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There is a stereotype about KSU that says we are a family, and while that sounds ridiculously cheesy it is spot on. Other campuses I have been on feel hurried, impersonal, and just kind of there to take your money. K-State does a great job of fostering a community environment and making people feel like they belong there. Wherever you turn there are student help resources for any aspect of your life. School can be hard, but the university truly wants you to succeed.
Kansas State University has a beautiful campus and a wealthy amount of resources for today's student, however, with time I discovered most of the staff or those working in the Jardine building, are incredibly rude and difficult to work with. I also feel the cost is too high for the education you receive. Most states have better educations with less cost.
Kansas State is a wonderful university for students of any kind. Kansas State is well known for its Agriculture, Animal Science/Veterinary, and Engineering, however, in 2016 they finished building a top of the line Business Building. This building has the best technology and resources for College of Business Students but offers study spaces for students in all majors of the College. Kansas State has been ranked in the top colleges for their campus as well as for games. Attending football, basketball, and all other sporting events is a great way to feel apart of the Kstate Family. Here at Kansas State they emphasize family and you will no doubt feel it when you come to visit.
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I have loved my experience so far at KSU! There is such a variety of majors, as well as so many different people that you can encounter. I love that I've been able to experience 100-person lectures while also being in classes with only 30 people. It's absolutley a family here at this university!
Kansas State has a great atmosphere to it with many helpful people and smiling faces. It was the best choice for college for me as a person.
I don't like how they barely took 40 of my 90 transfer credits. This will make my schooling take twice as long. Along with costing twice as much. They did work with me on getting me into the program I wanted regardless of my lack of accepted credits. My advisor is always willing to help me out. She replies to all my correspondence quickly and answers all of my questions.
I attend the kstate polytechnic program. I find it not to be so overwhelming. It is a smaller campus off the main university. I'm in the pilot program, and the professors have more time to assist students. Once you get familiar with other students and staff, it feels like an family environment.
I love it so so very much! Our theme is 'family' and that definitely holds true. There has never been a time where I've asked for help and haven't received above and beyond help.
I love the campus culture at this school. All the staff is so friendly and eager to help, regardless of your affiliation with the school.
Kansas State University has a beautiful campus, spectacular students and most of all, highly significant programs. I love that there's an influx of students and professors who are eager to give and receive knowledge each and every day. Of course, diversity and inclusion are both present on KSU's campus. But if there is one thing that I would change, it would be to have even more diversity and inclusion. These two things contribute to the idea that people are in fact what make this earth such an interesting and captivating world to be immersed in.
My experience at Kansas State has been very positive and fun-filled. I was able to be a member of the Audacity Acapella group when I was a freshman and that experience was eye-opening and brought me to come out of my comfort zone as well as gain very strong friendships that will last a lifetime. The sense of family is my favorite part about Kansas State. Even when there is thousands of students I still feel part of the family. The small community aspect is important to me and with certain groups on campus you can be apart of something even more. The opportunities to get involved are endless and each group is welcoming and very happy to have new members. Looking back on the time I have had here at Kansas State, I wouldn't change a thing. Every situation is an opportunity to learn and I strongly believe that anything can be turned into a positive lesson.
KSU has a beautiful campus. Greek life was a big part of the university and I think still is. Manhattan is a beautiful college town with lots of hills and trees. The community is very supportive of the university. I always felt safe on and off campus. The university is a great size and has a great midwestern feel. It is large and has lots to offer, but still very friendly and has a down home feel. The only thing that was missing was a strong faith community. I’ve heard there are some awesome student ministries that meet at the union now. When I met with a KSU representative with my senior son they didn’t know anything about the Christian groups and community and from what I’ve heard there are hundreds involved at their weekly services. It would benefit the university to educate themselves on faith based groups on campus.
Kansas State University is easily one of, if not the most impacting university in Kansas. Not only am I soon to graduate this coming semester, but Kansas State has shown me my purpose in life with my degree, given me opportunities to expand and learn about different cultures, and most importantly help me overcome many personal obstacles in my life. I personally have always had difficulty interacting with others in my peer group, but after attending Kansas State that fear is almost nonexistent in its entirety. I am and will always be grateful for having the opportunity to attend this university, and recommend to all incoming or students looking at colleges to choose this as their main focus.
I loved the environment and all the professors. However I do wish our sports teams were better. Our volleyball team is good however but football not so much. I love the people so it's nice to easily find friends with common interests.
Some of the teachers in the introductory classes are hard to understand and not very good at their job. But, once you get into the higher level classes the teachers are very good and care about the students if you get to know them.
It's like a huge family in a small town and the professors are so understanding and flexible and the school overall is a joy to attend
I loved the sense of community, but was not satisfied with the level of support from the elementary education faculty. They seemed more concerned with personal research and profits than with the quality of education being provided to students.
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Kansas State University is home away from home. The professors genuinely care about each student and want you to succeed. I love the environment of the campus and how each student is friendly and always willing to help.
The university overall is alright. There is literally nothing to do here if you are a party person or drug enthusiast. If you are greek, you will have the complete college experience, not gonna lie they throw really good parties. In case you are over 21 you can go to aggieville which is really fun but it get pretty boring after awhile. For the academics part, the quality of education is average. if you are interested in agriculture/animal science or any related areas, you will love this school. Manhattan is a college town, so everything here goes around the school. The cost of living is cheap and you will find the nicest people here.
Kansas State is a great place to be. I have never felt excluded or judged. The campus is small enough to walk but large enough that you don't feel stuffed in like sardines. There are plenty of things to do around town and game days are a ton of fun.
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