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Kennesaw provides me with the opportunity to study in another country while comforted by its beautiful surroundings. It shows me how good the university life style is here in the United States in comparison to other countries. I truly enjoy the campus because of the architecture used on the buildings, both outside and inside are remarkable, the incredible food it offers, the new and improved enormous gym; the list goes on and on. The only thing I would change about Kennesaw is the fact that you have to pay for parking.
I like the area but the school treats you like a dollar sign. I don't get personalized attention like I did at Georgia Southern. Hopefully this is all just the aftermath of the merger but I'm very disappointed.
I hate KSU, I miss SPSU. They are cheap and inconsiderate. Parking tickets galore, though there is insufficient parking for their students. They are uninformed about their newly acquired programs (Architecture and Engineering) and thus spend their days paranoid about safety concerns which were never a problem before.
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Kennesaw State University is a campus you will love to be on, its very diverse and everywhere you look you see a happy student, students, staffs and faculty members are like family and there is no place like Kennesaw.
very friendly people, the Professors are very highly educated and very experienced in their fields, and the make students enjoy their studies. And one amazing gist the President is very awesome.
Kennesaw State University is so amazing. Each professor is so nice and makes sure that all of their students take the right steps to pass the class. The food is the best and there are a lot of clubs and organizations for people of all types.
I like the nature of the school. The scenery is beautiful. Whenever I have a hard day with classes, the walk to my car eases my mind. I feel that the field I am majoring in is difficult but that is only because they are high ranked, Cole's College of Business. I think this is a great university whether a student plans on transferring or not. There are also an abundance of ways for students to get involved on or off campus.
Amazing people and staff! The environment is friendly and encouraging! Everyone connects to the school in some way through clubs or arts or Greek life! It's an amazing school to spend four years at!
My experience with Kennesaw State University has been wonderful so far. It is a very clean campus - no trash around campus, no cigarette butts filling the ground, bathrooms are always clean. The professors and faculty are all very kind, and are always willing to help. My professors so far have aided me in my journey through college, and have offered to help wherever they can.
Overall this school is great; I have grown a lot as an individual since I was accepted at this university. The people here are awesome, and it is really easy to make new friends. One thing that could use improvement is the system for signing up for classes; it can bebe difficult to get jbto the classes you need because they fill up super quickly.
I really enjoy attending Kennesaw State University. The courses are just the right amount of a challenge and the professors are very easy to work with. The only issues I have is with the organization and transfer of information to students. There is little communication about school deadlines for payments, registration, scholarships, and work study opportunities. Overall, I have very little problems with Kennesaw State.
I love KSU!! The campus is beautiful and I have truly had great professors. Something I would like to see change here is the amount of classes offered. It is so difficult to get into the classes you need because there are too many students and not enough classes! Also, finding a parking spot before class can take 45 minutes. Other than that KSU is a wonderful university and I plan on spending all 4 years here!
There are still things that need improvement on, but they are still a newly merged school with my former school, Southern Polytechnic State. This merger has caused some trouble for me, because I have had to switch majors sue to them getting rid of mine. This school is quite expensive, but the academics here are pretty great. There are other little nit picky things such as housing maintenance, parking expenses, etc. Other than that, it is a beautiful and good school to attend.
Well I've never been to Kennesaw State University, but I have done some research on this school and I really want to attend. I feel like this school will provide me with the experience of college I've always wanted.
I applied to Southern Poly and the two were consolidated into Kennesaw State. It wasn't yhe easiest or the best transitions but its been getting better with time.

The adventure is not in the destination but the journey.

I'm thankful for KSU. I found what i wanted to do with my life: Research in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Control Systems, a friend family, and a music experience like no other. I became a section leader for the Trumpet Section during their 2nd year of existence. 27 trumpets strong.

It's been a good adventure.
The university is beautiful and the people there are very friendly. This is someplace that I plan on staying for a long time.
I went to high school in the same county that KSU is located in. I felt as if everyone else attending KSU was also in the same boat - there was a definite lack of diversity.
As a transfer student and found that there was very little assistance offered. I knew other transfer students who also had this trouble. It's as if the admissions and advising offices plan on leaving these students in the dark so that they'll take longer to graduate and therefore spend more money.
The nursing building was state of the art - absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately that wasn't my major. There are buildings that are outdated and need updates in order to be more functional. The Social Sciences bldg was very nice and thoroughly updated, so is the Business School.
I loved the basement of the library that offered nice studying spaces - booths, tables and so on. I wish they offered this more throughout campus.
Parking is a nightmare - but I've found it to be this way at most colleges and universities.
I'm currently in my second year at Kennesaw State, and so far, I have enjoyed my time at the school. The campus is very diverse, and the faculty and staff are top notch. All of my professors have been impactful and willing to work with students. The facilities are nice, although sometimes things will be under maintenance or renovation. There is a lot to do from a student life perspective. There are endless amounts of clubs and organizations to get involved in. Housing is much better than other universities I visited, although I recommend living off campus.
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I love this school. It is expensive but very nice. The county is nice. There is a lot around the school. The university is big and fairly new.
As an on campus resident I have really enjoyed my time being a Kennesaw State University Owl! I have done a lot of things during my first semester at Kennesaw State. I joined the thrive program which is a program to help freshman keep their hope scholarship. I made life time friends in this program and am even doing a community service project with other members in thrive this semester. The teachers I had were very good at what they do and always set aside time to help you if you come
to them. Living on campus was a great choice because I meet a lot of people through the Resident Assistant programs. I also played co-ed flag football and here I meet a lot of people. Overall my experience at Kennesaw State was a good one and I recommend it to anyone who wants to further their higher eduction.
Ever since attending Kennesaw State University I've already been enjoying living on campus. Though some classes may be a 15-2 minute walk away, you get a much better experience of the resources on campus than you do as a commuter. The food here is top-notch and the people here are pretty great as well!
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