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The environment is a lovely combination of intelligence, support, and discipline.
The application process was difficult , but once you'rw in you're taken full care of
Its great, there is help and guidance in everything
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no stupid things like greeks or sororities. but students open their own theme clubs and activities, open for all
No faciliteis or anything in Minerva for sports, but membership discounts at Gyms
You can study from anywhere at Minerva@KGI because its an online system, yet the only immesion is in the Dorms so you better stay there.
San Fransisco is packed with great restaurants for everything,
Its San Fransisco, you can find any party in the world there!
You live together as a commune, and the proff are someties there, so is the staff, but the rules are simple.
I had an easy time beacuse of Early Desicion, yet my friends worked harder for it and recieved less. But there is a Need-Blind based financial aid policy.
You have a great kitchen, and Minerva's students are living together so you can group up and buy, cook and eat together to ower down the costs. making your own food is the best!
The Housing is where Minerva's students live, work and study. Its in central SF , great location, great facilities. Brand New.
Average, it is possible to find off-campus housing. There are options to live in apartments and houses but because this is a suburban area, the available houses are limited. You would need to find multiple roommate to make that work.
Police can be strict at time. One might say they have a wager on to how many ticket violations one can catch. I for one have had to pay quite a bit for time.
More Than Expected – The Scholarship and Fellowship program in KGI is very organized. They are making sure that students are comfortable with their financial obligations and they concentrate to the curriculum.
You Can Find Almost Everything Near Campus – You can find almost everything you want to eat near campus in min walk. Good quality restaurants in affordable prices!
Only for Serious Students – Students in KGI are focused on their studies since they're working professionals who are going back to college for master and/or phd degree.
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Small School – The school is consisted of 2 small industrial buildings. There's not a lot of things to see here.
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