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The touring staff at Kennesaw was great. They gave adequate information to let me know that Kennesaw would be a school that I would prosper at.
I like the atmosphere here and the teachers. Kennesaw is very active with their students and always have things for students to do. I like how the living situation are and the parking areas. The food is decent and there is lot to choose from.
Ive enjoyed my time at Kennesaw. The professors could be better in the way they teach. Parking can be a bear at times. The commons has a variety of food to choose from & supposedly organic. The football they have now offers fun & excitement to the school. Lots of activities if you want to be involved in something. The on site tutoring is a great help when you need them !
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coming from an international student: the university is extremely underrated, I don't know why, I have had a great time so far here, excellent food, good academics, great sports, excellent opportunities, great professors and most importantly peaceful environment.
Kennesaw state university is a great college! Although the only thing I would like to see change is parking. There simply just is not enough parking on campus at certain times of the day.
I've been to several talks about attending here with the admissions directors and I love all that Kennesaw has to offer. I really hope I get to get into the college and go there as my permanent college.
I believe there needs to be more classes available and more communication with the students on how to best achieve their goals and what is expected of them.
Kennesaw State University is a great campus, I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. They are know for their outstanding program offered and have a lot of other great programs such as the Coles Business School. However, I would like to see Kennesaw State create an academic/ job draw that GA Tech has.
Kennesaw has amazing diversity and offers so many clubs. You can easily start your own club too. They offer so many resources to help with things like interviewing for jobs and writing essays.
It’s a very clean and well taken care of college. Everyone is friendly and smiles. The food is amazing and it’s everything you can wish for in a college.
I enjoy KSU a lot. Great nursing faculty and nice facilities. Parking is much better than it used to be.
Kennesaw State is a good school overall, the Academic level is good the campus is pretty big, nice and clean, and all the facilities such as the gym and library are pretty great. However, ever since coming here I've felt disconnected. People here are overall pretty open but the campus events are not that big and it doesn't really feel very "college-esque". On top of that, I'd say the party scene and student life is pretty poor because it's a boring area, the sports events aren't big since the teams are still growing so there's a lack of school spirit, the fraternity and sorority houses are on the campus with less students and on the weekends this place is practically a ghost town. I'm sure that in the future it will become a great big school but for right now, it's still just not there yet.
At first KSU seems great, however after a few months here you realize no one really wants to be here. It's exactly like high school again and everyone comes from the exact same type of suburb near Atlanta. Every one here either ended up here after a great highschool career then a really bad senior year where they failed a few classes and lost their 4.0 Gpa or are planning on going here for freshmen or sophomore year then transfer if to university of GA or GA Tech.
I like that the marietta campus is quite, and there is not a hole lot of people there. Also the services provided by the school is great.
I have not seen more than a couple of people graduate on time because the professors make some classes impossible. Core classes for my brother were rough and no one helped him there. The professor was so bad almost everyone failed.
I currently attend KSU and it is a wonderful school. The people are so nice and the teachers really know how to teach and get the point across.
Great College, community is excellent, professors are friendly and caring, student dining hall is second best in nation. Plenty of activities and sports to try, classes are not overcrowded, everything is walking distance, and everyone feels safe on this campus.
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My mom went to Kennesaw a while back, so naturally I was interested in the college from a young age. When I finally graduated and stepped on the campus as a student for the first time, I realized how lively its campus is. There are literally thousand of clubs for students to become a part of and the people themselves are friendly as well. However, the only real downside is the sudden increase in students attending Kennesaw causes wait-list to be much longer and more complicated than they need to be.
I like that it is an excellent college but isn't that large. The cost is also reasonable for the education I am receiving. The food is Awesome.
Kennesaw is a very safe environment with a lot to do. The Professors there are optimistic, and ready to teach. More often then not there is always at least fifty or so students studying in the library outside of class time. To add more praise this wonderful school, the food at this institution is mouth watering and delicious. The menu mostly consists of tender seasoned chicken, all the way down to sweet fruit bowls and freshly tossed salad. When walking down the halls of Kennesaw, you will see all ethnicity and culture.
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