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I have had some difficulties with reaching staff. I believe this is due to summer hours. Other than that my experience with the staff has been nothing but professional. At present I have not attended any classes, but if what I hear is true then this should be a great semester.
The professors are fantastic! I learned a great deal and forged amazing friendships with them. Unfortunately overall this place is a condensed toxic version of high school. Specifically the student body and administration. What you get out of an experience here is not reflected in the price tag. Go to CCS.
My program is phenomenal. My professors are incredibly intelligent, very helpful, and make my college experience worthwhile. I love most of my classes and I've made really great work here.
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Overpriced, poorly organized, non-diverse, and judgmental. This university will let anyone through the doors for the right price. There is no job placement office. They will push you into privately owned "dorms" that are overpriced and a nightmare. The teaching staff is part-time so office hours are extremely limited and professors will show up late, prioritizing their personal careers over your education. The administration is made up of highly conservative church going individuals with ego complexes, so be warned. Any differing "non-christian" views will be challenged with passive aggressive attitudes. A few leads to continue your inquiry: Feel free to ask the college about how in 2014-15 they suddenly ousted the newly elected dean. Ask them about the corporate donors that use the university as a tax write off.
I love the passion that everyone here seems to have here. The students and faculty here are great and genuinely love what they do. The talent here is incredible and both student and faculty are very helpful and give valuable lessons, however no one here makes you feel dumb or bad for mistakes or being inexperienced in a certain subject. Because Kendall is right downtown, the location is great and there are many amenities around town that you may be interested in.
I would like to see some affordable food options on campus. There are currently no food options aside from vending machines.
I love the profs and the classes. Everyone is super friendly! However our administrative side sucks and I could go for more couches/places to sit and a cafeteria
So far, my experience at Kendall has been great! The student body is diverse in character and there is so much talent and inspiration in one, centralized area! It's located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, so there's always cool events and exciting things to do. I will add, however, that there is no dorm housing provided by the school. Instead, you are subject to finding a nearby apartment or house. There is also no cafeteria, so students must provide themselves with their own food. Aside from the rather real-life adult aspect of this school, I'd like to make it clear that this school provides a very loose, energetic atmosphere! Every student and every teacher is ready to express their passions and provide their opinions into others' work. Altogether, I've found Kendall to be a perfect way to introduce me to the real world and the arts!
Love my school!! Perfectly designed for artist of all kinds! All the professors are extremely knowledgable not only on the subject their teaching but on artist careers in general. Kendall sets you up to make it big in art, its a wonderful school and I'm proud to go there.
KCAD has been my dream school for as long as I can remember. When I got the phone call that I was accepted, I actually cried like a little girl. Since my acceptance, I have had a great experience with getting answers to all my questions.
In the heart of the city is Kendall College, right where it should be; in the heart. The classes are very informative and it can get anyone interested and inspired to work and be creative. Thanks to this school the downtown area gets into the spirit of things every year for Artprize, all because of this school.
It's a great place, a very welcoming environment. A wonderful place where all the weirdos of the world unite
KCAD is a great school! They offer classes that make you a well rounded artist in all aspects of art. They also offer a wide range of art based general education classes and electives that cover everything from simple math to human sexuality. Highly recommend if you are from a small town or from a big city wanting to go to a smaller school. Class sizes are around 12-18 so, you get a ton of 1:1 with instructors. Class sizes also make critiques very in depth and helpful.
KCAD of Ferris State University is a small school where professors are able and willing to give individual attention and support to students who seek it. The work is very rigorous and you will learn a lot. It could benefit from better organization of the student body to provide more social activities and better community, however, friendship is there for those that are willing to put in the time.
I always feel safe on campus and they have a text message and email alert system to let you know if anyone has seen anything suspicious on or near campus.
There are literally NO sports and it is the best thing to ever happen to me. People care more about their courses, than a pointless game.
I've had some great courses and met some amazing people, students and faculty, here.
Students are encouraged to trace art in illustration. schkjsdkasd
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Kendall was always a top choice since I've been interested in attending art school. I'm very pleased with my decision to attend Kendall and think it will pay off in the long run. I enjoy learning under all my current professors and am excited to meet a few others that I've heard great things about. I enjoy the hands on experiences I get every day and love the small class sizes that create a very inviting and exceptional learning environment.
Everytime I tell someone I attend Kendall they are impressed and pleased. Kendall has a great reputation and I'm proud to be studying here in Grand Rapids. I know how well Kendall pushes networking on the students from the beginning to create their own connections early on. We're always encouraged to introduce ourselves and to put our art out there.
I've always been interested in Kendall and didn't struggle in making the decision to attend after visiting a few times. I'm very happy with the choice I've made to take a career path in art. Everyone creates such a great atmosphere and being surrounded by art day in and day out has had a great impact on my life as well as my art. I believe I'm getting a great education with every class I take. Although it's not for everyone, and it's not the traditional route, it's defiantly where I belong.
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