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Kapi'olani Community College Reviews

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It is easy to get into this college, and can find many chance to meet different kinds of people. Also, you can find lots of opportunity for internships and jobs. It is cheaper than other university and have programs to help you if you want to transfer to other college or university. I totally recommend this college to you if you're planning to go to the college.
Definetly recommend if you need to work and go to school at the same time. Professors organized the course very well. I recommend you to put the plans on your calendar before the semester start. Check the syllabus and see when you have homework/exam/test or quiz and just finish everything before the due date. Also, professors provide group work so you can study alone, can work with others so you can get help if you're not fully understanding the course, and can check if you fully understand the lesson by doing homework and learn it again if you cannot understand at some point.
Kapiolani Community College is a great place; the view is very scenic, everyone there is friendly and patient.
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They are very focused on maintaining their accreditation but I did learn a lot because I was forced to. Expect to buckle down and do a lot of self-studying
Best community college in the state by a mile. The campus is beautiful for a community college and the professors are top-notch. You won't miss a beat here if you decide to skip on uni for a couple years.
What I like about Kapi'olani Community College is the diversity of its students and staff. I also like how connected you are with the school and staff. If you ever need help you can just send and email and they will get back to you quickly. Also the campus is beautiful and the food is delicious.
Meet other people from different high schools across the island. Fantastic culinary program. Great experience at a glimpse at college life. Cheap and affordable to transfer to UH manoa.
As a community college, many professors are highly professional and are able to help the students through their studies whenever they encounter problems. Additionally, the staff and faculty are immensely helpful in helping students plan out the semester that accommodates their schedule and personal needs.
The teachers and staff are very helpful and understanding. The campus puts their students safety first. The classes very sizes depending on the time of day you attend, and night classes are only until 8:00 pm
I’m a Hospitality and Tourism major and all the professors I have come across that work in this major are awesome! They make the environment comfortable for everyone and they make the work exciting. They’re always available if you need help and do their best to be flexible with their schedules to help each student as much as possible.
At Kapiolani community college everyone is very welcoming, and open their arms to everyone. If you want to get close to the Hawaiian culture Kapiolani is the place to go to. Although the campus itself could have some repairing on the buildings, but overall Kapiolani is a good college to be at.
There are many things I enjoy about Kapi'olani Community College. The atmosphere is great, the teachers care about each student, and the location is fantastic.
KCC is a wonderful college. It’s a very beautiful campus with a big open lawn where there’s food trucks and fun activities at sometimes. The professors and counselors all want to see you succeed and will push you to do so. They are very very kind and understanding. And the students there are awesome too.
Most of the professors at KCC are very good and knowledgeable about their respective subjects. The food on campus is very good, but rather expensive. The campus is beautiful with many flowers, trees, and cacti and the buildings/bathrooms are usually clean. The campus is primarily Asian, white, and Pacific Islander kids, with an Asian majority. Since this is a community college, there is NO sports, dorms, and very little student clubs. Kaimuki is a great neighborhood though, and the campus is extremely safe with many security guards patrolling it.
The reason this school is good is that there is no discrimination between students and students of all ages are welcome. Also, each student's learning speed is respected and is very kind to exchange students in other countries.
School campus is really chill. Everyone does their own thing. Most professors are really caring for their students.
From the campus presentation to food options and quality, I was overall impressed with the way things are run. On my first day there I was able to find my class easily with the help of maps being placed in remote areas where people are likely to get lost. The class allows people who get there very early to stay safe inside while allowing them to work. The environment is very comfortable with mobile rotation desks that come with a small cubbyhole to put personal belongings beneath. This made it easy to meet new people in my class, and were usually in groups. Everyone is respectable to each other and often helps others when they need assistance. There are many clubs that people can participate in. There are also often surveys that keep the campus open to variety in food, events, and electing student council. The school is easily accessible to the bus stop because it's less than a mile away from the campus. I personally enjoyed my semester experience here.
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so far my experience at KCC has been good. I have met a lot of good friends, and teachers. The environment is much more humble (smaller class sizes, more one on one with the teachers, and response from faculty is fast and usually very comfortable) than that of UH or other campuses.
My experience at Kapi’olani Community College was excellent. I got accepted right away which was a relief. The application and registration process was fairly easy. The campus isn’t too large and I was able to find my way around with ease during my first semester. The professors were all very helpful and attentive if I needed assistance. Also the tuition, given it’s a community college, is a life saver compared to university tuition. All in all, I enjoyed my time at Kapi’olani Community College.
Great community college. Lots of resources and easy transfer to University of Hawaii. I am a returning student after 10 years out of high school. My previous grades were less than ideal, and I had to work closely with a counselor in order to return to KCC. I eventually received my Assoc. Degree and was also recently accepted into the very competitive Assoc. Degree in Nursing program at KCC. Every step of the way, the counselors guided me into my future dream. I am so happy to be given a second chance at advancing my education. I highly recommend KCC to all students from all walks of life. They have a lot of clubs, student resources like tutors and job fairs, and their administrative team respond very quickly to emails should you have any questions or concerns. Love KCC!
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