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My overall experience has been good. I was concerned I wouldn’t meet people. KSU has afforded me that chance to interact with many people from various backgrounds.
The meal plan is overpriced for underclass men, but the main campus is georgeous and all my professors have really cared about their studends success. I can't compare it to other colleges, since this is the only college I've been to, but it is so much better than high school.
I transferred to KSU and I've loved it ever since I started a year ago! The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the classes are very informative.
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The university has a lot to offer to students. The campus life is pretty great and there are many opportunities for students to get involved on campus. The School of Music is great and has professors that care about their students. The campus has a lot going on, specifically at the Bailey Perfomance Center. There are a lot of great recourses for students to utilize as well.
KSU is a college that I didn't care for in the beginning because they merged with my original college Southern Polytechnic University but the merger was for the better because there is more opportunity and KSU is multicultural which is great for me. There is always something to do. People are friendly.
This is my first semester so i don't have enough information to rate it accordingly, but its is overall been excellent. If you are trying to go to this university, take full advantage of the facilities that you allowed access to, because you have to pay for them in your tuition.
I havent been here long, however its my third time in university and i really see myself enjoying it this time around, its a beautiful campus, and the students and faculty that ive come across are extremely friendly
I love Kennesaw State University. The campus is great and the professors really care about you and your success on campus. The courses are challenging but interesting. It is an extremely diverse campus with lots of different kinds of people coming from all walks of life. The athletics are great and very exciting to watch. On campus housing is really nice and gives you a great opportunity to make new friends. The party scene is pretty average but it is still fun. The campus is beautiful and has so many places for you to relax and do your homework. It is also great that everything is walking distance. The only thing I would say needs improvement are the social aspects. There are a lot of commuters so people just go to school and go home. There isn't a lot of people that are interested in the social life.
This is my first semester on campus and it's been a good experience so far. There are a ton of academic resources, activities, and clubs and organizations for all students. There's something happening on campus every day! Also, the food is pretty good.
They have two different campus, the Marietta campus is perfect for me it is quite and like home. The other campus is an average college campus, many people and plenty of activities to be apart of.
Even before the merge with SPSU, I knew to stay away. Now that the merge has happened and it's only a couple years out from it, I can definitively say this university is a joke. The administration does not care about the betterment of the university or its students, many of the academic deans and departments do not care about students' success, and many of the charges you'll see on your billing statement are ridiculous. Good luck trying to find parking most times throughout the day. Housing is really geared towards freshmen, so have fun trying to secure a spot as an upperclassmen. I've found that very few professors are actually concerned with your goals and aspirations; some are honestly still there to just get tenure. If you can go anywhere, literally anywhere else, I would.
They are a very welcoming school with a bright future. the campus is just the right place to learn with wonderful professors and over the top students.
Kennesaw State University has really nice campuses in a beautiful area. There is the main Kennesaw Campus, but we also have a Marietta Campus.Most of the building on campus has been upgraded so there's a nice modern feel to it. The campus itself is a nice medium size so walking everywhere is possible on each campus.
I love the size of the campus. It's just big enough to give it a lovely spacious feel but just small enough so that you can still walk to all your classes in a comfortable time. The dining hall had amazing food and they are open to suggestions from the students. They also provide a campus bus that takes you everywhere around the different parts of the campus and on the weekends they have a shopping route that takes you to the nearby walmart.
The past five years at Kennesaw State has yielded me some very challenging and rewarding academic opportunities. The friendly councilors helped me get situated and discovered what it was I actually wanted to do. Many opportunities for involvement and campus life is quite overwhelming at first but it is easy to find the right group to hang out with. There is hardly a niche interest that is not manifested in a club on campus. The education is fabulous; the teachers want you to succeed greatly and make themselves available to students. The only demerit I would grant KSU is their parking situation which is understandable considering it is the largest commuter school (or one of the largest) in Georgia.
A wonderful college, everyone is approachable and willing to help, that includes staff and students. The food is always a pleasure to eat and the campus spaces and recreational areas are always active and alive.
Kennesaw State University is very diverse and has a safe and friendly atmosphere. The dorms are really spacious and convenient for fulltime students. The dormitory environment is really inclusive, with many community activities and free food. Maintenance for dorms is quick and accommodating. Most professors at Kennesaw are friendly and hilarious. The classrooms are almost never boring. The Commons has a large diversity of food to choose from. I don't ever hear people complain about the food on this campus. Kennesaw State University is a great school to attend.
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Kennesaw State University, upon recent consolidation with SPSU has gone through a lot of changes, while the spirit of both schools remain there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before KSU can truly be considered 1 world class University
The campus is great and the food is amazing, all the teachers are graded at the end of the semester so that makes them try to earn a good grade and care about their students.
I love the campus and the overall energy. It's not too big and not too small. However, it is extremely difficult to find parking, and there are not enough open housing options/class options to accommodate the growing population.
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