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The school it’s self i still wonderful, but the students are reckless they like to steal motor vehicles, and other miscellaneous items.
Kean University is a fun and interactive school. I would only change the way we register. You can't tell who your professor is until the school year is about to start and then the other classes are full when you realise you have a bad professor.
Kean University is an amazing college. The professors and students are super nice and welcoming. I am an upcoming freshman and I am so excited to be able to go to this school in the fall. The environment is pretty well, friendly. You can make new friends easily, and a bunch of different majors.
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Tuition continues to increase just so they can use it on gazebos, fancy galas, commercials and buildings that only certain students can use. The president lied about where he got his degree from and where he was born.
At Kean University I liked the excitement of the environment and availability of resources. If I could change anything about this school it would the lack of communication between departments in the school.
I like the professors I have met. They are friendly and willing to help. The college takes a bit too long processing important documents such as the documents needs for financial aid.
Education at Kean University was a great experience for me. The professors were very helpful and willing to give extra help if a student was struggling on a particular part of the course. The commute from work to school was not far so that was an added bonus, but over all I am glad I was able to attend Kean University for 2 years and I was able to complete my Bachelors Degree with a 3.8 GPA.
I like the convince of going to a satellite campus and not having to drive to the actual campus itself. The downfall is the limited availability of classes to choose from and the hours for working people. For the fall semester they have management classes on mondays and Wednesday only. So you are limited to how many classes you can take if you are a normal get student.
A diverse university with upscale campus. Great location within walking distance from train station. Provides a quality education. The University dedicates itself to the intellectual, cultural, and personal growth of all students as well as prepares students to think critically, creatively and globally; to adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments.
My experience at Kean University has been great, my teachers work with me. They help me try to build my career in life. They have many resources at the school to help you get where you need to be and what to be. What I love most about the school is the buildings, they have so much history behind all of them. Kean is a very well respected school. And it always makes you feel at home
I’m at Kean ocean. Class availability is awful. Accounting advisor is very abrasive. It’s just OK. Good for the value
I love the atmosphere as well as being such a diverse campus. I would love to fix the food as well as have a more organized paperwork system.
My time at Kean so far has been an eye-opening experience. Would recommend to a student who wants to complete higher education but does not want stray too far away from home. Excellent professors and the student life is incredible with an array of different student groups and organizations which are open to all.
Kean University is a school that is amazing to go to. It has a comfortable environment, a diverse student body, amazing events, and more. Its academics are also very easy to follow and informative. It is the perfect college for those who are looking for a comfortable four years.
The main thing that I like about Kean is that the classes are small and the professors are very helpful.
Kean is very reasonably priced, and classes are easily scheduled around your work schedule. Administration doesn't seem to care to help you, and you often have to do your research in order to make sure you get all the proper classes in.
Kean University is a great university, where everyone strives to be the best they can be. Professors are proficient in their professional careers and excel at teaching students.
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From my transfer to my Junior year at Kean University, I have enjoyed almost every bit of it. The campus has a pleasant atmosphere and a diverse student body. The professors in my field of study have all been excellent. What I would like to see improved however, are the computers and a more robust course catalog for the main campus.
You can tell that the professors want to be here. They wish to improve the youth tho make a better future. Even the students want to help improve the future. Theres just so much passion and curiousity.
Great overall experience. Professors are very helpful. Counselors are great at keeping you on track. Even the learning lab and the tutors are great help with the computer or any homework/ writing issues you may have.