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I have had nothing but great experiences at Keiser University and so glad I chose this school to persue my future career. All my professors are wonderful, who care about each and every student. I would recommend this school to everyone
The professors at Keiser University are excellent. They care about the student's future and and help in any way they can. The professors are very responsive when questions are asked. They help both on-line and at the campus. This private school is somewhat expensive but the classes are small and the education is the best.
Great school! Love how hands on it is and anytime I have a question about anything they can always point me in the right direction! Love that the classes are one month at a time so you can focus on one thing not 4 different class all at once!
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The Instructors Care, The Advisors work with you. They make it a great and smooth process. Never had any issues. The student body is great. Curriculum is spec.
I liked how quickly I could go through courses at Keiser, I didn't think month long classes would be beneficial, but they really were. On the other hand though, the teachers and higher ups of the school are not very pleasant to deal with, and I actually saw teachers yell at students for how they live their lives outside of class.
I attended Keiser University of Sarasota for my Associates in Nursing. I can say this school completely prepared me for not only the NCLEX, but for the field of Nursing itself. I feel confident that the knowledge gained from their Nursing program has reflected in my new career as an RN.
What I Like about Keiser is how its very beautiful campus and also everyone is very nice and treat you very right.
Great location and nice atmosphere. The college has several programs to offer. The staff is friendly and has a genuine concern for your education. The tuition is high and will probably require most people to pay something out of pocket.
Hands down the best thing about Keiser are the people there. The teachers actually care about your success and not just in school. Even after you aren't in their class anymore they check in with you offering help if you need it and genuinely interested in how you are doing.
I feel blessed for being a part of such caring community!
I'm an online student.everyone is very helpful..I have had to go to the Sarasota campus for book pickup and everyone is very helpful
Keiser University seems like a great school. I've only done online classes at Keiser and I loved it. I can do my assignments on my schedule and the teachers online are very helpful. Even when I stop by at the campus the people that work there are very friendly and very helpful if you have trouble with anything. Can't wait to start classes on campus! So glad to join Keiser University and can't wait for the future ahead. I would definitely recommend this school for future students.
You can access the lesson anytime after it is given and replay whenever you like. Most certainly the most helpful thing is being able to contact your professor by phone.
They help you with your boards application and put you in contact with recruiters at hospitals.
They are always there for you no matter the time of day or night. The contact you not the other way around
My admissions counselor gave me her cell phone nu,ber and personal e-mail, she made sure that I passed the Teas and got into the program.
It is a 16 month accelerated bachelors program, so you are learning what you actually need to know instead of irrelevant crap.
Everyone from the front desk to the Dean of Nursing is very approachable and honest. They want to help you succeed.
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I have not had any problems so it has been going ok.
It has been such a wonderful experience. Everything was pretty simple when I started at Keiser with the registration process. No hassels what so ever.
I have only taken 3 online classes so far and I enjoy it. I love that we don't have to go on at a specific time. I am able to manage my school and work all together.
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