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My experience at KCC has been nothing more than good. The last two years, I have learned new things in an environment that feels like home.
So far, I have not had a bad experience with Kellogg. One of my instructors was well overdue for retiring, otherwise I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I am in a program that allows me to attend part-time, which in turn allows me to continue working full time to support my family.
I like Kellogg because the environment is great and the class sizes are small. All of the teachers really try to get to know their students.
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I love the fact that every worker is so open to helping you! They never just push you to the side. I also love the easy way to register for classes with the "My Progress" tab. It makes it so much easier!
I love that Kellogg is a small community. I feel like because the campus is smaller and the class sizes are smaller your instructors really have the time to spend with you. I have had a fantastic experience so far. Its easy to navigate and i can reach out for help and receive it right away
Very helpful in transferring credits! Very reasonable tuition. All faculty and staff are very pleasant and helpful.
Friendly Staff. Nice buildings. Good teachers. In and out for classes environment with a nice community area as well.
Friendly advisers and teachers. Online classes are taught by knowledgeable teachers who are fair. Great online student to student interaction.
It was an ok experience like it was a nice school itself, it is just the vibe around it which makes the school a lot more boring. People want attend college to enjoy their college life and experience the real meaning of a College Student. I get told how it is so fun and you get the chance to actually grow up to an adult with my school the only experience you get is growing up to an adult and being on your own.
I like that Kellogg Community College has great allied health programs and it close to my home. I am currently in the Physical Therapist Assistant program, graduating class of 2020. I hear nothing but great things about the program and it is actually titled a "World Renowned Program." I can not wait to begin my journey. I dislike the staff there. None of the academic advisors or general staff have a clue what is going on. I met with two different academic advisors and they both told me completely two different things. So I took it upon myself to email the President of KCC because I was very concerned in getting into the PTA program.
The staff is very friendly and helpful. I came to an event to get more information, and ended up being able to apply to the college and for financial aid before I left, as well as meeting with an academic advisor. They always have someone willing and able to help you. Academic advising is set up not only by appointment, but there is always an adviser available for walk-ins as well. All my professors have truly wanted every student to succeed and are willing to help any student who is trying to learn. The college has students in the computer lab to help you when registering for classes, and answer any questions you may have concerning financial aid or signing up for a payment plan.
Kellogg Community College I feel is very professional and advanced in education. I feel very welcome and all the staff was very helpful to me when I came in. I am really excited to continue my education here!
KCC has a really nice campus and is a very comfortable environment. In addition to that, the staff and students are equally as nice and supportive. The learning environment is beyond expectation and I would definitely recommend KCC to everyone.
I did not like the way some instructors taught class. Their method was boring. I understand that school isn't supposed to be full of excitement, but in the field that i was studying should of at least kept my attention. Note taking from a few instructors were impossible. They were hard to follow
Kellogg community college(KCC) is an excellent school to attend to. The school offers many certificates and degrees. The professors and all the staff members are very helpful and supportive. Also, while the other colleges raise the tuition fees KCC freeze the tuition fees until the next year.
I love the nursing program at Kellogg Community College. All the graduates are super helpful and the instructors are amazing. Everyone is willing to help each other out.
Kellogg Community College has made it possible for me to further my education as an adult. There is a lot of study help and the professors are always willing to set up a meeting if you are struggling understanding a lesson.
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Kellogg community college is a great place for older more traditional students . The online classes are flexible and fit with h my busy lifestyle
My professors at Kellogg Community College care about my education. They are willing to work with me outside of class and they take the time to make sure I understand the material. The faculty and staff, in other departments, have been more than helpful while registering for classes and provide additional information regarding my degree. Kellogg Community College is an educational institution that cares.
My experience at Kellogg Community College was impressive. They offered a lot of classes that will transfer to 4 four colleges.
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