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This University has been nothing but welcoming. The admissions team encourages you and help you along your process and stays in touch with you. They answer phone calls, emails, etc. very quickly.
Keiser is a quick way to receive an allied health degree. If you are working full time it is much easier to take 1 course at a time than 4. The professors are flexible if you are not in allied health program.
Helpful staff and teachers. The programs they offer are very vast and easy to apply for. Most of the teaches are very passionate and care about you and your education.
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So far, my experience in Keiser University has been pretty good. With the way the schedule works, I'm able to focus more on my studies without having to worry about my school life taking over my personal life. The faculty are easy to talk to, always willing to help out. Overall, I think Keiser University will grant me a wonderful college experience.
Keiser University has really changed my life. Everyone working there are amazing and care about their students. If you have any questions or ideas, you can always get in touch with them and they will always listen to you. They will work with your schedule and help out with anything. Keiser has provided me with a great education and an amazing experience.
They made the entire process of going back to school, after 14 years, painless and less fearful. After getting a bachelor's the traditional way I was a little unnerved about being completely online but they assured me it would be a great fit for me, my family and my job. They were absolutely right! I am so excited about this next year ahead and I owe it all the Keiser!
I haven't started yet. But I did take some tours and I love the school and everyone working there. I can't wait to start my winter semester for radiology.
Keiser Tampa is the perfect school to go into for allied health. Every professor wants you to succeed and heps you reach your potential!
The staff are amazing and helpful, and ever since I transferred here I cant complain. I have always looked forward to becoming a nurse and being able to do it in such little time really means a lot to me. the nursing program at keiser university I really recommend to anyone as long as you are fast paced and good at studying, you will be successful, especially with such great staff here able to help you accomplish your goals.
They were very helpful and seemed interested in making sure I have goals and a plan intact to help me meet them.
The college is now called Everglades University Tampa Campus and I would recommend for the Adult college student to attend this college. The staff helps and educates you all the way through, from the receptionist, to the registrar, to the financial aid , to the vice president and the dean of education.
I have been a student at Keiser university for years. I first atteneded the Lakeland, Fl campus. I am now enrolled in the nursing program located on the Tampa, FL campus. So far my experience has been great. They are a bit expensive but so far worth it.
Keiser University offers more than just high-quality education. Be a Keiser University Student means be part of a family. This college experience is so complete we have a so efficient and friendly team of resident life, a so active pastoral life, the best food in San Marcos, sports, and the best is the chapel. Also, each semester we have a bunch of activities including some many clubs and the households. I am glad to be part of this amazing family. Thank KU for this fantastic experience.
Excellent overall experience, the class sizes are small (often between 10 and 20 students). The instructors are attentive because they have smaller class sizes. All instructors make time available for reviewing material either one on one or in a group setting. Also the school is very military friendly
I haven't started school yet. I start in August.
I have yet to go to the school, i start in august
I've only clashed with one of my professors so far.
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I love how the classes are organized. I am an online student and really enjoy the shorter classes and only one class at a time. It makes the time go buy a little more quickly and you can stay focused on just one class at a time.
Although I had a bumpy road with financial aid the school worked with me, and let me continue in my classes without interruption while everything was being fixed. Great experience so far.
They have many schedules to work around your life.
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