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The university has grown tremendously ever since I enrolled 4 years ago. It was a great school to start with and is only getting better. Top of line in nursing, business and education majors, beautiful campus and close enough to downtown Atlanta with a wonderful city life of its own.
Kennesaw State is a nice school, I haven't had any trouble with anything here. I don't think there is anything I would really change about the school, it seems to be excelling.
Kennesaw State Is decent. We have a Marietta and Kennesaw Campus. The Kennesaw, or Main Campus, is the most diverse and active. The majority of our social events, artsy people, business and generic majors all buzz around on that campus. The food is better there at the University Commons, so of course you meet more people. The classes are easier on this campus. Housing is better on this campus.

The Marietta Campus is mainly for STEM majors, classes are usually more advanced on this campus, which means social life isn't as active as the other campus. However is cool because its more peaceful, and focused and you still meet people and we DO hold social events on this campus. It's closer to Atlanta, the new Suntrust stadium, so college life is about to start booming for this campus too.
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Kennesaw State University is upcoming and innovative that attracts students who are commuters, residents, and international students. One of the strongest points of the university is that is a hub for students to gain international experiences through programs and scholarships. As a low-income minority student, I was fortunate enough to study abroad a whole year in South Korea; which was funded through the university's study abroad scholarship and national scholarships (with the additional help of the writing center and the Global Affairs Department). Ultimately, I would say that my overall experience at KSU has really shaped me to become a more internationally integrated person. One of the downsides is that sometimes there can be miscommunication among departments on upcoming events (sometimes promoted for the exclusive student, even though it is open to all), and lack of knowledge about scholarships and internships that students can apply for.
My experience at KSU has been by far an adventure. It has expanded my capacity to learn and has challenged me in ways. Not only do I learn academically but i learn about life and every aspect of it From the time I started KSU up until now, i have changed dearly. Kennesaw has inspired me to be more free as individual, step out of my comfort zone and to try new things. i feel more connected with the world. KSU is a very diverse school. In fact, there are people from all over the world that attend. In consequence, I get a taste of different cultures. I've made so many connections with people and lifetime friends
Good commuter school. Take a few credits and transfer out. Good education, nursing, and business schools and the recent merger with Southern Poly Technic added plenty of actual useful majors, but for anything else, look into transferring.
One thing I like about Kennesaw State University is the Greek Life. I am involved in a sorority, and I have met so many amazing people through it. If I could change anything about Kennesaw State University it would be the amount of events the school offers to the students. I do not think the schools plans enough events throughout the semester for its students.
My experience at KSU has been amazing so far. There are always fun activities going around on campus for you to get involved. The professors here care about your future. They push you to not only pass the class, but to exceed. I feel safe walking around campus. The campus police walk around campus day and night to ensure the safety of the students. This is my home away from home.
Advisors are very useful. The campus is big. Facilities are well maintained. Professors are very encouraging to students. They have a club or sport for everyone. Love the diversity on campus.
KSU is an amazing school with a variety of opportunities for students to grow and meet new people! There is always something fun going on like an event or concert or karaoke night in the dining hall. The campus is beautiful and diverse and filled with some of the smartest and creative people. There is a place for anyone here. There is always so many opportunities for students to get help in classes because they provide free tutoring for all courses and programs like counseling and drug addiction help. KSU really is my home now and I couldn't imagine being any where else to go to school!
Kennesaw State University is great if you want to feel at home but still have the college experience. I wish the buildings looked a little more up to date, but other than that the campus is very beautiful.
The campus and everything is nice and I really like the diversity. I really wish they would talk more about the black fraternity and sororities and advertise their activities. We don’t hear much about it or see posters about it.
The Commons itself is 5 stars! The way these people SUCK the money out of you in any way is ridiculous. I am forced to pay for the summer housing even though I am not taking any summer courses, yet they stop feeding us/took our meal plans away at the beginning of May. Also, I have to pay for a brand new summer parking pass even though one, they are the ones making me stay the summer, and two, my current one doesn't "expire" until the end of May. In which I will then have to pay for a whole new pass come Fall semester.
Kennesaw state university has a very good environment for students to continue furthering their education in medicine, technology, business, and performing arts.
Kennesaw State University is, in my opinion, the best university in Georgia. Everyone here is so accepting here, and the campus community is very diverse. Greek life is big, but you don't have to join to be "cool" on campus. Students like to party but they will also take the time to study and pass their class. Kennesaw is a very well-rounded university and is only growing. I am truly proud to be able to call myself a Kennesaw State University Owl! Hooty Hoo!
It is a great place to get involved! Campus is always flourishing with new clubs and programs. The people are so friendly everywhere. Professors take into a lot of consideration your schedule if you're an athlete and they really care about how well you do in their class.
Due to recent expansion, Kennesaw State University is in the midst of it's "growing pains". Advising is sub-par, and the school won't hesitate to charge you for anything- including backing into a parking spot, instead of pulling straight in. A headache, to be sure.
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Everything about Kennesaw was perfect to me. Kennesaw works to help YOU, to ensure the best chance of your success. Even things like the on campus Living Learning communities to help you live with people 'Your Kind' IE. honors housing, Community service housing, even First-Generation housing.
I am a transfer student finishing up my first semester at KSU. While my experience has been limited to just the nursing program, it has been a great one so far. The academics are renown, the campus is updated and visually appealing, and there are lots of oportunities for making connections and for professional growth. I am excited for the rest of my time at this university!
Kennesaw is a great local college. Some of the professors are unhappy with their jobs and do not like the school which they share with students. The parking is very awful and stressful. Registration is very stressful as well due to the volume of students trying to get their classes. The online student platform works well most of the time and makes online work more efficient.
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