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Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology - Spartanburg Reviews

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Hi, this is Letesha farr and I went to Kenneth Shuler school for a facial. And I had a wonderful calming experience. The person who gave me facial was very professional. She told me exactly what she was doing and it felt good too! She took her time and I came out of there relaxed and felt rejuvenated. They made a new client with me. I say that anybody wants a good pampering experience, go to the school and experience it yourself. You want regret it!
I like the campus and the people. They are a great school and the campus is clean along with the inside. they provide amazing work space and reliable time to work and be creative and be ourselves.
our financial administrator is great about applying the money to our account but i need more help . We are pretty independent to get more money available but the disadvantage is lack of knowledge on the student part, i wished the school would give us more options to access more money so we dont start our career in debt for loans
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our school is diverse with many types of people from the young to the old. we have a diverse student body that adds to the enjoyment of learning from other students,
i am doing very well in school but still have loans to pay for. i need help to pay for supplies with school and gas to get there. the school is great they have wonderful teachers and are very encouraging and supportive. they have told us they cant guarantee a job but will assist in looking for available positions to apply at.
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