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I transferred to Kean University after I received my Associates degree from Raritan Valley Community College. The transfer process was smooth sailing, I have had some of the most prestigious professors and the campus life is very welcoming.
Kean was overall a solid college. It was not the most fun college in the world but I made friends who I know will be my friends for a long time.
Kean University is a very good university with amazing diversity, professors, and money well spent when it comes to education. Even if I choose to transfer to a different school due to Kean not exactly fitting my academic and extracurricular dreams, Kean is still a great school with a lot to offer.
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Kean University was perhaps the greatest institution I have ever attended. The atmosphere was favorable towards creativity, and the professors were very intuitive, and had experience in their professions that they are able to tell us how the industry works. The studio art classes primarily had very good hands on learning, it taught one how to think three dimensionally and not just be relegated to pen and paper. It was entertaining and opened your mind up to the way everything around us is made. Homework which is supposed to be boring and bland was fun and intriguing. What I would like to see change is the cafeteria be in the center of the campus and not so distant from the center of the University. I would also love to see more classes only available towards the night time have openings in the morning, as not everyone can attend the later classes. Other than that the school was generally good.
Here at Kean University, I have met people who I can see myself working with in the future, professors who have done nothing but help their students, and an education that will take me to success. Although living on campus, the funds, and not having much to do around the area may sometimes give me doubts about the university, I am still proud to have chosen this school to continue my education and be as great as I can be.
Kean University is a very safe environment where students and faculty have a great relationship and it has shown me that it is a great place to hang out with friends and study.
I have been attending Kean Ocean for 2 years now, and overall have had a very disappointing experience. Maybe if I attended the main campus, it would have been different. But at the Ocean campus, the education I feel I am receiving is below-par. There is a terrible lack of guidance, and very low morale among students.
Exceptional faculty. The school has a comfortable learning environment where you're able to get help whether that be from your professor or your advisor. They'll point you in the right direction and guide you if you need it. And if you ever have questions outside of school hours, you can always E-mail your advisor and/or professor and they'll respond promptly.
I honestly love the campus itself, it is beautiful and every time I enter it, it feels like home. My classes thus far have been challenging, but I love it. Thats what college is for to challenge me. What I would like to see change is the college itself making transfer students (such as myself) feel more involved in school activities and reaching out more.
Overall I really am enjoying my time at Kean University. The diversity amongst faculty and students is great. I have come across a few processors that really stuck out, and I plan to keep in touch with even after graduation.
Kean has a great program for design. The faculty is largely made up of business owners and freelance designers who have experience to be able to give readily applicable feedback on your work. The opportunities afforded to the students is bar none.
My experience at Kean Ocean has not been very positive. I want more than anything to earn my bachelor's in education but it is taking 2 years longer than it should have due to lack of guidance. I had saved enough money to finish in 4 years, but am now struggling to come up with 2 more years tuition.
Kean University is a great university. Professors are knowledgeable, kind, and inspiring. Everyone that works at Kean wants to help you and wants you to be the best you can be. As a resident, I feel cared for and accommodated. The residence workers are nice and make you feel at home.
Kean University is a great place for an education, as it surrounds you in a friendly environment in the heart of Union, NJ. It prides itself on diversity, which can be easily seen in the different types of studies they have and the different types of people that attend. Professors are well-equipped to teach. It's a commuter school so it worked well for me. Only downside per se is that as a commuter, you can easily get forgotten.
Initially I had a negative view about Kean University, however I've learned that Kean , like any new environment is exactly what you make of it. If you pour positivity into your surroundings here at Kean, you'll definitely get it back
Kean has warm, and friendly staff. Their advisers and super helpful and informative, i really feel like they have your best interest at heart, and are there to help guide you.
Very nice with Advisors who care for each one, with a police station inside I always feel safe and it always seems that all faculty enjoy working there and That makes every student very confortable.
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Kean University is a school which would be in the bottom portion of colleges that applicants who have decent GPA and SAT score would attend even of instate students. First this a commuter school, you come on campus, go to class and leave. There is very little if any school spirt here and activities are limited as well. The admission standards are not competitive either, you need a 2.5 GPA and close to a 1000 SAT score (math/verbal) and you are in. Faculty here are helpful when they want to be. The most of professers are great, but than you'll have the ones that are horrible and dont care to help. I kind of regret going here.
I started my first semester at Kean fall 2016. I had a couple of people that I went to high school with attend Kean, some that are still students and some that have transferred. It came as a surprise how much I enjoyed the campus and the environment the more I opened myself up to it. I was hoping more than anything that I didn't get a roommate that I didn't get along with and I found someone who's the total opposite of what I feared my roommate to be. This past semester my professors expect nothing short of greatness and that made that's possible by having such a positive atmosphere in class and throughout the semester. Overall Kean is the school I plan to graduate from, although I'm still getting my feet wet, when something feels right, it isn't hard to notice.
My experience with Kean University for my first semester was better than I expected. Kean was not my first choice to go to, I wanted to go to Rutgers University since my brother graduated from there. Once I started my first week in Kean I absolutely loved the school, the professors are amazing and they help you in so many ways. There's free tutoring for any subject you're struggling in, there's even professors that can help you with your presentations. Overall, I cannot complain about my college, whether it's about food, help or personal problems, everything I need to succeed is in this school.