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I like that Keiser is very student oriented. They really want to see you excel and they give you the means to do so. I wish the dress code wasn't so strict, and they were a little less expensive, but overall I am pleased with my experience there.
Keiser University is a great school. At Keiser a student is in one class per month rather than 4-5 classes at a time. It makes it much easier for students to learn and understand the subject matter. Also, the staff is extremely involved and willing to aid in student success.
the experience so far, is excellent. All the staff are nice and helpful. Anything you need, anyone will help you until it gets resolve. The diversity of the students are great. you get to see people older or younger then you and when you talk to the, you find out their origin, hobbies, and their likes/dislikes.
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I love this school, the advisors really try to help you. They motivate you and encourage you. This school is the best.
All of the staff at Keiser University are friendly and helpful. The online Professors are amazing. I have been attending this school for a year know and it was one of the best discussions I have made.
My overall experience at Keiser University has been great, everybody there is very friendly and helpful.
Keiser university is dedicated to student success, small classes and 1 month courses to get you to your degree faster, job placement and scholarship assistance.
I love the small classroom size. I haven't been with Keiser long. This is the fourth school I have attended and the friendliness of the staff is amazing compared to other schools. The have a open door policy and are always willing to help.
I really like Keiser University because of how classes are there. It's not a traditional school where you complete 4-5 classes at one time. Rather, one class is taken at a time per month. I also really like that the campus is smaller with smaller class sizes. The faculty know most students by name and are always friendly. It definitely makes the learning experience easier and more enjoyable.
Keiser University is the best college I have ever been too. When I was in high school I took a forensics class. I knew what I wanted to be and do before I got out of high school. Unfortunately, I was in a very controlling home and was not allowed to go. At the age of 21 I finally became free of where I was. I ended up going to some community colleges but was really lost with what else I wanted to do and become. At 24 I moved to Florida to take care of my grandfather who was ill and struggling with Alzheimer's as a former solder in the army reserves and a general in the military, he had trouble realizing he wasn't there anymore. He thought we were simulations and we weren't real because he was in some army test. He past away after a few months. I left everything behind in Connecticut to take care of him, I was becoming depressed. I then one day looked up forensic science schools around me and found Keiser university. I am not longer depressed.
I like that they helped me set myself up to have a career and that i am able to do my core classes first for medical assisting. All the staff were very kind and accommodating.
everyone was helpful, admissions was very easy.
I have not begun classes here but so far everyone on campus is very friendly and very helpful
Its great because outside of college i have a full time job that i have to work all day at and if i know that im going to miss a class i can choose one very easily to work with my schedule if not then my school is very helpful with retaking the class if i missed it.
The online courses i take are great because they are very easy to work on and comprehend, they also work good with my work schedule.
I have not experienced the post grad services yet but im sure it will be good.
Its great because my professors are very helpful and understanding of what i need to get done also i love my class sizes because they are a little bit smaller which helps me concentrate more and get my classwork done.
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I think the career prospects at keiser is great because i always see employers coming in and dropping off fliers for jobs and talking and be social with the students. Also the value of degrees from keiser i think a great because they are regionally accredited.
It would be great to be a radiology tech major at my school because it applies you to different internship programs and it gives you more of a hands on experience in the program with helping other students and that's what makes the role of the job interesting.
keiser university is great because the faculty and staff are very nice and helpful and they make the college experience even easier that way. I also like how small the campus is it makes getting to class a lot easier and getting there on time.
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