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Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology - Greenville Reviews

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They give us plenty of opportunities to find jobs and particular areas we want to focus on
Awesome! Love my school, the teachers, staff and students
It is very helpful and obtainable. Theyou help anyway possible
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They work with you very well. they are easy to talk to and understand. They give you the best options for the student.
They offer many academics. The professors that I have met are great. The class registration is easy and they explain it very well. The workload is a lot but attainable.
I love this school. The financial aid workers are awesome. They work with you and help you as much as they can. The admissions officer is great, she gives you all the attention you need and answers all your questions, and she doesn't push you to make a decision to go to this school.
The student body is awesome! There are many different types of students. They challenge you to do your best and to succeed in school. You are accepted no matter the diversity in school. its nice getting to know people with different ethnicity than myself so you can learn about everybody.
At the moment I'm not receiving financial aid but, in a future know it will eventually pay off sooner or later.
As of known , my School is one of the most population at times is consisted of wonderful working people that are taking initiative to help out others that are willing to learn new was to improve there knowledge and a new way of learning. Also, this can be a great opportunity for everyone that is interested of Cosmetology. My priority is to achieve my goal by working hard, having a passion on what i really like doing.
Out of all the students I have seen graduate from Kenneth Shuler, they are the most successful cosmetologists in the field. Kenneth Shuler also has a high rate of success because of their focus on giving us business courses that prepare us for what we will encounter after graduation. High fashion magazines also have access to Kenneth Shuler students because of the opportunities given by the school to the students to apply for contests and programs. As soon as a student graduates he/she can contact those magazines and get their name and portfolio sent to many photographers and magazine producers to really get their name out there.
My school is very diverse. There are men and women from all types of backgrounds enrolled there. Yet, they all tend to work harmoniously and efficiently with each other to help each other succeed and progress into the next steps. My idea of a perfect school is where everyone gets along happily and they still make top-notch grades. Kenneth Shuler will always deserve an A+!
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