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Keiser University - Port St. Lucie Reviews

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Not only is the campus immaculate and diverse, but the staff are very friendly and helpful. Especially the advisers, they never pressure you or make you feel bad for needing more classes. The financial aid team is respectful and actually wants you to save money and time.
I like how they help the student with all the information that is required. Nothing needs to be changed.
I am currently enrolled at Keiser University (Port St. Lucie). First, my admission counselor was absolutely amazing. She really helped me through the admissions process. I still go to the desk to get her now. She went above and beyond but that is the way I am seeing most faculty at Keiser. Most professors seem to really care about their students and their success. I love the class I am taking now. The deans offices and even the president are always open to students and have in fact, been extraordinarily amazing to me. Its like being in a small community with big goals. Even financial aid was made as easy as possible. I will be starting the BSN for nursing. I am so glad I
found Keiser. I would recommend it to anyone.
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My experience overall has been satisfactory through Keiser. The staff is not only welcoming but kind. They are helpful and knowledgeable about many topics and successfully answer and help you to understand any and all questions.
The process is easy and smooth. Everyone is super nice and helpful. Excited to get started with my classes and love that they have a business casual dress code.
Overall the school is very good! Most of the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and the professors are great. However I found some of the academic advisors to be very unhelpful and uneducated on programs offered at the university.
I don't anything bad to say about Keiser except for maybe the tuition being expensive, but all of the teachers are amazing and really work hard to try to help you succeed.
I love it! Everyone is so nice and helpful. I m so glade I picked this school.
The students and teacher are so welcoming. The school is new and so clean. Also love the hours they have.
I have been pleasant with my experience at Keiser University so far. The education I've been receiving for the field I want to go into is of upmost value and the professors do an exceptional job of teaching the material. It's worth noting, too, that the campus is super slick and cozy. Quality education, cozy campus, and great service.
The only reason why this school didn’t get a 5 star is because of the cost. I’ve had phenomenal professors. Ones that truly want you to pass. The 1 class a month is no joke. It’s tough but worth it if your willing to work.
My experience at Keiser University in Port St. Lucie has been eye-opening and positive. The staff and professors at Keiser are understanding and sincerely care about your future career. They make it their ultimate goal to help and guide you through your academic journey. The only thing I could think about changing would be the cost of it. It's difficult to qualify for financial benefits that will help me.
You tell me which is greater. A community college that's has a high number of students in the class who aren't so concerned and takes a millennium to assist you or a University who whole heartedly have your best interest at heart and will go to the world's end to make sure you're on the path to your future career. Keiser University is the University that is what I like to call the difference maker. Hands on, free tutoring, honest professors and professional who knows what they are doing.
Instructors are awesome, they are willing to help you in any way possible if you are open to it and they truly want to see you succeed. Classes are accelerated so you have to be committed and motivated. Overall I am satisfied with Keiser University.
Haven't taken any online classes
Speech was the best class by far. Mr. Van Allen is the best.
High graduate rate overall schools in St. Lucie County
Work load is enough and do able, there is alot to learn in a short time. but, if I can do it, anyone can! ?? ?? ?? ? ??
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My experience was great, i learned alot and always felt like everyone had my back and wanted to see me succeed.
I literally have nothing bad to say. Everything was amazing and everyone kept their word and the program wsnt by so much faster then i thought it would.
You are able to learn just as much as you would ina real class but you can replay lectures and the class isn't a specific time.
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