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I really love Kaplan University. The college has an excellent online program that I have been in for the last two years. I'm due to graduate November 2017. Some of the features that I love about Kaplan is the Tutoring Program. The college has all the necessary tools available for their students. I could go on & on about Kaplan University but it would take up all of this space:)
I loved everything from the admissions office to each professor. They all helped me achieve the highest quality education. When ever I had an issue the right department would solve it fast.
The advisors and professors are great and truly care about my success. The financial aid office, however, does not know how to do their job and I am suffering due to their incompetence.
Review Kaplan University - Davenport
The professors are always willing to help their students succeed. The workload is challenging, but it's nothing when you got a good professor. Amazing support system and everything is convenient!
I have enjoyed my time as a Kaplan student. This is where I earned my masters degree and pursuing a certificate.
The professors are great and very helpful. The advisors that are assigned to you go above and beyond to answer your questions and help you figure out any issues. Highly suggested!
The Classes are simple and you are able to grasp so much essential information in your chosen field of study. My only criticism is I ran out of financial aid 2 semesters before graduating and I wish they would have updated me on this because I had to find out on my own and I'm doing a lot of scrambling to finish school now after 4 years.
I am an online student at Kaplan. My information that I've received let me know that my campus would be Davenport, IA, though. I believe that Kaplan is a great school. I have had such a positive experience while being here. The professors are helpful and caring. They don't seem like this is just another job; they show their passion. The only problem I have with this school is the Financial Aid department, they are not helpful, they expect for you to figure out solutions to come up with payments on your own. The only help that I've gotten from Kaplan dealing with Financial Aid is my advisor, who is fantastic! He told me about so many options that I have to choose from in order to receive funds to go toward my tuition. I would definitely recommend this school to others. It may be on the pricey side, but I feel that it's worth it!
This is a great school , the only issue I had was in my final term I was told that I did not have enough funding and that I would owe a balance and would not receive my degree until it was paid. I wish they would have told me this prior I could have been paying it down
The advisors took their time and explaining everything to me and what I should expect. I had a really rough year in 2016 and they went above and beyond to make sure that I was successful in my education.
I am starting online classes in august 2017. My advisor has been very helpful and so far it seems to be a good experience.
The school itself isn't that bad, until you realize that it cost is beyond d unrealistic. First for two classes that last 11 weeks cost $4200. Now that every 12 weeks that you are having to pay this, which means that your financial aid is going to take a huge hit and all your funds are going to run out quickly. Then they make you but books online, but once you leave the school the books are no longer able to get access. So you basically paid to rent e-books that they claim to be permanent. I wouldn't suggest anyone to go here. Save your money and go to a local college.
Kaplan University has been an amazing experience for me so far. My professors are amazing and the rest of the staff has really helped me to get settled. This is my first experience in an online program and I could not be more excited to continue my journey with Kaplan! Thank you so much for all that you all have done for me thus far!
Flex Path and make it easier for student to be able to learn in little as 12 month according to your schedule
Kaplan University is a very diverse institution that allows for flexibility and self-discipline while earning your degree. They have many opportunities for one to take advantage of, and they are always encouraging students to be a part of it.
When I first decided to continue my education while working Full-Time and being a single parent, I looked at many different colleges. Kaplan University-online fit my needs perfectly because of the free trail period, where I could see if the fit was right for me. Another reason it works so well is that I am able to schedule my classes at a time and on a day that is most convenient for me. I have had tremendous support from my peers, from my professors, and from my education adviser. It is easy to get in touch with staff at the university if I have questions or concerns and I feel that I am getting a top rate education.
I 've attend Kaplan University for almost two years, There programs are essential to learning accordingly. I would recommend.
Review Kaplan University - Davenport
Great !!!!!!!!I loved speaking with the admissions department very knowledgeable and professional. It also fits with my schedule for being a single mom with 4 boys.
I enjoy the online live classes once a week but I dislike the 1 week turn around for y he abundance of work...very expensive school to attend a rounds around single parent .
My favorite thing about this school were the teachers. They are all extremely interested in helping their students and they go above and beyond to help them.
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