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Keiser University - Tallahassee Reviews

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Pricing is a major issue. Other than price, it's great!
Anytime you need to speak with someone about a matter, there's always someone available to help
I prefer to sit in a classroom as oppose to online classes; I'm more likely to pay attention
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I find that Keiser offers many different programs tailored to fit your average American
Keiser always have some type of event all through out the year, and Every person at Keiser is very sincere when it comes to the students success
After what having discussion in the classrooms we get to go to the lab and apply what we've learned
What I notice about the professor's at Keiser is, they are very detailed when giving lectures and they have lots of experience on the subjects being discussed
you really can get that one on one time .
The faculty is so helpful and friendly. They truely want you to be successful as a student and to graduate in a timely fashion.
Classes are set from 8 to 1 pm every day for the whole year but am only allowed to miss 3 days for a 2 month period. That makes it very had when family things come up and are very important.
Keiser has job placement for lifetime and that gives such a great relief to me.
The professors are great and will take the extra time to help if you do not understand anything.
Lifetime job placement help from Keiser no matter where I move will be beneficial.
The teachers are well qualified and teach in a way that is easy to understand.
Computer and wifi system desperately needs to be updated
Pre-reqs can be done online and on campus and there are even some night classes, but most are done in the day. For the nursing program expect to be there from 9-1 for your core classes.
Part of your last semester is dedicated to externships and has a leadership class that helps you understand more whats wanted from you professionally.
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Great class sizes. No more than 20 people in a class
The workload is a lot but if you want to be a nurse then you just have to work through it.
I love this school! Faculty always willing to help and you don't feel like you're a number. The admissions team is also great and amazing they do everything they can to get you into the school and get you settled.
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