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Keiser University - Orlando Reviews

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This school is great! Awesome staff, very accommodating, classes are flexible and convenient. I enjoy studying here.
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Love the fast-paced environment. Easy to navigate and get work done. Friendly and helpful staff throughout your education. Campus is small but has the bare necessities.
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A very good quality school, very pricey but the professors are very thorough and you get in and get out quick so if you're looking for less of the social/party aspect and more of a purely academic adventure this might be a good fit for you.
I just started Keiser as an adult learner who has a few other degrees under my belt. I LOVE the flexibility to take online classes! So far I have had no issues while enrolled at this college.
Honestly Keiser teachers are actually one on one with you unlike community colleges. They care about you passing and will help you in your needs. Reason why I didnt give it a full 5 star is because the only downside about this school is that they are very very expensive to go here.
They are very in tune with you having a life outside of school. They make it easy for older people to go back to school, and the instructors love teaching they give way more than 100% they really want to their students suceed. The tuition is the only downfall being that it’s so high.
The schedule makes it hard to find even a small part time job. Schedule changes every 1-2 months depending on the class. School is way too expensive, even with scholarships and financial aid. Professors are good.
Keiser has been the best decision I've made so far! I was very nervous when starting, but now here I am, a year later and in my lower division major courses. My professor was a CSI for 30+ years, I've had a professor who is a lawyer and a professor who is a retired veteran for LAPD after 20+ years. I am being taught by professionals in the field who not only teach of the textbook matters, but the realities of the career. I've never felt so confident in my studies as I do right now. Even better, my last class had 14 students in it and my professor knew us all by name. This personal touch means a lot when you need additional help. You're not just another name on a list or another number in a class. You have a face, a name and a voice!
They are very in tune with you having a life out of school. They make it easy for older people to go back to school. The tuition is the only downfall being that it’s so high.
I start school this month. So far, everyone from admissions has been wonderful. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I'm looking forward to starting.
I really have nothing bad to say about Keiser. Many people don't think to think of Keiser as a school choice, but it is convenient and the small class sizes are always a big plus! I went to UCF right after graduating high school and sitting in a class room with 300 students, you don't really get the attention you need. Keiser also offers online classes so I can learn on my own time.
Every person I have had an encounter with have been extremely friendly and wanting to see me succeed.
My experience at kieser college has been a positive one . The counselor there are very helpful and make the admission process very easy and make you feel like you can achieve anything . I will be starting my first semester this month and I couldn't be more excited and not to mention you focus on one class at a time. They give a certain amount of time for you to complete one course and this way you can focus better and there for you GPA will more likely be happy go for this reason . Great school over all . If your a parent this is the school you want to attend they are super flexible with your schedule .
This school has honestly made such an impact on my life. This is a place where students can definitely come and feel safe. Not only is the education amazing but the staff take their time and really connect to the students. Such amazing staff members, so proud to be a Keiser University student.
Staff was helpful, resourceful, and ready to help student along their college experience.
The transfer of credits was good but the making of my schedule was not flexible. My program has a set schedule and it is only in the mornings and afternoons and no changes can be made around your work schedule.
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Ive never personally taken online classes but i have friends that enjoyed the online class and said it was east to understand and uptake info. I have taken hybrid classes and the interaction on the computer to the classroom was very good and beneficial.
Keiser does not personally offer a bachelors in nursing but they make it easy to continue your higher education to a college or university. The job prospects are very good and last years class had every student working in a hospital within three months.
All my professors in the nursing program are still currently health care workers. They still have an insight to how everything still works in health care and are not out dated. All of our class sizes are not over 24 students which makes it much easier to get one on one time with a professor if extra help is needed.
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