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4,683 reviews
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I love Kaplan University I spent several months all most years trying to find the perfect 4 year college that would fit my needs as a at home mother of 8 kids as of now when I first attend kaplan I had 5 kids and I needed to attend school were I'm able to still attend to my wife duties and also see to my children and provide that one on one time and Kaplan did grant me that.I have learned so much in these 4 years years I made the deans list , and also did a Virtual internship things do not come easy persistent and hard work pays off with God first in my life all things are possible.Thanks Kaplan for giving me the opportunity for my kids and husband to see, that success comes with hard work and determination.
I liked that I was able to be a mom and a student at the same time. It was very flexible during a time when I was very busy.
My experience at Kaplan University has been great. I am in my fourth year and the professors are phenomenal. The seminars are very information and you gain all the knowledge you need for the course you're taking. The one thing that I do not like is that you miss out on the physical interactions of being in a classroom. I would recommend Kaplan to anyone who wants to further their education.
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I lIke how Kaplan let me take care of my daughter go to work and go to class . They let you work on your time , it's a really great school.
Been a good experience since being out of school for almost 20 years. The professors are very helpful and my student advisor. I made a good chose when I picked this online school!
The school is great at forst but as you go along they start to screw you with financial aid. They dont even offer scholafships to help you with the money. I have a year left not even and can not finish because of money issues and when you try to talk to them all you get is well we cant help you. Go some where else not here.
I started with Kaplan University this January because I was interested in returning back to college. My experience so far has been great! The financial advisor's have been great with assisting me in my career goals, classes, and any questions that I have. The teachers are very helpful as well. Any time I have questions about an assignment or seminar, they really take the time out to provide me with information. Also, their reply time to emails is amazing!
love my school, its a great school everyone is very nice. they are very friendly. online classes are easy to use. the online test are simple .
its a great school .
The workload and seminars are great. I haven't had any problems with the instructors. I can NEVER get a hold of my advisor. Very annoying. Seems like once you get in, they go radio silent.
I find Kaplan online to be very well organized and top notch professors that are nice and they are knowledgeable in the courses and programs they teach. The overall atmosphere is great. A good university to attend.
My experience with Kaplan University was pretty easy going. The coursework at times was kind of rough. However, I have enjoyed my time there. The professors were always extremely professional.
Admission was simple. Everyone I spoke with was on the exact same page! They gave precise instructions! Loved it.
So far, I have enjoyed my experience at Kaplan University. My academic advisors are very knowledgeable in their jobs, and are always available to answer any questions I have. My professors have gone above and beyond to ensure my success and understanding of the course material. The course material is challenging, as it should be, but not impossible to learn and complete. I am excited about my impending graduation! I feel as though I will be very prepared to enter the work force and use my skills and knowledge imparted upon me during my studies at Kaplan University.
Experience was great in the beginning of my studies. Student support declined as I progressed through my degree. Support was non-existent by graduation.
The staff at Kaplan University are amazing, nice, and helpful. The student portal is equipped with countless features, is easy to navigate, and makes the student experience enjoyable. Kaplan University also has wonderful programs to choose from, no matter what your field of study or discipline is. I am excited and happy my college experience is with Kaplan University!
Through an online schooling system, Kaplan has been able to take advantage of fabulous Professors from all across the United States. Fortunately for students, some of those Professors are passionate and enthusiastic, capable of teaching you anything; some Professors however, are less engaged and thus more difficult to absorb material from. Nevertheless, Kaplan is a wonderful University that has provided a successful learning program that is flexible and accessible as well as enjoyable.
Since i have been enrolled at Kaplan University - Davenport, it has been nothing but amazing. From my finical adviser calling me & emailing with the most updated items needed, checking on the status of all my checklist information - friendly environment. Student Log in Portal is student friendly easy to navigate through, My adviser was friendly & well knowledgeable, answered all my questions in a timely manner & made me feel welcomed with open arms.
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I am a returning student at Kaplan University Online through Davenport. I can't say enough about how great the people are. From my returning academic advisor to my professors. They are friendly, caring and helpful. They have made my transition painless and supportive of my disabilities. I will be staying with Kaplan all the way through my Masters degree.
Since attending Kaplan University it has open up a whole new world for me. Being able to attend a school who actually cares about your goals. Wanting to help pursue your dreams so that they may come true. The advisory team is remarkable, reaching out when they feel the student is in need of some advice or just to see how their classes are going. Shows the students that when working hard and staying focused it doesn't go unnoticed . I honestly feel fortunate to be able to attend such an amazing university. I plan on furthering my education with Kaplan in the near future. I will also recommend this University to those who are looking at a school to attend. All of the professors that I've had so far have to be the absolute best, they break assignments down and give you a example so that you are able to understand what they are asking.
Kaplan University has an amazing online program, the teachers work with you and explain everything with such great detail. There really wasn't anything I wanted to change about this school, it was perfect for me.
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