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KSU offers dozens of majors from engineering to english. All the professors are highly qualified and work with the students. Parking is a little tight but the campus bus is a great alternative.
I love it. The professors are very friendly and helpful. All my classes have a good amount of students. Dining hall is very good.
I am a freshman going to Kennesaw State University. I have visited the campus twice, and have really enjoyed it. The campus is beautiful, and is in a great location. I enjoyed learning about all of the opportunities at Kennesaw, and am looking forward attending the school this upcoming fall.
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I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Kennesaw State and it was a wonderful experience! The professors are very helpful and truly want you to succeed. It also helps that campus is very pretty!
I Studied my first two years of College in Georgia Highlands College and
I am transferring this year to Junior year with Kennesaw state University
I will be attending the Marietta building where the engineering department is located.
Every time I have a question or a concern about the Financial aid, I write to the counselor. Ms Anders and she answers my questions pretty quick.
When I have to call the office for admission the personal attending the phone has also been very helpful, I am full of expectancy to be able to continue to per-sue my studies in engineering if I get my Financial need, through Kennesaw State.
It is alright. Before it was KSU it was SPSU. I prefer SPSU but it is what it is. My major is very good with the academics and I like the curriculum
In all honesty, I'm not in Kennesaw yet though I'm looking forward to. Many friends of mines are going there and I heard computer science classes are great over there as I plan on majoring computer science in hopes to become a video game designer. Though I should probably be in college to do this one, it wouldn't hurt to try.
Shouldn't have been my first choice for a school, but it's doable. Housing is somewhat of a joke; it's the hunger games to get a dorm on campus because they want to implement the "freshman dorm requirement" when they don't have the proper facilities to do so. The school overall has an overcrowding issue because they'll accept anyone who puts money in their pockets. Class registration is also the hunger games; if you have a late time ticket then you'll be stuck with either no classes or sucky professors. Some buildings are in need of renovation (ex. my friend had a brick fall on her foot in the student center). Campus services are normally helpful, but sometimes seem short staffed so everything takes forever. Sports are not noteworthy...yet the Athletic fee gets raised every year. The dining hall is great, but super repetitive, and the retail eateries are few and vegetarian/vegan options are almost non-existent. The meal plans are definitely way too expensive for what you actually get.
As of now, I just finished my freshman year at KSU. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The campus is beautiful and convenient, and there are so many activities and opportunities. The only thing that seems to be an issue is the parking.
As an International student I really like how diverse is the campus. I can meet people from all over the world, and get different knowledge from other cultures. There are many places with resources to help to be successful in your college life. Dorms are very comfortable, private and furnished with all the necessary; they are marvelous. The campus has all the facilities to have no problem finding food, ATM's, places to relax, to talk, to have fun, to study, to meet new people.
It is hard to receive any financial aid, I had no guidance on how to receive aid and by the time I figured it out it was too late to apply.
Kennesaw is a growing school, and because of this it has the advantages of both a large university and a small college. The classes are wonderful and there are numerous organizations to join. The only disadvantage that I could name is that because the university is still growing and it is a commuter college for the most part, it doesn't really have the full "college experience" that large state schools would have.
My overall experience of Kennsaw State was good but it could have been better. I love the food here but the pizza is at a whole new level than most things that are on the menu. To me, it is surprisingly a well diverse and friendly place to live.
I love almost 100% of KSU. The only thing I hope to see a change in soon is the amount of parking available to students. Also, there needs to be more professors, considering the amount of students they accept each semester.
kennesaw state is a very great school. it has extremely excellent food, great diversity and rigorous courses for all levels. the campus is absolutely beautiful and the events and activities are so much fun. i was really excited to go here, and i am just as excited that i am going here and getting to enjoy the campus life.
I grew up living in Kennesaw and decided to go to KSU just for one year, but I ended up loving it and staying here! I have made so many friends and enjoyed every second and love seeing it grow more and more every year!
My experience at Kennesaw State University has been nothing less than fantastic. There are so many programs that are willing to help you with your studies, as well as faculty and staff who are always willing to help if needed. Although it is a very large campus and student body, you do not feel as if it is and you wont feel like a lost soul, but you feel like it is your home. The diversity at Kennesaw is so great, it is impossible not to make a friend, whether they have similar taste or completely different taste. The dorms on campus are so beautiful. From the furniture to the walls everything is beautiful. There are security guards all around campus to make the students feel safer and also there are security apps that you can download so that you are never alone when you have to walk on campus at night or anytime. Overall my experience at Kennesaw State University was great and I could not think of a better school to apply to go to.
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I love KSU but the classes are too large. At times there aren't enough open classes available to register for. I would like to see new professors hired and new classes added to ensure that everyone has their fair choices at the classes they need.
Kennesaw is a great school if you're looking for a lot of diversity. We have so many different opportunities for students across the board. We have clubs and organizations that will fit every student's needs, and if you don't see anything for you, Kennesaw is always open to starting an organization for you. The only thing I would consider changing about the campus is how and where we can use our dining dollars.
KSU isn't a super difficult school to get in. Most people who come here have plans of transferring but love the school so much they end up graduating as an owl. Its cheaper than most universities, is very diverse, and has the best dorms in the state. The city of Kennesaw doesnt really have a party scene, but if youre trying to have a good time the bars in buckhead is only a 30 min uber ride away.
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