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Dorms are absolutely terrible. Need updated badly. Had huge leak in top floor of freshman dorms twice already this year and it’s only October. Would be very good university if it had equivalent dorms to other schools in area and conference.
It is a very accepting school except for the process to be admitted to it, I feel like there was way too many things I had to do in order to be officially admitted to the school.
I went on a college visit to this school. It was an amazing experience, and it made me more and more excited to be a college student soon. They had everything I could ever imagine on this little and home-like campus. From an all you can eat cafeteria, to criminal justice. It was perfect. They also have an AMAZING music program, with wonderful instructors. I have never been to a college and saw so much potential for myself. This school made me thrilled.
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The campus is breathtaking. The people are extremely nice. I love everything about it. My favorite part is the little pond/fountain in the front. The football field is fairly new and VERY nice. They are also one of the powerhouses of the KCAC Conference.
Really enjoy the courses I want to take, which are pertaining to my major. Class that are forced are not interesting to me.
My professors are great at making me think towards the future. They let me know about graduate school, internships, and any other options I have.
Not many safety problems on campus
Dorms are very small and pretty gross. Especially the bathrooms. Some are okay if you get lucky.
Sports are extremely popular here. I'm just not an athlete so you don't fit in as well.
I really love this school, especially the professors. Tuition is extremely high though and it only increases the longer you stay.
The services on campus are amazing. You can tell when you go to a certain part, that there is someone there to help you
For the money that I'm paying for, I just wish the school did more with it and wisely.
The faculty really enforce the rules around here. They make sure you aren't doing anything illegal or potentially dangerous.
The rooms are pretty decent if you get lucky. But for myself, I ended up having a chair that squeaks, a shower that smells of sewage everytime I use it, and parts of the wall are discolored.
We do not have an official greek life
The coaches care about your school. Your education is their priority. So if you're slacking behind in classes, be prepared to do a couple of miles while studying instead of having actual practice.
Aside from classes, I enjoy having an unlimited amount of meals from the cafeteria based on our meal plan. One downfall I would have for the campus is the limited parking space it has, I understand that space is limited, but we have tons of spots I could thing of that could be expanded into lots.
Review Kansas Wesleyan University
The freshman dorm at KWU are very average. The first week was fun because everyone was in the lobby but after that the dorms were quiet and boring. The RA's took their jobs way to serious.
Almost every athlete on the softball team was transferring. They had 62 girls to start off the season and none of them had only clue that there would be 2 teams such as a Varsity and JV team. Every sports team had double the number of kids needed. Everyone said the coaches would recruit alot of freshman because they were blind and didnt know what kind of school they were going into and all the upper classman knew better and got out of there as quickly as they could.
After attending one full year at KWU I quickly learned it was quite possibly the worst school from the athletics to the academics. The academics are EXTREMELY easy and the sports teams are terrible. The overall moral of the school is everyone is agreement of how they cannot wait to transfer or how much they want to go home. I do not recommend this school to anyone.
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