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I really enjoy Kean University, the teachers are fantastic. I have not had any issues with the faculty or employees of the school and my school work is challenging, but achievable. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in furthering their higher education.
Great college with wonderful professors. One of them has his own show on TC and is lecturing in Oxford University. Love the location and campuses. Also, the fact that they give you college money to purchase books and food at Starbucks and restaurants is great and makes your life easier. I also love their bookstore that has a variety of school supplies, clothes and even laptops. I would highly recommend this university to anyone willing to go to college. I also love the fact that this university unlike others is very affordable and that's the reason why i picked it. The fact that they have classes on weekends is very helpful to college students who have full time jobs. I attend the classes on Saturdays and its very convenient.
I have been a student of Kean for three semesters and It may not be the biggest or riches school. It may not have the best food or athletics. However we have the most ethnically diverse and hardest working students you cannot find in colleges else where. We have a great amount of activities and clubs on campus. We have open mic nights and comedy nights. I can honestly say education is all that matters and in Kean they have that with charming Professors and down to earth students. We have teachers from Colombia that teach in Kean and say Kean students hold education higher.
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I am a first semester transfer student and so far i have really enjoyed my time here . Cannot beat the small class sizes and professor attention. Coming from Rutgers university i really appreciate that. Not as cutthroat as rutgers or other schools. I also actually like that each professor takes attendance and counts it as ten percent or more, of your grade. This encourages class attendance and pushes their students to do well. It is very possible to get a 4.0 if you show up to class and put in the effort, which for some classes requires less work than others. I gave 4/5 because of the parking situation although they are trying to improve this situation by adding across the street parking. Parking is available but you may need to walk a bit or take the shuttle from other parts of campus. I also received 150$ cougar dollars because i was taking a saturday course which is awesome and very helpful for a broke college students!
Their open house was amazing and entertaining, they answered all the questions that was on my mind , Financial Aid, Grants, and Student Loans. The faculty was nice to everyone and the students were helping everyone out. I fell in love with the campus and how well their university is build. I really hope I attend Kean University in the fall of 2018 !
Kean without a doubt is a great environment for learning as well as living. The campus is beautiful, it’s clean and it’s just so culturally diverse, you’re bound to try new things without even trying. It’s surrounded by any and everything you could possibly need, food, stores, a train station for accessing the city and even local malls. And to top it off it’s a fairly inexpensive experience whether you may be dorming or commuting.
Kean University is a diverse college campus. You name it, we got it. People are willing to help with anything you may be confused about. The atmosphere is fresh, makes you feel like home, and doesn't make you feel as if you're less than the other. Kean offers 150 exciting programs, such as; cultural organizations, fraternities, funded groups, governmental organizations, honor societies, non-funded groups, performance organizations, etc. The class size is more than acceptable, there are no more than 20 to 25 students in each classroom. All in all, you should definitely consider applying and join the university.
Kean was average. It felt like an extended high school that you can live at. I have never been to boarding school but that's what it pretty much felt like to me. I saw similar faces from my hometown and high school. And I pretty much knew a lot of people on campus. The classes were easy. As long as you went to class and paid attention you could pass. They did not require too much effort to pass. The food at Kean was tolerable. The best place to eat if you're on campus is at the Cougar's Den. The MSC cafeteria has the best pasta that you can customize to your liking. The dorms are average. The nicest dorms are New Fresh and New Upper. They are newer and have heating an cooling. Any other dorm on campus has no central air.
The university of kean I like because although it is good has different programs to help the students that enter to study and some of the programs is the Spanish Speaking Program, this program is very good because it helps the hispanic students because sometime they dont understand the inglish but with this program they learn the language.
Also, I like this university because it is a university recognized by the help and the advice that they give to the students. In addition, they have many opportunities for the students and have program like sports, clubs that give you the opportunitity to grow in your personality.
Kean is extremely diverse and the atmosphere is very friendly. Everyone is kind and willing to lend a hand.
I am a senior at Kean University and I have had nothing but problems. I would love to see more helpful staff and staff who actually care and speak English. Many of the advisors are not helpful and give students conflicting information. Some of the professors barely speak English which makes learning very difficult. Overall, it seems that no one really has any answers about anything. I also would love for the tuition and books to be cheaper, or to see my tuition money spent on something other than flowers and pointless buildings.
I've met so many people that I could use as career connections, and others that I now call family.

I would like to see the dorms be a little up-kept more, as well as the various smoke clouds around campus. I believe they could be diverted better so we don't have to walk through it to get to class.
Going into my 2nd year at Kean University as a Junior, the experience is remarkable, as I have found academic life more interesting and student life outstanding.
I like Kean University a lot. Of course, I don't have anything to compare it too. Life is what you make it. You only have a great time if you make a great time. They should make better food in the cafeteria a d cheaper food options.I would also like healthier food. They have great Psychology and Criminal Justice professors. They should hire better Mathematics professors.
Although I have only been attending Kean University for almost three years, I have found a home away from home, an amazing education and lifelong friendships. The people at Kean University instill the confidence that everyone needs. Alongside with Kean's education, I believe that safety, when you're on campus is also important. With campus security all around campus, I always feel safe and never have to worry about a thing. I have to say, as a freshman, I worried that I wouldn't know what to major in, wouldn't make friends and a lot of other things. However, I was proved wrong when I found out Kean provided a lot of opportunities for their students in relation to finding out what kind of career they see themselves pursuing in the future. In addition, I came across these group of people in one of the clubs on campus. There, I found lifelong friendships with many of its members. Overall, my experience at Kean University is something I will never forget.
Really diverse and fun place, but the most relevant thing about Kean is the people. great place to develop your socials relationship. the professors are amazing as well, they are really grounded and smart.
Great school and Awesome staff! Kean University has taught me a lot in the short time I have attended their school. I know for a fact I did not make the wrong choice by attending Kean University. They help in so many ways I could not imagine another school doing what Kean does.
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an affordable NJ state school that has continued to help the growth and education of the leaders of tomorrow.
I honestly love attending Kean. The environment is peaceful and makes you feel at home. Professors are welcoming.
I transferred to Kean University after I received my Associates degree from Raritan Valley Community College. The transfer process was smooth sailing, I have had some of the most prestigious professors and the campus life is very welcoming.