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If your looking for a program that starts right away, this is the one. You feel a bit overwhelmed with going through the enrollment process so quickly.
I attend Keiser University online. My experience has been great so far. The classes are very well planned out and you can get tour work done and still be able to work, take care of your family. I would recommend online courses at Keiser University to anyone who wants to attend college but cannot be there physically in class. You gr the same experience but in your home. Great school.
I have looked into several other colleges nationwide. Keiser is the one college that kept in constant contact with me, updating my information personally, and helping me transition from the Midwest to the southernmost state in the U.S. They were extremely helpful during all hours of the day, Monday through Friday. I had that experience nowhere else, from any college administration service. I was completely amazed and blown away by their attention, and would recommend Keiser to ANYone!
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Keiser University has given me the chance to work online. The staff is amazing to talk to when you need help. The teachers are amazing at what they went to school for.
I enjoy my educational experience at Keiser University Fort Lauderdale Florida extremely.

My studies was that of Associates of Science in Medical Assistant Degree.
I completed in 1998. The classroom were small, the teachers were friendly, helpful and courteous.

I completed my degree with , Honor Role and Dean List Certificates in addition to receiveing my Associates of Science Degree in Medical Assistant.
I enjoy my educational experience so much that I will be returning in August 27, 2018 to presue a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Degree.

I only wish that Kesier University would consider having Dooms/Boarding Rooms for International Students in particular. Students who will be leaving their country to attend Keiser University.

Thank You.
The university has an excellent academic quality, they have excellent professors. The financial assistance department is a great help very qualified. The Counselor Yarelys is very helpfulthe lady is very helpful.
Being able to attend Keiser University Online has been great. I live in Portland, Oregon so finding a school that accommodated my schedule and my career path was stress relieving. Teachers are accessible with an email or phone call. My financial and student advisers call me quarterly just to check in. Choosing this school online has been the best decision I've made so far.
I enrolled in online classes at Keiser University in 2016, just one week before delivering my son. One of the main reasons for my choice of school was the opportunity to pursue Associates and even Bachelors degree all from the comfort of my home. I absolutely love being a Keiser University student and look forward to graduating. The staff and all of my past and present professors are and have always been helpful and understanding, and each insure that you get the best out of their class.
I like the fast paced online classes that they offer. All of the faculty are extremely helpful and willing to take time out of their day to help students succeed.
education is very encouraged here. The staff whether a academic adviser or a instructor is always available to help.
I enjoy the structure of class that are small and are on a monthly basis. The staff is friendly always helpful and prompt on return calls email. Classes are structured with a weekly syllabus that helps guide you on your assignments and tasks that are upcoming for the following weeks. Professor are kind and focus on the success of students understanding and knowledge of the Information that is being taught to students. Class participation is plus to help interact with fellow classmates.
The process starts with an admission counselor who orients you and make you feel appreciated for choosing this University. The service they offers is one a one service, feel free to make questions. It is a great option.
My current experience with Keiser University (KU) thus far has been a wonderful one! Currently, I am pursuing a doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology in an eLearning setting. This is my first attempt at completing an online program and KU have been so helpful and incredibly patient with helping me get acquainted. It has been nearly 10 years since I completed my last two graduate degrees. There have been so many technologically advances implemented, it makes it difficult to get back into the swing of "student" life, while having a career. Nonetheless, I am eager to tackle those anxieties and with Keiser's support, I am sure I will reach my goal. The faculty and staff have been so accommodating. They are an efficient team that works effectively together with assisting and serving the student body. Having a staff such as this, keeps the students encouraged, focused, and diligent about completing the goals.
I would like the staff to have a readily available list of what documents are expected from the prospective student instead of adding new documents every week, especially once the student is already involved in classes. The stress of having to complete more unexpected paperwork can be overwhelming and confusing for a student who naturally assumes all that needed to be done has since they are now in active classes.
A very helpful school. Everything and everyone is there to help. Easy schedules and convenient times
Classes are fast paced. The instructors take time out of their days to help you with anything. Class set up is very good and easy to follow.
I am actually an online student at keiser university and I have had a great experience. I started in May 2017. All of the acedemic advisors are all very helpful and understanding and the classes are great. Looking forward to graduation!
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I am a new Keiser student as of January. However, from the start I have felt like I was part of a family, I'm not just a number to Keiser.
I love this school the setup of the classes are amazing and the instructors are so helpful. You feel almost like your right there going to school instead of states away. I feel very confident in where I will be going after I leave to start my career.
Keiser University is great. I am attending their online program and I'm really enjoying the classes. The professors are kind and if you need help , you email them and they respond as soon as possible. Learning is easier for me because I'm a working mother and the classes fit my schedule. You only have one class a month, so you are able to concentrate on on class at a time. I would recommend this school to anyone because I thinks it's great.
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