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My experience at Kaplan University is amazing. The advisors, professors and all staff are quick to assist you and resolve most issues. The only downfall for me so far is financial aid. Overall, my online classes have been a wonderful experience.
Kaplan University is an online school that offers ten week courses and the curriculum is relevant to my degree and the workload is doable. Purdue acquired Kaplan University and the new name will be Purdue Global University the second quarter of the year. Seminars are only an hour which isn't enough time to thoroughly go over the material, the time should be changed to an hour and a half.
Great Education! Staff is very helpful and always have the answers you need! They are there for your success!
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I am having an amazing experience with Kaplan university. I am currently enrolled in the bachelors of science in human services in youth/family services and administration. This is my first time attending college online and my experience has been very enjoyable. I appreciate the ease of navigating the system and the personal attention I have received throughout my time I have been enrolled. I would recommend Kaplan to any students looking to continue their education.
As a student at Kaplan University, I have enjoyed learning online and working with highly professional instructors throughout my 5 years. Kaplan University is a wonderful school to attend, because of its supportive staff. They work very hard to help their students succeed.

Honestly, I can't think of anything that I would recommend Kaplan to change with their students. They've been very supportive throughout the years. Kaplan is a great school that offers a variety to programs from certificates, AAS, BS and MA. They also offer seminars that goes over all assignments weekly. The interaction with the professor and students is priceless! It's as if you're actually sitting in class. Each week we bond a relationship throughout the course. I have no regrets and can't wait to earn my BS degree with Kaplan University.
There are a number of good things about this school. Mostly because it's online and its convenient for single mothers. They also have some great professors. On the other hand, there is a lot of things they need to work on. They tend to make you jump through hoops when you are trying to get things settled. I found out my last year 2018, that I wouldn't be covered. Meaning I must pay out of pocket if I didn't call I wouldn't have known. They also have some people who you talk to on the phone that are really nasty. The school is crazy expensive, they charge a 295 technology fee every semseter, every 10 weeks.
It was a terrible experience because I did not get the education I was promised.
I may have gotten a lot of transferable credits from the military but it did not help me when pursuing my bachelors degree else where. Their accreditation was not accepted.
This will be my first semester with Kaplan. I have found all he staff are extremely friendly and willing to work with you.
I just finished my first term with Kaplan online, and it was fantastic. The layout of the online classes is very easy to learn, and the support offered to students is top notch. If I have any questions I can call my academic adviser or email her and she replies within 24 hours. There is 24/7 tech support and the professors are very knowledgeable.
Overall kaplan university is a great college...I am starting college on jan 31 of this year so i am looking forward to starting college i am 52 years old and i love working on computers so i am going for associate degree in commputers.
I have been attending Kaplan University for the past four years and I love it. It has helped me achieve my academic goals that I would not have without them. They help me by encouraging me to strive for what I want, and they also help me when times get tough with all their great resources they provide for their students. From the academic tools, financial services, and personal resources, this school helps their students as much as they can to help them succeed. The University has had some recent changes due to the change of ownership from Kaplan to Perdue which has caused some controversy within the courses. The changes have thrown people off and are often hard to navigate but that is because it is new. When something is new it takes some time to get used to. I would not have enjoyed my learning experience better anywhere else. I would most definitely recommend this University.
Kaplan's acquisition by Purdue is the best thing that can happen to the future of this University. The online program is very limited in it's ability to assist students - making them take care of everything they need alone.
This has been the best college experience for me. I work in the medical field full time hours and am required to take call. I am able to get the courses done for my degree and attend the one set class time a week and work my call around it. The courses are easy to understand. The professors are extremely helpful. The degree from this school is also highly looked upon as well. There are tons of resources if you use them well and it's nice not having to pay for the books. They provide them for you. Amazing school.
Very little communication after you enroll. I enjoy the faculty and the courses. Nothing to write home about. Looking forward to the Purdue acquisition.
I like the support system. The teachers are students as well and very approachable. The advisers are always there and make the experience personal.
I have been at kaplan almost 2 years now, and I have not had one problem. From staff, to Professors,and classmates, everyone is great. The work can be challenging; but yet nourishing. I would recommend kaplan to anyone.
I love Kaplan University- Davenport! Everyone is so quick to help you get what you need done as quickly as possible. The deadline to enroll was just one day away and my advisor had me enrolled in less than an hour! Everyone is very professional and makes the schooling process relaxing and comfortable. I would never dream of going anywhere else.
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I like how the professors were there for me , and made sure that we all had an understanding of each work we did. I like how they communicated with each student, and let us make up work that we missed.
I like the fact that the instructors are there to help you 100% of the way. The platform is easy to understand and navigate through. Although, when it comes to explaining how the financial aid should be used and what it should be used on they are very poor in that area.
Great course taught by experience and professional professors who help to promote a student success. I would recommend Kaplan University to any student who wants to succeed with their educational goals.
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