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So far I have had a great experience at Kean, it's a wonderful building with fun activities and amazing students and professors. I have yet not found anything I could complain about except the distance it takes from one place to another. Overall, It's a wonderful place to study and to meet generous and amazing people.
Campus is beautiful and well maintained. The professors are great and always there to help. Like the diversity.
I have not had any problems with Kean, in fact my academic career and my social life have been greatly influenced by Kean. The professors and staff have all been good to me, especially when I fall behind.
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I am a student at Kean Ocean in Toms River. The location is a manageable commute from home by car. Kean Ocean offers both a high quality and affordable education that will prepare me for entry opportunities in the business world. The faculty are highly qualified and committed. I am confident that attending Kean Ocean will help me attain my educational. personal, and professional goals.
I love Kean. There are always a ton of activities going on! The diversities of culture on campus make it so much fun!
Kean University is very diverse and you get the chance to meet plenty of different people with many different backgrounds.
So far my experience with Kean University has been amazing. I am new to their graduate program and they have been great acclimating me to the school and the requirements I should expect.
At Kean University the professionalism and the care that the professors dedicate to the students allows for a great learning experience which thus aids in the students learning by making it more enjoyable. The diversity in the school also makes every individual student feel as if they belong because there of the vast diversity.
One of the best things about Kean University is that you'll see students from many different backgrounds and cultures. This school is very diverse! It's also located in an amazing spot. There is a mall close by in Elizabeth, Newark airport is also close by. Most importantly, New York City is just about 30 minutes away. One thing that could change though is for them to be more organized when it comes to financial aid and also add a bit more parking to school because it can be difficult at times.
My experience at Kean University is positive so far. The professors are always willing to help, even after class time. The campus is eye catching. The administration office seems to have a hard time picking up the phone, as there is always a long wait time before the right person is available to speak.
Kean University is a great school if you're looking for more personal classes. You actually get the chance to talk to your professors on a personal level, rather than being just another student to them. The only thing that I don't like about it is the fact that there isn't much to do on the weekends if you do plan on staying. It is a commuter school after all, however, you'd think there would be more to offer for the students who do stay.
Kean University has various fields to major in and many opportunities for internships, volunteers, school involvement, studying abroad, and more. Kean University also falls in a location where all kinds of transportation are available to take students to their desired destinations such as New York City. Kean University is also known for its affordable graduate school programs and lastly, Kean University has adequate security where safety is always guaranteed.
I haven't had much experience with this university, but I will be transferring in the fall. From visiting friends, the campus and atmosphere of the community was incredible.
Attending Kean University is one of the best decisions that you can make!! Kean is a diverse school with students from all around the world. The professors are helpful and more than capable of teaching their assigned subjects.
"Kean University is a diverse college campus. You name it, we got it. People are willing to help with anything you may be confused about. The atmosphere is fresh, makes you feel like home, and doesn't make you feel as if you're less than the other. Kean offers 150 exciting programs, such as; cultural organizations, fraternities, funded groups, governmental organizations, honor societies, non-funded groups, performance organizations, etc. The class size is more than acceptable, there are no more than 20 to 25 students in each classroom. All in all, you should definitely consider applying and join the university."
Kean is a great university and some teachers are very helpful. Its also a very diverse school and I made new friends with different backgrounds. There are so many different majors to chose from. The campus is really nice and clean.
This is an amazing university. The teachers are so attentive. They like to do different activities, I enjoyed them at all. I now anyone did.
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I am a transfer student into Kean University, and I absolutely love it. The professors are extremely engaged and employees are very helpful with any concerns or questions. I plan on staying at Kean to obtain my masters degree after my bachelors due to their location and benefits. I appreciate how Kean has diverse food trucks and eateries also. Their electives are very informative and engage your knowledge to a complete different world. It is also very comforting that there are student aids who are open to helping students especially ones who are new, just like me.
My experience at Kean University for the past three years has been fairly amazing. Many students including myself wish that the residence halls were larger in space as well as the dining hall food to be more tastier.
Kean University was very good on answering all my emails when I had questions about my application process. They seemed very caring, and helpful. Kean is only a few minutes away from my house. The location of Kean University was something that really weighed on my decision go there. The fact that Kean is close to my house will help me a lot in managing my schedule between school and work, as well as in my house. Kean is definitely a worth shot for those who want a College that puts the students before their brand.