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Jacksonville, FL 32216

Keiser University - Jacksonville Reviews

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My experience at Keiser has been nothing but the best. I love that you take one class a month and you can focus on one thing at a time bang it out and keep going! That’s worked best for me and my learning experience. I graduated with my Associates from Keiser and now back again for my Bachelors
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How would I rate my experience at Keiser University (Jacksonville Campus)? From the time I have enrolled and up to my current year has been the most amazing experience. I am a junior in the Biomedical Sciences program, and the environment Keiser provides is unbelievable. I have a family away from my home life. The students, professors, faculty, and even the security are all so welcoming. I really enjoy waking up and going to my school knowing that no matter what is happening I will see many smiling faces that day. I have talked to many students inside and outside of Keiser, and when I tell them of my journey they don't believe me. Keiser University is not where I just go to school. This is my starting point of an incredible career this campus will help me obtain. I am forever going to be a Keiser Alumni. I love this campus. A+
I am a PTA student at Keiser and I am very excited to be graduating in less than two weeks. I came to Keiser as a career change from a different medical path. The PTA program has been just as rewarding as it has been intense. The caring and knowledgeable doctors, and specially Dr. Maione, that have instructed me for this past year have taught me more than i can say. Dr. Maione has created a very strong program and he always goes above and beyond expectations. For example, English is my second language and he always made sure that I understood his teachings in class. I am currently successfully completing a clinical rotation and I cannot possibly thank doctor Maione and all the doctors enough for giving me the confidence to perform well in my clinicals. I am very happy that this university has prepared me well for this exciting new stage in my career.