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Kennesaw State University Reviews

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I went on a field trip last year to visit this school and I really liked the look and feel of this school during my visit. They offer many programs and degrees. I'm hoping to learn more when I tour on my own next year.
The campus is beautiful with a lot of history in it too. Is very modern but also contains history like the olympics. Has great food
Absolutely love going to school here. The students and professors make that transition from high school to college so much easier. The dorms are amazing and so is the food. Love it here.
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Good classes, parking can be a nightmare. Growing rapidly. Class availability in some subjects can be limited.
Easy school with many chances to get involved. Campus is clean and the meal hall is excellent. Teachers are usually nice and helpful. Only downside is parking can be a hassle.
Kennesaw is a great school and the academic program definitely challenges you. Picking classes to fit your schedule can be difficult though. The classes close quickly. The school doesn't offer enough financial assistance either.
KSU is a diverse university. There are people with all sorts of interests and there are plenty of activities offered by the school on a weekly basis you can do. So far all of my professors have been a great help as well.
This is a great school to go to after high school especially for the price, which actually pretty affordable.
I'll be starting my sophomore year as a transfer student, orientation was a quick easy process, which is my first experience as a student at kennesaw state University. Its the only school in Georgia that I know that have my major, something that I'm very thankful for. Very big campus to get lost in, but very helpful people to help you find your way. I want to say that I hope I enjoy my future years at kennesaw state University.
Academic wise, KSU is an excellent school, the teacher, staffs and counselors can be excellent help. There are plenty of tutoring and extra help to be utilized. However, my dorm situation was terrible. Howell Hall being the cheapest is probably the definition of "you get what you paid for," but worst. The only real pros about Howell is that it's in the middle of the campus, which makes the trips to and from class bearable.
Kennesaw State University is a beautiful school. The dorms are amazing and the scenery is great. the food is the same thing everyday so there is nothing to special and even if you are social ,making friends still might be hard. People don't participate much in the school sports activities but they can be nice to go too.
The University has the typical college atmosphere and dedicated professors, but campus services are lacking organizational and communication skills.
The school is very money hungry and they do not care about the students and their financial needs. Its already a struggle to pay for school, but this school doesn't care as long as they get their money it doesn't matter to them
I love the fact that there are so many resources when it comes to student involvement. It is obvious that Kennesaw State cares about their students and faculty, and wish nothing but the best experience on campus. However, it needs to change in the fact of offering more classes so that registration is not so stressful. It seems once you get into a major, the amount of classes available are slim to none.
Kennesaw State is a great campus with great diversity. The professors are very willing to help. The campus food is excellent and there are numerous options to choose from (dining hall, CFA, Panda Express, Starbucks etc). The academics are challenging but also provide for a great education.
The campus is very spacious and the cafe is awesome. The variety of foods are suitable for all cultures. For the most part the professors we really nice. I would recommend this school to everyone.
Ksu is a wonderful college with many wonderful educational opportunities. I would really recommend other people to attend. They have great professors and nice,fun activites to do on campus to help you make friends and have a great college experience.
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The college has a lot of opportunities in every area of campus and life. They have great facilities and trained staff. They do their best to keep everyone safe. The main campus in Kennesaw has the best dining hall, with a huge buffet style. Get unlimited drinks, sweets, and plates topped high with food. Beware this is not a cheap campus. You have to pay for everything, and I do mean everything. Other colleges may give you a free ID card and parking pass, but not here. Visitors have to pay a rather heavy price to simple park anywhere.
Kennesaw State is an amazing University. The academics are challenging but the professors are always willing to help you out and lead you into the right direction. The diversity is probably the best thing about Kennesaw State because everyone is kind and it's very diverse. The campus is beautiful with great view of the mountains. I was involved in the Club cross country team and also plan on rushing in the Fall and there are so many things to get involved with. The Campus food is amazing we have one of the best dining halls in Georgia for sure. I also feel very safe at Kennesaw and never worry about bad situations arising.
The school has a great environment and a very diverse population. One thing that can change is the marrietta campus which is bery outcasted and not a developed as the kennesaw campus. However, the teachera are great and the activities and events are very enjoyable.
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