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As an online student at Kaplan University I have enjoyed the classes, the classmates and the professors are great! The online experience has allowed me to work a full-time job and still be sucessful in my classes. Most of the work is managable, some classes require more time than others. The faculty is very helpful and works to help one succeed.
The school has went above and beyond in helping me get my credits transferred and making sure everything is going smoothly for me.
When I first enrolled at Kaplan University I didn't know what to expect. I had never participated in an online learning environment and had fears about the costs. I did run into some issues with Kaplan University regarding financial aid where employees did not inform me of aspects of the student loans in which they should have; which is why I am spending all of my waking hours applying for scholarships. However, it is not because they 'screwed' me in any sense but just because college is expensive as heck. They are good at walking you through issues that you may face, and the professors are mostly great. The platform isn't hard to learn, and they have great learning content.
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I like the fact that your advisors , professors, And financial aid instructors support their students no matter what. They show a lot of support to their students in any way they can. I Feel Like They Could Change the amount of time that students have time to talk to their teachers and students in real time. Having a seminar for an hour is okay, but I feel like more verbal and visual interactions would help a lot more people.
I love the professors, they are very supportive and attentive to their students. The advisors could be a little bit better at communication.. like emailing back a bit sooner.
what I like about Kaplan is that the professors are great and they all work with you. My Advisor Sharon Humlick is wonderful always there to help me. What I dislike that Kaplan change is the portal and how we currently do the testing. When I started with Kaplan we were able to take a test more than once to get a feel of what they really wanted. Now you only get two hours to complete 100 questions. I failed a test in clinical psychology however, passed the class with a A- but I could had made a high A if that test wasn't timed or we could had taken it twice.
I am in the online student area. It is a very good choice to do online Kaplan University. I have anxiety and it helps alot. The work is what you put into it. It can be hard but time management is key. I also have a mom who just finished her masters in psychology at Kaplan Unversity. She is what pushes me to do it.
The educational experience I have had with Kaplan so far has been interesting. I am used to a typical brick and mortar, so transferring to a fully online college was challenging. After completing my first term, I felt almost bored with it. There is nearly zero engagement. The only time of interaction is during the seminar. I like that I am able to do the work and get my 4.0, but I am kind of lonely. The admin of Kaplan also take time to get used to; there is a lot of miscommunication. There is supposed to be an assigned advisor for each department but rarely do I ever get to speak to the same person. They rely on notes which can be misleading at times. Very frustrated with being told multiple things, having to jump through hoops, and then getting a very uninformed and neglected solution in the end. Somehow the full ride scholarship I was to get at the end of the first term was no longer offered when I met all the requirements.
I am going to be taking online courses through Kaplan. With everything that I have gone through so far, it seems like it will be an easy road to success with everything that Kaplan has to offer to their students.
This is the best experience I’ve had in a online setting. The classes are small and the teachers actually care about you.
I haven't started yet but I'm trying to win a scholarship so... Here is a review that says the place is excellent.
From the very first website visit there was helping counselors there to help, they follow up with you abd check and see how you are doing with your process.
I loved getting to work at your own pace but still have a time limit, I enjoyed all of my teaches and what they have taught me in the last four years.
My experience with Kaplan throughout the years has been enlightening yet so rewarding. I have met people from other states and even some close to where I live. The teachers are very knowledgeable which is to be expected. They are available and accommodating. The math program ad tutors are awesome! The workload is pretty standard although it requires a lot of research and projects. Overall, Kaplan is a pretty great school. I wish there were on in New York.
I am starting on October 18th. so I really don't have a lot to say about Kaplan. I have heard great things about Kaplan and that's why I chose Kaplan. I will say that so far its been a great speaking to everyone whos helped me signup!
I once worked as an Admission Re for another university and I have to say Kaplan is A+. I would personally recommend Kaplan to anyone over the school I worked for. The support staff is incredibly helpful and supportive. Enrolling couldn't have been any easier. Looking forward to my first day of school.
The professor do not always reply to your emails. The grades get done wrong. I wish all seminars were graded. Extra credit would be nice to have. The seminars are great to have though. That’s probably the only real way to get in touch with a professor.
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I have no issues with Kaplan University. They are convenient and love being able to be online for my courses. Going to an actual campus produced anxiety and stress because the students were much younger and I was not able to relate to them.
The advisers and coaches at Kaplan are amazing! They are very responsive and informative. They're encouraging and supportive. I like the online program they use as well - very user friendly.
I love it. The professors help when you need the keeps. The advisors are supportive with everything. Online school is amazing and works well with my schedule. I am a single mom of a one year old and i also work part time which is hard but in order for my daughter and myself to have a better life in the future i decided to go to kaplan university and i would not change it. They are amazing.
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