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I have enjoyed Kellogg Community College. The classes are small and the professors know you by name. The campus is small but nice. It is a nice college to attend if you are not ready for a 4 year university.
Very good help. Has some tweaks but gets the job done. Great for General Education classes. Good work ethic. The advisor at a branch campus is not very heart warmimg and this is where the stars fall away but overall a very good community college to start your future endeavours.
I very much enjoy the environment that the school offers and the professors are great. The campus is very clean and organized. There are many different ways to find tutors and people who are willing to help out.
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Kellogg Community College is a great college to attend if you can't decided for your career , they help us to find and help through everything you need. Also, they help you to find a path way of where you would like to transfer and what class do you have to take. In this college, many had find their career through the help of college advisor or counselor.
A small community college with a large selection of classes and variety of times for classes. This college also has a large variety of online classes to choose from. The bookstore is very nice with a wide selection of items from a pencil sharpener to a laptop they have every thing you need. The teachers are very good at working with the students who have different learning styles. Tuition is average for a community college. The college is currently rebuilding the gym and fitness area. They have a great athletic department.
I am not from the area, I came to this school because of the possiblities within their nursing program. The professors challenge you as an individual and help you succeed and become the person you want to be! They make learning fun and interesting. They do not want to see someone fail. They will help you along the way. All the people I have encountered at the school are willing to help, but also are very passionate about their job! I love this school, the professors are caring and want to help you succeed!
My experience at Kellogg Community College was pretty great! I was nerve like any new college student. Luckily, i had a friend who went into college with me as well, so it wasn't that bad. I wanted to start out at a four year college, but i'm glad i started out at a two year college like Kellogg Community College. What i liked about KCC is that the teacher like to see their students succeed and will help them if they are struggling. I had a hard time in my math and there was one teacher who i had before that helped me, even though she wasn't my teacher that semester. Even financially, they will make sure you have a way to take classes. Even if you are a student worker, they will work around your schedule to make sure you can work and still get to class on time. What i would like to see change is for them to have more activities within their student life. They do the same things every year. They should think outside the box and make it more interesting and exciting.
Have been a student a KCC for over a year now. Have had some really good professors. Although I have been out of high school for more than 30 years I have never been made to feel out of place. Everyone at KCC have been helpful and polite.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at KCC. The staff is well educated on the topics they are teaching, and they really care about the success of their students. the best thing i've done for my own education is switch to Kellogg Community College.
So far I love KFC. I loved my teachers the online classes. I feel that everyone is helpful. Some of the programs are easier to get into.. great here.. love it for an older adult.
I received my associate's in applied science from kcc in physical therapist assistant. The teachers were amazing, the campus is beautiful and the courses were hard, but beneficial.
Kellogg is a great place to start because it's small and easy to get around. I like going there because the class size is small and teachers help you a lot. I would like to see Kellogg offer more engineering classes.
My overall experience for Kellogg Community College is moderate. By saying this I mean that for this being the first institution I have attended after graduating from high school it has given me a vast amount of knowledge, and information as to what the daily life is like while attending college.
I have been attending KCC on and off for many years. There are a lot of programs offered and all of the professors I have had the privilege of meeting were wonderful and willing to do whatever they could to help me achieve my goals. I have even had this experience with the online courses.
Kellog Community is always clean and staff are relatively friendly. Great communication between staff and students. There is always new programs to enroll in also! Lots of progress within this community college.
The faculty and staff are really easy to work with! The campus is beautiful and full of fun activities. The events that go on are very family friendly and easy to be apart of. The teachers really do know what they are doing when it comes to the need of their students.
Very resourceful and lots of opportunities for guidance and tutoring. I would like to see cost decrease for non residential students. I live in a county that there is a building of KCC's for classes being held at however I pay 1.5 times more than my co classmates.
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I really like Kellogg Community College. The instructors are very helpful and always available to answer questions. I have never taken a class at Kellogg that I did not like. Since it is a small school, it is easy to meet new people and make friends.
I love this college as a whole. With me having to transfer I thought it would be a pain making sure my credits were in line, but everyone is always really nice and helpful. I'm never scared to ask questions, because I know they're either going to help me right away or figure the answer out, so they can help. The only downside is I wish there were more dorming/housing opportunities because the hour and ten minute drive gets old.
Overall, a very positive experience. They offer good scholarships to students. Professors are very helpful. The admissions office is helpful with transfer requests and questions. Very satisfied with my education so far.
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