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I loved the campus and the dorms as well as the Student Center. There were brand new freshman dorms built, their athletics are great and the campus is very clean.
So I have been in Kean for a few months now. I'm a transfer student from Middlesex County College.I'm really loving it here. Our dorms are pretty comfortable. So far, the professors I have are amazing. I'm majoring in Mental Psychology and I really like the way the program has been put together over here. I really don't have much to say about the food here. It's all junk food. I've had my share of 'fries and burgers'. Honestly the only real food you can possibly find here is pasta. But overall I'm having the time of my life over here. I have very nice and well-mannered suit mates too. Kean also has quite interesting sororities fraternities and clubs. These groups organize a lot of awesome programs, which provide useful information to the students. Also the police and securities are always around.I try to make every minute worth it over here because University is once in a life thing so you've got to make every minute count.
I call this place the university of second chances. There were many schools I attended where I never finished but this place has a great support system. There's a network I'm still a part of and I had even won 3 scholarships while there.
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I love the diversity and inclusiveness of Kean University. The professors at Kean actually care if you pass or fail and they work with you to make sure that you are the best student you can possibly be. If you want to really learn this is the school for you. Not only is the work challenging, but most professors also teach it in a way that you actually retain the information. The only downside I would say is that while the campus is very beautiful they always have some type of construction going on whether it be adding a new restaurant, building a new residence hall, or building a new academic building. Also administrative departments move around a lot on campus one semester they're in one building and the next they are on the other side of campus.
Kean is a relatively small commuter school that prioritizes education and diversity. What I love most about this campus is that there is so much scenery. From the flower trailed Cougar Walk to the modern architecture of the Green Lane building. Kean also has smaller class sizes, this makes it a lot more easy to learn in the class setting and truly connect with your professor. Residence life at Kean is close-knit community, sometimes the older residence halls have problems but the newer buildings are A1. Cougar Hall, Keans newest building specifically for incoming freshman literally looks like a hotel. The suites are large and they come with a full size fridge. If you are an incoming freshman I highly suggest Cougar Hall, but if you are not willing to shell out the extra money, the Freshman Residence Hall is the best deal in my opinion especially with the dining hall right outside.
Beautiful campus, the teachers are attentive. Good size class, a lot of transportation options. Near NYC, and has accessible transit. The tuition is affordable for a NJ University. The academics status is strong. The party scene isn't as active, but the surrounding area has a diverse population with great food, and a lot of tourists and people that speak different languages.
Kean is one of the best University in New Jersey they have qualified professors who are always ready to help no matter how poor you are academically they give extra hours to make sure you become the best. I like Kean because of their diversity they embrace every one from different cultures and backgrounds which helps the students to feel comfortable relating to one another.
So far I like Kean University. If there was something I would change it would be the grading system. I am not talking about the grades in general but rather the time when they show up. At Kean University the grades only show at the end of the semester and sometimes with a lot of classes it could be hard to keep up with all the point you get in each class and make sure that you have a good grade. Professors are supposed to give us an update in the middle of the semester and at the end. However a lot of these professors do not and it can get very confusing.
Kean University is a very diverse school, with many different opportunities and activities to become involved. The educators are knowledgeable and credible, and are helpful whenever they are needed. The students are welcoming and outgoing, which makes the campus a positive learning environment. Everyone that goes to Kean is motivated to expand their knowledge, and every student is determined to become successful.
Kean university is a good and affordable school for those looking to further their education in New Jersey. If you are an out of state student it’s only worth it if Kean has a specific major you cannot find in state or at another University. The president of the university is very driven towards business and accounting majors, so design majors like myself don’t receive enough funding from the university or scholarships. Overall Kean university is a good school and they have many programs to make your education fun and interesting. The students are very friendly and it is easy to make good quality friends with common interests.
So far my experience has been a very good one, i will be an incoming sophomore I want to emphasize the first year wasn't the easiest my advice is stay focused and work hard.
Courses were in-depth and professors were engaging. Campus life is vibrant with a host of meet and greets, on-campus events, and volunteer opportunities. I took advantage of volunteering through the cougar volunteers as I worked at open houses and student for a day. I enjoyed my time here.
The staff at Kean University are very caring and assit you in any way they can. And if they don't know an answer to your question they will find someone who can answer your question. There is a one stop center in kean , the people there are very professional and help you without judging you. The help you with your financial aid or any question you might not understand.
Lots of activities and plenty of clubs to choose from. Very good Dorm life, and very convenient for commuters. Plenty of majors to choose from, as well as places to study.
My overall experience at Kean University has been wonderful. Professors and administrators are hands-on and very invested in their students.
Everyone here is very friendly and you get what you pay for at a four year public university. A lot of the professors have impressive credentials so you know you're getting the best out of the class or major.
I attended one of the satellite campuses of Kean University located in Toms River, NJ. The building was new so it was very nice inside. I went to Kean for my bachelors of science in nursing. One thing I did not like was that they changed the schedule of classes halfway through the program and made it difficult for the students. Nurses typically work every other weekend and this program made the students in this program attend classes every weekend. I wished they would change the classes so that they would fall on weekdays. We petitioned for them to change it but they wouldn't listen to us and it was very discouraging. On a positive note, the professors were amazing and supportive. They really want every student to succeed.
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The campus gives a nice atmosphere, very clean and organized. The professors are amazing since the classes are smaller you can have a nice one to one interaction with them. The professors that I've had in the past have been very kind and help you as much as they possibly can. There are a lot of clubs, Greek Life and community service options to participate in. There are game rooms and lounges where students can sit down in relax while waiting for their next classes. You can find really tasty food, I recommend the Cougar Den since there is more variety. The only issue I have is I wished there was more transportation because since the trolleys are small they get overcrowded and if you are unable to fit in you might get lucky and have the next trolley available if not you have to wait for a while, worse when you are in a rush.
I had a great experience at Kean. I was able to take classes close to home through the Kean at Ocean campus.
I enjoyed my time at Kean University. While there, I was able to graduate Magna Cum Laude, I was put on the Dean's list, and I earned the right to join two Greek honor societies. These two honor societies are Lambda Alpha Sigma and Phi Alpha Theta. During my last year I interned for both the history department and library. Kean University is the most affordable four year college in New Jersey and would recommend to go there, especially if they like history.