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They make sure that each class and subject are relate able and relevant to the industry.
I only had a orientation class online. The teacher was great!
We have a great after completion job rate. Last year graduates 89% were employed after completion of the program.
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The school is not an easy school, if your not committed this is not the school for you. Yes, they actually make you work hard for your degree. But the knowledge you receive from it is remarkable. The teachers are there however you need them to be.If they see you are trying they are there to help.
The school I attend actually has a intern/ Job board. This helps student get experience in the field while still attending the school.
All of my professors lived what they are teaching.They are not just coming from book knowledge but from personal experiences as well.
My experience at this campus was remarkable. The teachers didnt just want you to pass they wanted you to have the knowledge about the topic to teach someone else. They cared about your well being and your grades.
The schedule actual leaves you with a lot of time. More than I anticipated. But if you are working you definitely have to work around it ... That is extremely doable.
I'm already acting but within 2 weeks there is a notable difference in my auditions. A positive one. There is no way you can go to this school and not be changed for the rest of your life.
The voice class is amazing. Within a week noticed a huge change in my singing. voice is so much more than doing voiceovers. The class teaches you want you have and how to get the best out of it exactly when you call on it.
In a sense it had trade school qualities. None of this "get your degree and than you can't use it because your fresh out of college" experience.
Professionals who are working in the industry teaching students how to work in the industry. The majority of the knowledge you gain is not going to be from the books but from live experiences shaping us rapidly.
The things you learn you can apply now. This school doesn't teach you how to do things In The future, but how to do it right now and exceed. It's one of the reasons why I chose this school but it's the main reason why I am happy to be here on a daily basis.
No way to work around my schedule
Got a scholarship and still paying out of pocket.
I have a connection with all my teachers. they are amazing
When attending KD College you will be touching basis on anything and everything to do with acting and more...
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i enjoy it very much its a direct approach to my career path.
Financial office is very helpful , still up to me to find what I can, this is one of the reasons for sending this .
Early days because still in starting vase but everything I have seen and the staff I have spoken too have greatly impressed me.
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