’re doing to help you in any way they can, and they’re happy to do so.
I'd give 0 stars if I could. The admissions team was terrible. After asking to speak with the supervisor about how terrible my experience was I got nothing. Still waiting for the contact information. You should deffiently look at reviews and do research on this college. Be warned terrible service, worst I have came in contact with looking at potential schools.
Kent State Ashtabula is a great place to start either your first year of college or a perfect place to earn an associates degree with low tuition.
I first became a student of Kent State Ashtabula through the College Credit Plus program offered at our high school. It was through this program that I received my first look at college life and how the teachers operated. Even though the teachers were very nice and always willing to give you a helping hand, this was a very big jump from high school, and I was not prepared for such a daunting task. However, that was a good thing. I enjoyed the challenge the professors gave me. The only issue I would have would be with the administrative staff. The advisors, though they do their best, never really seem to be too keen on helping students, and would rather bust them out of the office as quickly as possible. Other than that, I am still having a great time on campus and cannot wait for the big transfer to the main campus to complete my degree.
Kent state is an accredited college which has amazing food, publuc computers for students to use, the professors are truley amazing at their job and care about their students here, kent state even has their own student lounge which is an amazing spot to go study or even to just relax.
I was very afraid to go back to college because I did not want to deal with students who did not care about their education. I was very surprised with how mature students were even in introductory classes. The professors are very knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. I look forward to completing my degree here.
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I enjoy going to Kent State Ashtabula because it is a great campus and the faculty and staff is extremely nice and helpful. No matter what the problem or situation they are willing to help.
the course schedule is a flexible one.
I have taken several online courses with Kent, (other than Ashtabula Campus) all the professors are willing to set up in person meeting times if needed or use the email to respond to any questions or problems that a student may have.
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