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I chose to go to Keene State College, because of it's cozy homelike feeling and distance from home. Prior to coming to Keene State, I searched for a school I could feel comfortable in and get a decent education. Now being a second-semester freshman I am realizing KSC is not the school for me. I find that the school doesn't offer enough clubs/organizations for my major and that academically I am not challenged enough. The school size is roughly 3,500 students having a major decline in enrollment. If you are looking for a quiet, cozy school, Keene State should be your first choice.
From the moment I first looked at KSC, I knew I was going to attend. The campus is so easy to access and the dorm are wonderful. The teachers are willing to help you and work one on one with you. Every one who goes here is very nice as well.
Keene state has been a positive experience . Housing, classes, sports, and peers have been awesome. I felt very at home and always felt supported by my teachers ,coached and friends. Even when I felt overwhelmed there was someone to answer questions and help me through. It is a great place if you enjoy being social , tons of party's and fun things to do .
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Keene State has been so great to me. I have only visited once before I knew it was the place I wanted to spend the next four years studying at. I absolutely love the area and the people. The campus is BEAUTIFUL.
I love the beautiful scenery at Keene State College. The campus is beautiful and the people are very welcoming. All my professors know me personally because of the small class sizes.
Keene is a great small town college, resided in a typical New England setting. The academics at keene are up to standard and have great selection of electives for a liberal arts school. If you attend keene you will definitely find your people and learn a lot.
absolutely robs you with tuition, fines, parking tickets, fees and gives you nothing in return. do not recommend unless you are majoring in drinking.
Keene State College has become my new home, I feel so welcome here! There are so many things to get involved in on campus, and plenty of things to do off campus!
I transferred here after a dismal freshman year at a smaller college, and I found my place at KSC. The students were more than welcoming and the whole campus has a homey feel. I have had excellent professors in the Psychology department in particular, and everything about
Keene State has changed my life direction around for the best.
I transferred to Keene State College last year to continue my education as a dual major in Graphic Design and Photography. So far the professors have challenged me in creating works of art of would of not done other wise. With hard work I have managed to find a place on the Dean's List for both semesters. The campus is like it's own community, with multiple places to eat, study, and chat besides just your dorm room.
As a commuter student the professors work well with me in trying to find the best possible plan for when to take classes. They are supportive and informative. The campus is very cultured for a smaller school.
I liked the campus, and it was affordable. Keene is a really great college, and it is a very welcoming place everyone is so friendly, and I felt like home when i went over for my orientation week. I suggest everyone to take a look at this college it is a very pretty campus, and the classes as well.
Keene State college is a wonderful college. I have had a great experience here at Keene state meeting new people, attending athletic events, enjoying class etc!!
Keene State College, like many colleges, is what YOU make of it. Most of the professors that I have encountered have been dedicated to their students and love their jobs. If you want to party, you can party. If you want to be involved on campus in clubs or Greek life, you can be. If you want to study your butt of and be given opportunities from your professors, you can do that too. Keene State has been a great experience for me thus far and I would recommend this school to anyone.
KSC is a wonderful, supporting community. The only trouble is the bees. There are bees everywhere. You can't escape the bees.
I traveled to Keene State College for a visit, and I really like the environment of the campus. It was easy for me to walk around and find all the buildings for my classes. I really like how the dorms are close to the academic buildings.
I am new here, so I freely admit that I don't know everything yet, and that my experiences are very limited. I am not overly impressed, but now totally disappointed, either. Because I came in the Spring (most people already know each other) and I have a single dorm, I basically don't know anyone or have any friends at all. That would probably not be the case had I done a double, and I realize that. But the RA's in this dorm seem like they could care less about making anyone new feel at home. I realize that this is a party school, but because I don't know anyone, I don't know where the parties are at. That's not to say that I'm into partying all the time- if I was I wouldn't have gotten a single- but I do get bored. Academics seem, overall, not that hard.
On the plus side, the gym/weight room is very satisfactory and I enjoy using it.
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Keene State College is a great place to find passions and life long friends. There are plenty of things to get involved in and classes that are very unique and interesting.
Needs to work on diversity of students and faculty. Also needs to work on improving rigor of classes and what is expected of students.
Beautiful southwestern NH College. There are numerous programs and classes to suit your interests, as well as on-campus organizations and activities. If you are interested in study-abroad programs those are offered as well.
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