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I wasn't sure how this would work out just because I would prefer to be in a classroom setting, not that I have anything against online learning, I just learn better in a classroom. Unfortunately due to my medical situation online was more feasible for me right now but everything happens for a reason because I have learned so much from these Professors and they worked so hard to teach me everything I know, it wasn't just a job for them and I want to thank them so much! Kaplan has more than just great professors they also have an amazing library and great tutors to help you along the way, so if you are looking for a place to expand your career and educate your brain no matter what age you are Kaplan can be the place for you. I am 36 with epilepsy that's getting better and better everday, not only because of my medicine but because I educate my brain, and although it is a struggle this new college experience made me feel like I am in my 20's again! Thank you Kaplan
I love how flexible my schedule is when it comes to my academics. The work is assigned for you to complete during the week. With knowing I have a week to complete all of my work it allows to plan my schedule accordingly to complete my work and the other priorities I have as well. I have not experienced transferring of credits.
I like taking classes online because it provides flexibility with when you have to complete all the work assigned for the week. In traditional classrooms there are specific dates of when the work is due. I also like that you are in control of your seminar points. Being engaged in the class discussions and participating are what get you your points. So instead of having to raise my hand in a classroom to participate, when the professor asks a question all you have to do is type your response in the blank. I like being able to participate online versus in a classroom. You can also discuss your views and opinions with your peers during the seminar and discussion broad.
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I am not a graduate of this school yet but for job prospects, Kaplan has a career website that will help guide you to finding different jobs and preparing for those jobs. It provides lists of skills you need to be successful in that position and you can take self- assessment tests to see where you are at currently with your skills too.
I have only taken 2 courses so far but, they have been great. I'm not able to make it to each live seminar, but if I happen to miss one each professor outlines what was covered and you can hear and view the seminar at anytime so it's like you didn't miss anything. I love that the class sizes are not giant but just enough to where it's not overwhelming. I appreciate having a discussion board where you can see what everyone posts and see their point of view on topics and gain their perspective.
This school is great because it helps you build a strong foundation not just academically but helps prepare you for after college. They focus on making sure when you receive your degree you will be able to start your career on the right path. This school provides so many resources that you can view to help find jobs and internships, to get extra tutoring help and to build relationships and network with your peers. But, what really makes this school stand out is how great the staff is. I would be lost without my advisors and professors. I appreciate them all so much. If you ever have questions about anything they are always there. They all truly care about helping the students the best they can. Their goal is to make sure each and every student is successful.
I am currently majoring in Accounting. With accounting comes a lot of focus and concentration. The curriculum can be rather challenging but I am able to get through it by staying positive and determined. I currently work for an insurance corporation, so this will help benefit my career and allow me to get a job within my company as an Accountant.
My experience is the best because the professors are so helpful and are always there to answers questions. I also love how the advisors check in to see how the classes are going and if they can offer any help.
The workload at Kaplan is easily manageable. I live a busy life and they allow me to be a full-time student with only 2 classes. The classes are very easy to understand and the information given is clear. They not only have great work programs but they help you find jobs after you graduate.
Overall, I love Kaplan. I have tried 3 other online universities and none of them match up to Kaplan. I say this because, the other schools didn't offer an effective writing center, or live seminars where you can ask questions and interact with your teachers. Online school is hard enough, so finding a school that is flexible, easy to understand, and the teachers are willing to help you then you have found an amazing school to attend. I am actually doing really good in all my classes, and I definitely contribute it to the fact that the online seminars make you feel involved and keep you interested and dedicated to succeed. I would recommend Kaplan to any and everyone that is looking into online college.
This experience has been so convenient for me! I can do school work when I can and I can schedule classes based on when their live seminars will be.
Online courses are great for me. They allow me flexibility to do my work when it is convenient for me. We still get interaction through discussion boards as well as weekly live seminars.
Although I have not looked into the alumni-services specifically yet, I do know that there are some. The school has many job prospects and often send me job openings in my area that I may be interested in.
Everyone at this school has been extremely helpful. They have all helped me work towards my goal of graduation as quickly as I possibly can while learning as much as I can.
This school values degrees very highly. They realize how much a degree can open up our field of career opportunities. They have career services that will help students find jobs, conduct interviews as practice, and help build a resume.
The professors who are working my program (criminal justice) are so knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us all they can. There are so many choices of classes to take as well.
This has been an absolutely perfect choice of school for me! Professors are dedicated to your success, there are so many systems of support, and so convenient in my life. Because everything is online I can work on free days from home.
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I love my online courses.
I love the ability of to complete my coursework at my own pace.
I have acquired so much knowledge from this school
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