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So far its been great! Admission was a very simple process and so far my classes have been wonderful!
Professors are very knowledgeable and helpful, and the layout of online classes are easy to navigate.
Great flexibility and lots of opportunities to get assistance with assignments and tutoring. The lectures were interesting and the professor's seem to actually care about your succuss! I was quite impressed with my whole experience.
Review Kaplan University - Des Moines
I earned my Associate's degree through Kaplan a few years ago, and was pleased with the experience. However, after being recently terminated from my job, I found that employers in my area were requiring me to have a Bachelor's to regain employment. Kaplan's credits do not transfer to other colleges, forcing me into their box to continue my education.
Kaplan University is a prevalent choice in adult learners. The campus is generally clean and well lit. Professors that teach online classes are very accessible, but the ease of reaching a member of financial aide on campus leaves much to be desired. The campus/library hours coincide with the working hours if it's students, and leave little time for a student to come in after work and get academic work done. That being said, Kaplan does have a great teaching staff, and is recommended by most of the students.
So far, the transfer process has been okay.
I haven't inquired about this yet.
I think that all of the courses are needed for my program. The class sizes are fine and the style is great
I am not all that familiar with this.
The workload is doable and the amount of time given to complete is very fair.
So far Kaplan has been a great school. The assignments are relevant and the reading syllabus is very easy to understand. The professors are very helpful and my advisors really care.
As I have said, professors were great for the most part. A couple of the small 2 credit courses were treated like 2nd jobs and then they would nail you with a 10 page paper. When I had my beginning programming class, it should have been a finalization program to give you a taste of the terminology and creating motion. The professor was a complete perfectionist and would look to mark points off, without giving advice on what to do right. He was honestly out to fail people. What's really bad is that he was the only person who taught the class so people would get failed again! That was the beginning of the end for me.
It was great unless you have a complex, IT or math related question. They do have great tutoring services but with work and life, it's sometimes very hard to do all of that
It was great until it was later in the course and I and several other people had an issue with a certain professor and things went downhill from there quickly.
I really did not get to investigate the various memberships like I would have but it seems like they could have been a lot more organized and fun so that student interest and morale would stay up. I think that would be a good full time job for someone.
I don't know much about internships, I was in the IT program and as I said before, it would go from 0-60 mph and I would feel like I was missing something. I would not recommend it without a lot of prior IT experience for most classes.
I went into this school very happy with my professors and the whole system. One of the problems is that classes are either super easy or way over your head. The professors are great for the most part but if you get a bad one, you are in big trouble. Filing a complaint is time consuming even though it is what I should have done instead of taking leaves of absence because I was working also and something had to give. The only thing that I have ended up with from my experience with Kaplan is a lot of stress, debt that I have to waste time and dispute and depression about getting screwed when I was trying to better myself.
Review Kaplan University - Des Moines
My experience has been pretty great. I love the ease of the classrooms, and the flexibility that's allowed from this being an online campus. I can chose to take classes everyday of the week, even Sunday's, and I can chose what time works best for me. From early afternoons, to late nights. If I cannot make a live seminar for that week, the professor gives us an opportunity to make it up from doing another option. We can still get up to full points by doing an alternative assignment. This is perfect.
Kaplan offers a pretty great online feel. Sometimes the classroom sizes can be pretty large, but the professors never make it seem like you are lost in the crowd. They provide you with multiple way you can contact them if you ever are experiencing any issues or concerns, and you can tell they genuinely want students to be successful. Also, every week we have discussion questions that are due. We complete these, and the respond to our classmates. This helps us to interact with each other, and to learn from each others different view points.
Kaplan has a wonderful Career Services center. There are professionals who are dedicated to helping you find internships, job interviews, and hopefully jobs. The biggest plus for the career center is that they not only help you while you are finishing up your degree, but they also continue to help you after you've graduated and will continue to help until you either decline the services, or until you find a job.
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