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This school was a blessing for me. The academics taught here are at a very high standard. The teachers I have worked with have all been super helpful in me trying to find my career path. The president and administrative team are consistent in wanting to better the growth and development of each student on campus.
They accepted all of my transfer credits, so I didn't have to retake any classes but I am having some financial aid troubles.
I really like many of the teachers at the school. They are all very helpful and take their time with each student. The students are all friendly and talkative, and also help each other out i.e. study groups/ group me.
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Everyone is always friendly. There is always someone there to help you when you need it. I always feel comfortable going up to any adult on the campus and asking for help. I am not sure that there is much that I would change. The Kaskaskia College faculty is like family to me. I have a good relationship with a ton of teachers and administration.
I liked how the teachers worked one on one with you, but I didn't like how they gave instructions. I also hated how the staff acted towards me like I was a inconvenience to them.
I love the college! Great student life. Many opportunities. The staff is friendly and easy to work with.
I love that all of the professors are here to help you succeed and to come better. They all see the potential in their students and will stop at nothing to help them succeed. Their music program is incredibly wonderful and supportive. Kaskaskia College programs help teams build together and bond like a family. This campus has a wonderful system for all things. They even have “student activities” groups to involve all students and they have very many cool events that brings everyone together. I can’t say I would want anything about this college to change.
KC has a safe, friendly atmosphere on campus or off, as well as online classes. The instructors are knowledgeable and always helpful.
As an online student, I find that Kaskaskia College suits my needs. I've only been to the campus a few times to purchase books, however all the faculty are very friendly and helpful. The teachers are nice and some are strict. Blackboard was a little complicated to use, however as I've been using it, it has become fairly simple.
My ratings are based on what I have experienced as an Online Student. I know they have dorms, but I have never been to them. I don't know how diverse the student body is, or how bad the campus food is.
Overall my experience at KC was great. The only down to my school is the financial aid department. They are clueless and make basic tasks a challenge
I love this college the teachers are so understanding and smart. They are willing to stay over to make sure you're understanding the class. If I could change anything I wouldn't the college is amazing.
The only thing I really did not like was how little they offered in the education centers in surrounding communities and online.
Kaskaskia College is a high standard for a junior college. They have lots of classes to off, teachers are great, and campus is very nice. The athletic program has many choices for young athletes, on top of a great education. I myself am in the nursing program and I can’t say enough great things about it. Kaskaskia also offers online classes to accommodate the student life schedule.
Very personal professors and small classes! I've always been able to ask questions and feel like they are genuinely trying to help!
Kaskaskia College is a small community college with a nice enough campus. I enjoy that all the classes are small and the professors are available to students almost all of the time and even on a 1:1 basis. I am currently in the nursing program and it is exceptional! The nursing department has a brand new building that is used for nursing and EMT education. The nursing building is full of the best resources on campus, excellent tutors and mentors, and incredible means of hands on studying in lab and the classroom. Kaskaskia College lacks in the advisory department to ALL students. In order to improve the college needs to focus on helping guide students on a four year path, make transferring an easier process, communicate with other advisers and departments in the college, have better resources for scholarships, and help the student to apply their need and wants to a better future.
The teachers I had when I attended KC were all wonderful. There is little to no diversity and the only things the school is recognized for is it's agriculture and nursing programs, leaving the arts with little to no funding. It is very affordable, especially if you are still undecided of your career path and just want to work on Gen Eds. The school mirrors the area surrounding it, its just a little to boring for me.
Great teachers and student life. Great athletics. Not a very big area. Wonderful facilities. Great community
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Kaskaskia College was the most convenient choice for me to complete my associate's degree. I received a scholarship to attend Kaskaskia College, so the remainder of my costs were very affordable. One of the aspects that I really liked at KC was the sizes of my classes. Most of my classes had under 25 students. It was a much more relaxed environment, so I was much more comfortable participating in class, which helped me to learn more. I would like to see professors work on responding to students' questions in a more timely manner. I sometimes waited a few days to get a response on a question. I only had classes two days a week, so this was a problem when I needed to complete an assignment. I felt that I could have gotten more out of some of my core classes at KC. I had a few professors that could have cared more about really making sure students learn, rather than getting off topic. This makes it feel as if you're wasting your time and money going to class.
Love My Cosmo Professors. They work with me so on course projects and give extra time students when needed.
I love the small campus and being close to home. I think the teachers are amazing at their job, because they teach similar to how the surrounding high schools teach but at a college level. I think that Kaskaskia College could improve on their lab materials, ex. have more microscopes and samples.
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