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Kennesaw State has provided will great opportunities. I have been able to obtained several jobs through their job search and job fairs. I have had several great professors, who care about their students.
Kennesaw is a beautiful campus with many career paths and degrees both major and minor offered for everyone to have a customized education. I enjoyed my undergrad period and graduated after 5 years. I am currently back for my master's.
I love the night classes for the Continuing education program. It made it easy to work two jobs and go to school.The teachers work well with you and answer all your questions. Many of the programs help with getting your foot in at major career.
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Stay away at all cost! As a student that came out of state I HIGHLY regret the amount of money spent on this place, and I could only stay a year due to how bad it was! Extremely racist school. Bad professors - don't answer emails and put false information on the syllabus so they are unable to be reached in emergency situations! Everyone is very rude - its hard to meet people. The students are 90% from the same small town Kennesaw highschools - Made primarily of cliques. MANY shootings in local student housing complexes. Unsafe to walk around ON campus at any time of day. Daily rapes, fights and robberies. Campus police are useless, they just sit in the church parking lot and talk to each other - NEVER around when someone is actually in need. Would NOT recommend this school to anyone. Very unfair system and messed up priorities. You would do better not going to college at all than going here. DON'T waste your time, energy or money on this shit show of a university.
This college is amazing! This morning, I went to a Undergraduate admission to tour the campus and learn more about what this college has to offer. Over all, it is amazing! The food is great, the people are kind and want you to succeed. This is the college I recommend for everyone to go to!!
When I went to open house a couple months ago, I felt like I was at home. The place was so beautiful. I liked how they have programs for medical and that is what got mostly my attention.
The experience is what you make of it. It used to be a commuter school, so they still treat it like one in some aspects. I would like them to change the amount of fees that they charge and the amount of career readiness students receive before graduating. I would also like to see them bring in more national/international companies to give talks and present at the university. If you take the time to meet people and join organizations you will have a better experience as opposed to just getting a degree from a university. They have interesting clubs, events, and on campus activities. There is an organization for everyone on the Kennesaw or Marietta campus.
As my first semester at KSU comes to a close, I rather enjoyed my first few months here. The faculty is incredible, they give detailed feedback and are very helpful. I do wish they did more to promote groups/activities for commuter students so they can feel like college students as well.
I attended this school as part of the dual enrollment program. Nonetheless, I think my experience there is comparable to a regular college student. The first thing I noticed about KSU was the sense of community. It has a very positive energy, as if you could walk up to anyone and just start a conversation. Almost anyone you make eye contact with will smile back at you, which is a bit rare in most other places. I’ve never felt uncomfortable there. From my perspective, it's pretty diverse. As you walk around campus you'll see people of many different cultures/ethnicities/religions and ages. The campus is quite nice, and the buildings look relatively new. From high up, you can get a pretty nice view of Kennesaw Mountain. The food is probably the best you'll get from a college- not quite like your mother's cooking, but still very good. Every professor I've had are very knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to talk to. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a great education close to home.
Kennesaw state university has a very lovely campus that has intrigued me. I am very much impressed by how well-kept their campus.
I really enjoy this school a lot. There are challenges that everyone faces but i think that is something that helps us grow and succeed in school. This college pushes me to try my best no matter what I am going through.
I have loved my experience at KSU. I started here by Dual-Enrolling during my senior year of high school and I loved the attention professors gave to students and the beauty of the campus. I have found my passion in Architecture here and it has been the greatest experience of my life!
This is a very good college with a very good campus and hobbies. I would like to have roomates to be with while i will be at college to do my major and also play some sports to reduce weight and excerise.
My experience with KSU was amazing. The campus is large but not too overwhelming. The students and faculty are diverse. And the college has a nice home feeling to it. I just wish they had a Criminology major and not just Criminal Justice.
Many of the professors/staff here are extremely helpful. The only negative is that so many students attend here now, classes fill up real quick in which you might need to attend a second school in order to just take a required class. The food offered is amazing and the new/updated buildings are beautiful on the Kennesaw campus. The BOB drivers are all friendly, however the transportation department keeps giving a small van for Town Point, which is a rather large lot and completely unsafe (some students have to stand up in a van that will take them across several harsh speed bumps and a busy intersection just to get on campus).
The food and the recreation center are amazing at KSU. And a majority of the professors are pretty good as well.
I loved Kennesaw State University! The campus is beautiful and easy to get around. The commons is easily my favorite place there.
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I love KSU! It is such a great school to get a great education and meet lots of new people. It has such a friendly environment and an amazing staff that is always so nice. Most professors are amazing and help in every way they can. I would like to see more sorority life options on campus compared to fraternity life options. Getting involved is one of the best things I did and it has contributed so much to my happiness and success as a college student here at KSU!
The experience was great. Everyone there is welcoming and helpful . The campus is great easy to get around even though it’s pretty massive . I loved being at the campus . They have a great student life and a lot of different activities for the students to participate in .
Kennesaw State University Is a very diverse campus that offers great opportunity, and has one of the highest academic achievement levels. I wanted to attend this university because it offered me more career paths and a chance to expand my degree. I transferred over from a commuter college and I haven’t regretted it since. I would recommend this school to just about anyone. The staff is always great, the instructors are helpful, and office hours are always open. This is my home away from home.
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