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Keiser is a growing college. It does not have much involvement in athletics which can be a good thing so that students may become for focused in studies
First semester classes online. Professors were helpful in trying to make us understand the material.
Keiser's staff and instructors have done a phenomenal job of adapting to keep students on track for graduation. They have been attentive and are a quality institution. The only concern is the price. The money they would make if the tuition were 20% less would still be SUBSTANTIAL. We should consider the position the students are put in after graduation with excessive student loans.
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Everyone is very helpful, things just tend to be un-organized. There is no on campus living at this campus location. Also there is no food besides vending machines. Most people who attend this university live in off campus apartments or houses. The location is nice, there is a ton of places around to eat!
I have attended 5 on-line classes, which I truly enjoyed. I still had "live" support on campus, but overall I was confident with my on- line educ.
My experience at Keiser University has been nothing but great! The staff at Keiser care so deeply about you and your education. Everyday gets more and more exciting. The teachers are precise and answer any question you may have. Keiser University is definitely recommend by me.
Pretty good, career focused programs, small classes so slightly better with one on one help if needed.
I have had nothing short of an excellent experience at this college. The staff is all amazing. I look forward to continuing with my education at this school.
On the day I enrolled, I initially only went to get some information on the Cyber Forensics major and some information about the campus. Little did I know that I would be enrolled 2 hours later. The student counselor made the entire process so easy and the most important part was that he was very friendly. I absolutely enjoy the entire atmosphere of Keiser Sarasota
smaller classes, each "semester" is a subject, finish it then move on,easier to learn for some this way. The drawback is the cost to attend
So far, Keiser has been nothing but wonderful. They have helped me every step of the way and made sure everything was clear to me. The education is great and so are the staff. Not only have I met professors and employees, but friends too. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.
The entire registration process was smooth and welcoming. They really listen to you goals and try to help you achieve them.
This school has been the most education experience. The staff makes being a student here so easy and are always willing to go above and beyond to help with everything from financial aid, to picking classes to providing any resource needed. I changed my major form an ASN to a BSN with encouragement and help every step of the way from every staff member I have encountered. The keiser staff and teachers have made me LOVE being a student here!
I started at Keiser University last month. I am taking classes on campus and so far it has been good. The professors are knowledgeable and really nice. They answer to questions and allow students to learn at their pace. The campus security office offers a variety of services to keep everyone safe. You will see security guards wherever you go on campus. The administrative staff is really hands on in your learning. They check on you and provide with progress notes.
I just started here a few months back. I was taking online classes. In all honesty, they were the best classes I’ve ever taken. The teachers, even online, were phenomenal. So helpful and caring. I’m so excited to start the PTA program. I can’t wait to see how this school turns out. I have very high hopes.
I have had nothing but great experiences at Keiser University and so glad I chose this school to persue my future career. All my professors are wonderful, who care about each and every student. I would recommend this school to everyone
The professors at Keiser University are excellent. They care about the student's future and and help in any way they can. The professors are very responsive when questions are asked. They help both on-line and at the campus. This private school is somewhat expensive but the classes are small and the education is the best.
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Great school! Love how hands on it is and anytime I have a question about anything they can always point me in the right direction! Love that the classes are one month at a time so you can focus on one thing not 4 different class all at once!
The Instructors Care, The Advisors work with you. They make it a great and smooth process. Never had any issues. The student body is great. Curriculum is spec.
I liked how quickly I could go through courses at Keiser, I didn't think month long classes would be beneficial, but they really were. On the other hand though, the teachers and higher ups of the school are not very pleasant to deal with, and I actually saw teachers yell at students for how they live their lives outside of class.
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