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The library and learning resource center has convenient hours and always has open computers to work on. The staff is friendly and helpful. Can't beat their cafeteria and fine dinning options. Also has diverse course options but I wish there were more options for afternoon classes.
Really enjoyed my two years here. Kind faculty, students, and even cafeteria workers. There was always sufficient time given to myself as well as other students to study and succeed in and outside of our classes. Also a centered campus. Good for commuting from most areas on the island.
i enrolled in KCC at 16. it's a very easy campus to navigate, the majority of the staff and students are friendly and welcoming. we have a huge amount of students from other places; some exchange students and others newly immigrated. there are great student services available. my main complaint is that KCC only fits a few career paths. While a great school for Nursing, Early Childhood Education, or Culinary Arts, this is absolutely not the place for classes in Visual and Performing Arts, etc.
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Small campus, easy to find your way around! Beautiful view of the mountain range! Students are able to participate in clubs and government. If you are interested in Nursing, Kauai CC was ranked top for nursing programs in the state of Hawaii.
Kaua'i Community College gave me the opportunity to explore degrees. My time at KCC was the push to a bigger and brighter future. It was there that I found my passion in the sciences. It took the harsh lectures and endless labs to show me but the excitement of science being unpredictable is what pulled me in more and the instructors who taught these courses inspired me in many ways. Of all my courses and instructors I have come across at Kaua'i CC, I never once felt like I was anything below ordinary. I was well-educated and felt like even the impossible IS possible. I loved my time there, I'd do it again.
It was great, easy way of starting out fresh and steady within my first year of college. I'm provided with the help I need financial and educational wise. The professors are always engaged to help their students become successful and gain their knowledge of how their careers will be like. If you are planning to study in the field of nursing, they do have an amazing program for it. I'm looking forward into earning a degree in this community college as an RN.
Nice campus; small, but so is the community. Students are helpful and encouraging. Counseling services were not as great. I was not told about different majors and was set up in my classes without a major for my first semester. I ended up asking my classmates for help.
A class I took was in-class, but assignments were online based and the teacher basically had no teaching to do besides giving us handouts.
It's a rather small campus but that can be a great advantage. The small class sizes allow you to really bond with other students, creating friendships and forming study groups. The teachers are almost always available and ready to help you because over the course of the semester they have gotten to know you. In my experience, every single professor I have had has been rooting for me, and hoping I succeed in every class. They are kind, assertive, and really fantastic at what they do.
Overall my first month at Kauai Community College has been good. It's been an easy transition from high school to college with the smaller classrooms and direct communication with my teachers. Everyone seems to have their own lives outside of school, and the campus seems quiet away from class. Everyone is still very friendly and open, but I do t think I'll be making much friends aside from the classmates I had in high school. My classes have been fairly easy for me to understand, but I wish they'd challenge me a bit more. I'm still getting used to the college even though it has welcomed me with open arms.
Choosing my schedule made it very convenient for me and there were a lot of available classes.
I've emailed other schools about transferring and it should be easy to transfer my credits earned at Kauai community college.
The professors are nice and seem very approachable. I like how they're not intimidating.
Since it's just a community college I feel that it will help prepare me if I wanted to transfer to a bigger university.
Like I said before, everyone really wants to learn and the teachers do a great job.
So far college has been a way different experience than high school. You're taken more seriously and you're around people who really want to learn.
Over all, Kaua'i Community College is a great environment.
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The Nursing program is one of the best in the nation I have heard. Working your way to getting into the program is very beneficial and worth the time.
It's an diverse environment and a great place to kick start a college career!
Classes were flexible with work.
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