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I particularly and extremely pleased with this campus because as a young single mom this campus guided me during my two years. I endured a very personal traumatic experience and the faculty immediately stepped in with no questions nor judgments and directed me to the resources I needed. I felt safe and assured I made the right decision coming to this school. Anytime I was lost in my school work, my professors were more then accommodating and so understanding. I went from being a teen mom from Baltimore and dropping out of high school, to earning my GED and getting into keiser University in Fort Lauderdale. I not only was able to do that, but I graduated with an AA in Paralegal studies on the Dean's List. I do not have one complaint about faculty or the curriculum. I cannot wait to come back for bachelors in legal studies!
The professors and staff really go that extra mile for their students. They actually care about their students education.
I recently just started keiser so far so good. They have many programs to choose from . I do disagree with the tuition cost for prerequisites(expensive). They provide you with all the important information and cater to your needs and wants. They have really good resources if you need a boost .
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Keiser ha sido fundamental en mis estudios..sus profesores y su decana del area Hispana, son realmente excelentes.
I actually attend the Port saint Lucie Keiser University & I absolutely love it, Since the beginning I haven't been anything but satisfied
The instructors are always available and willing and able to help. They do not waste your time and are very responsive.
Teachers go out of their way to help you. Its a small school so its easy to find your classes. Teacher and staff are available for long hours throughout the day to assist you and make their students a priority.
I'm currently enrolled still with Keiser. I am in my 30's and I must say that I am the typical student right now. I work full-time, I have two kids and I have been married for 12 years, Keiser advisors have pretty much helped me the whole way. They are very understanding to the needs of the average student.
I would like to see more scholarships available through the university itself. I would also like to see more leniency with the dress code because I feel the tuition is so expensive and having to spend money on business attire is very costly as well.
Great school and learning experience - Instructors are all available and usually respond in less than 24 hours to assist with any concerns and or class issues.
Student friendly and career-focused education.
Its perfect for people who work best at fast pace however it is extremely more expensive than other schools. But they do work to fit your needs and schedule.
I am still in the early stages of my career, however, I have been extremely please with the assistance from my professors, the level of the materials used, and the friendliness of everyone I have been in contact with throughout the entire experience. Obtaining my dreams is easier than I ever imagined.
I think Keiser University is full of great opportunity with all these programs that they offer. The only thing I wish is to have more class time that has to do with the textbooks. I feel as if we buy a new textbook each month to barely use them in class.
I love Keiser University. The classes are easy to manage online. They also send me my books within 2 days of ordering them. The professors are top notch. And the schedule of one class every 4 weeks keeps it faced paced and subject specific.
Keiser University (KU) renewed my hope in achieving my dream of becoming a Physician Assistant (PA). I thought I would never be able to apply to a PA program with my shot GPA from FAU. From KU, I was able to graduate with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with a 3.83 gpa. I did this in a very short amount amount of time because of their genius 1 class per month setup. I do not know of any other university who offers their classes in such a brilliant way! Thank you Keiser University I am indebted! (Both figuratively and financially, but it was worth it!)
I have been attending Keiser University for over a month now and I have to say I believe I made the right decision. Every advisor, counselor, administrator, and professor have done an excellent job helping me with my schedule, financial aid planning, ordering books, and whatever other questions I needed answered. Im looking forward to finishing up and maintain my degree in general studies.
I would like it to not be so expensive for just 1 academic year. For as much as I paid, I thought it was going to be for my whole degree, not just 1 year.
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Classes were great and very small. Professors were knowledgable. Unfortunately, the downside is the expenses. This school is very expensive. Same degree can be achieved for a fourth of the price at a community college or state university.
I was never a good student before attending Keiser. Since I enrolled, I've fallen in love with Keiser University and their methods. One course a month has allowed me to fully focus on my studies, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA! With that said, I can now claim to be a proud member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, something I never imagined I would be so blessed to say. Keiser has become a second home for me; my fellow classmates, professors and deans are my extended family. The amount of support and positivity that radiates throughout every classroom I have ever been apart of us overwhelming at times. The only thing I will say that is a downfall is their parking lot, which they are currently in the process of fixing. This school has given me the confidence and knowledge within myself; ultimately changing me forever and more. I could not be more grateful for the amount of support they have given me whenever I have had an inkling of doubt within myself.
Keiser University has given me amazing education. There personal attention to their students is amazing. I have been very successful at keiser university. I would recommend keiser to anyone looking to further their educations.
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