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I can say they are all nice and I make use of them all in all it was astonishing experience.
The most amazing things including the professors.
The curriculum was the best of all and I enjoyed.
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I am interested in technology especially engineering.
I have learned so many things that increased my career.
They were excellent and every good in every detail.
After completing this school, I hope good job. Ok.
The convenience and flexible classes are a great way to work a full time job and continue to go to school all at the same time. The curriculum is straight forward and stays on schedule as they told you. Your classes can be choose online by you or by calling to your advisory. I can't speak as far as transfers because I had none to transfer but I am sure that it would have been just as smoothly as everything else they do.
I thought when I first started that it would be very hard to accomplish but boy was I wrong the schedule was awesome and so were my Professor. When you felt like giving up they encouraged you to keep going and reminded you that it was not as hard as it seemed and if need to there are tutoring assistance available. Their websites are user friendly and prompt you in all areas that you are trying to reach out to and if get lost or stuck they have a tech support right their to get you through it. the workload is doable and your classmates are awesome as well. The professor and student relationships are great I feel that the connection they show us rubs off to others to do their best and do not give up.
The post-grad services at this school are great resources for anyone who reach out to them. All the networks and job search are also right at your finger tips. They reach out to you if they feel that you have started something and not finished it, and the alumni has many of choices whether you are on campus on online. They continue to do things that makes things at Kaplan better for us students.
I have enjoyed everyone of my Professors and what they bring to the class whether it is humor to relax you or their past experiences they are their. I have took a variety of electives just to get knowledge of other fields of study and along the way it has been a great ride. I will take it all over again in fact I am seriously considering going for my masters in Human Service and this will be my first choice.
The prospects of this school is and are the up most quality and they have a career center to help you along the way. They connect you with different places and organization s they you may check into in your area for internships. You have the resources to join alumni groups and 24 hour services for any issues that arise while logged in.
I have learned and engaged in the best of life haves I can take what I have learned from Kaplan into the real world like a storm. It has strength me, encouraged me, and inspired me to go for it. Life is all what you make it you can live it or you can become a part of it. The saying is are you living or are you just here make a plan and stick to it. Our lives are only what we make it so make a stand and let people know you have a voice and you want it to be heard.
I have told everyone I meet the experience that I have gained from Kaplan University and I encourage them if thinking about going back online that this is the school of choice.
transferring credits was very easy. almost effortless, after the battle of getting a transcript from OTHER schools. Kaplan took care of all the extras for my 3 school credit transfer.
I did not chose and internship program but it was available. recruiters were constantly available and the network of alumni is incredible. many times we were able to speak to alum from previous years and ask them how they are doing with their career and help put us in the right path direction.
powerpoints well thought out and available before class was taught so they could be reviewed. students were required to respond to each other which helped better interaction rather than just with the teacher.
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career center was helpful at finding places to apply but did not follow up with them as much as I expected.
professors were always helpful. enjoyed sharing experiences and life stories. involved whole family in their teachings and encouraged us to do the same
nutrition program was full of everyday facts and information critical to the real world. I was able to involve my whole family in my learning and they had fun WITH me. there wasn't an abundance of work and the deadlines weren't to close to the time they were assigned.
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