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The hospitality program is strong and I had a job before graduation. I do feel like I missed out in things that you would experience at a bigger university.
Online classes can be very frustrating. I have found a lack of instruction and support to be the main issues. Although the selection has improved.
I value the diversity a lot. I enjoyed the hospitality program. There aren't a ton of opportunities though.
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My experience here has been great there are great people, education, and a few clubs here that would make anyone happy and excited to become a part of Kendall.
Kendall is an awesome college for early childhood education degree and gives you the right classes and experience to learn the material for your degree. The online courses for first-timers can take some time getting use to but once you taken a course online it's a simple process.
I love being able to get my degree on-line while working full time. I wouldn't change anything. From Financial Aid to the professors, everything is great!
Kendall college offers a culinary and education experience on ground or online. This is a plus for those who are not able to sit in a classroom. This is welcoming experience for me to be online. The professors are uniquely qualified and they are always ready and available. They make the classes very interesting and you have 10 week blocks with 2 weeks off before the next semester begins. Kendall was referred to my by 2 of my colleagues at work who have already completed their BA's here. It is the best experience for my in the field of education to be a part of the Kendall college family. I highly recommend this experience. The faculty is outstanding.
Kendall is a great school with a down to earth atmosphere. The staff is great when it comes to helping you with your coursework. The diversity is great you get to meet people from many different countries
Hands down best college I have attended. I feel my instructors value my time and are supportive. The pace of the online classes works well. I think the cost is appropriate for my education.
In general, Kendall College isn't known. But when it comes to hospitality institutions, Kendall is well known. Job prospects in my field are immense and I do not see myself struggling to find a job upon graduation.
Theres a good amount of professors who are outstanding, and there are some outliers who are burnt out or just shouldn't be teaching.
The advising program has been nothing but a pain to work with. They have not been helpful in amy way, in fact they have been detrimental to me graduating in a timely manner.
The online courses I have taken at Kendall have been very well run and regimented making it easy to schedule when to get assignments done.
I am not yet at that point in my career to adequately answer this question.
I struggled to choose a rating for this one. There are some professors that are absolutely incredible at what they do. But, on the flip-side there are some professors who are clearly burnt out and that do not take the time to respond to e-mails making students feel un-important.
I am seeking a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration of Beverage Management. I would have to say that my professors are absolutely qualified to be teaching these courses, but some of the core curriculum that goes along with the Hospitality school is only focused towards hotel & lodging concentrations. This causes some of the classes to be irrelevant.
Kendall College is nothing like any other school I have been to in a good way. Staff is approachable and treats the students as if they are adults rather than subordinates. The school is very hands on which is necessary for this field. The advising department needs an entire overhaul. They are not held accountable and have messed up on many student's plans of study.
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It was an okay process.
The classes easy to navigate through and the content is very helpful.
I love this school! Best online curriculum and easy to manage classes.
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