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Keene State College is a community with great professors. Everyone here is willing to help and you have a good amount of support . I have met some of my best friends here. I have lived in campus for 2 years and have loved both dorms I had. While the food could be better the Dining Commons is always open to suggestions and is willing to make changes the students want. This is a community that cherishes student involvement and students opinions.
I attended keene, and am now looking to transfer. my curriculum keeps changing constantly causing me to repeat classes i don't need. i also had an issue where i was being harassed on campus and campus safety did nothing.
Keene state college is a very close knit community. The Classes present challenge, however, the majority of professors are encouraging and very open to assisting students whenever help is needed. At keene, you're not just a number, you're a student with a name and you're able to make connections with professors and build professional relationships along the way.
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Dorms were amazing and food was the best I've ever had. I learned so much there and the teachers are very attentive to each and every one of the students' needs. It was affordable and I will be recommending this school to everyone I know.
I have throughly enjoyed all the time I'vev spent at Keene and I would reccomend it to anyone who is interested in a 4 year degree with a liberal arts college!
Keene State College has a few good majors including Safety & Engineering, Health & Exercise Science, Music, Film, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, and Journalism. Many of the other majors are either understaffed, underfunded, or simply have inept professors teaching the classes. There are usually a few good professors in each department, however, students have to fight for a spot to get into their classes.
Very well and pretty location. Has a lot of good students and professors who are willing to help with any situation. Overall it is a great school that has very well kept campus and buildings.
I had a very good experience exploring the school before I actually attend Keene state college. The staff was very helpful with my situation on payment with the military gi bill being unable to pay for the fee until I am in 3 years in. I am truly excited to be able to attend Keene state college for psychology. I wish I didn't need to wait so long but unfortunately I need to. I want to get started and move on with my life and Keene state college is going to help me do exactly that. For the past few years since I've been in the military, I feel like my life has been put on hold. Unable to do much to progress my future. That's what college is for in my opinion.
I've loved KSC since I began my education there as a theatre & dance major, but I'm only on my second semester as a freshman and the school just isn't for me. The people, environment, food, classes, and professors are very nice but the school, for some reason, depressed me so much. I'm transferring out of this school after this semester due to this. The theatre department is run SOLELY on favoritism so if you're not one of their favorites- forget it. You won't have a good time. I do love the environment and people, however. Downtown Keene is very pretty but then you have to travel 60 or more miles to reach anywhere urban.
All in all, the school is nice and they had a lot of fun events at first. The classes never challenged me but I became stressed and depressed for no reason just by being there. Personally, the school was not for me unfortunately.
Keene State College is accepting of students from all walks of life. There is something for everyone at Keene State College from majors to clubs and organizations. It is the only college in the country that offers a degree program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.
If you're an eco-freako the Keene State is for you! They divest in companies that do not pollute the environment, practice sustainable living in dorms and class buildings.
Keene State College is a small college. Teachers here want to build individualized relationships with their students so students will get the most out of their college experience. Students also have the opportunity to get involved in community work through their classes.
this school has become a second home to me. I would have never pictured myself going here but i am so happy that i choose to come here.
I chose to go to Keene State College, because of it's cozy homelike feeling and distance from home. Prior to coming to Keene State, I searched for a school I could feel comfortable in and get a decent education. Now being a second-semester freshman I am realizing KSC is not the school for me. I find that the school doesn't offer enough clubs/organizations for my major and that academically I am not challenged enough. The school size is roughly 3,500 students having a major decline in enrollment. If you are looking for a quiet, cozy school, Keene State should be your first choice.
From the moment I first looked at KSC, I knew I was going to attend. The campus is so easy to access and the dorm are wonderful. The teachers are willing to help you and work one on one with you. Every one who goes here is very nice as well.
Keene state has been a positive experience . Housing, classes, sports, and peers have been awesome. I felt very at home and always felt supported by my teachers ,coached and friends. Even when I felt overwhelmed there was someone to answer questions and help me through. It is a great place if you enjoy being social , tons of party's and fun things to do .
Keene State has been so great to me. I have only visited once before I knew it was the place I wanted to spend the next four years studying at. I absolutely love the area and the people. The campus is BEAUTIFUL.
I love the beautiful scenery at Keene State College. The campus is beautiful and the people are very welcoming. All my professors know me personally because of the small class sizes.
Keene is a great small town college, resided in a typical New England setting. The academics at keene are up to standard and have great selection of electives for a liberal arts school. If you attend keene you will definitely find your people and learn a lot.
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absolutely robs you with tuition, fines, parking tickets, fees and gives you nothing in return. do not recommend unless you are majoring in drinking.
Keene State College has become my new home, I feel so welcome here! There are so many things to get involved in on campus, and plenty of things to do off campus!
I transferred here after a dismal freshman year at a smaller college, and I found my place at KSC. The students were more than welcoming and the whole campus has a homey feel. I have had excellent professors in the Psychology department in particular, and everything about
Keene State has changed my life direction around for the best.
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