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Kansas State University is a fantastic place to begin building your knowledge. The professors seem interested and engaged with student work and most of the students are down - to - earth, nice people.
The only thing I would like to see change is the Financial Aid Department. While they are helpful, it always seems hard to keep everyone who works there on the same page. Every time you visit the department, you end up dealing with a new person.
I have been a K-State Students for almost 2 school years and I really love it. It offers great resources for students and has great academics.
I thought that traveling ten hours away from home to go to k-state would be stressful. Although I had the normal stresses of college life, I was welcomed by no other into k-state. This is not just a school, it is a family. The relationships I've made in just 4 short months are ones I will keep around forever. The professors are so willing to assist in anyway they can and k-state provides excellent support. The social life is amazing and welcoming and its so easy to get involved with a group you'll love. Manhattan is also one of the cutest towns, full of always adoring fans of the wildcats! I love it here, it was the best decision I ever made to go here!!
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Kansas State University has been a good experience overall. A majority of the staff genuinely cares for the students and try to help in whatever way they can to help students succeed. And if a professor can't help you, there are always other students who are willing to help. There are many resources and opportunities around campus that are available to the students including tutoring, the recreational center, the career center and more. Even before I began my college career here, I was able to take advantage to one of the opportunities available to freshmen students through a summer program at K-state. This in and of itself was a great experience and allowed me to network and prepare for college before I even officially began. Plus the campus is roomy and beautiful without feeling too spread out.
K-State has a wonderful atmosphere and great classes. The campus is gorgeous and easy to get around. The classes are challenging but interesting and there is always someone around willing to help and get you to your goals. The ony downside is the lack of parking.
Kansas State cares about their students. From the small class sizes to the professors who take time out of their schedules to just sit and chat with you, it all makes a difference. Yes, sometimes things can be frustrating (ie. dealing with some dean's offices or getting a reply from an advisor), but over all, the university cares about its students and realizes that they are what continue to make the university work.
Kansas State university is an amazing university and I have only been there one semester. I am not like my peers I have a father who was diagnosed with terminal cancer before I came. The deans and my professors were amazing when I came to campus. four of my five professors reached out to me and made sure I knew that they were there to help me. Before I even started classes I felt more comfortable with college. I ended up getting a 4.0 because my teachers cared about me, and in return I cared there classes. I couldn't have asked for a better support system from a university.
I enjoy the atmosphere of Manhattan. The residents of Manhattan are very friendly to the students. The university is also very nice and well kept. The facility want to see you succeed and will do their part to make sure that happens. What I would like to see change is better communication from the university to students.
Kansas State University is a wonderful school. It is big enough that they is diversity but not huge, so that everything is within a 15 min walking distance.
My time at Kansas State University was a good experience. There certainly is a lot to do when it comes to joining clubs and attend campus activities. It's also easy to work within the campus and the schedule is fairly flexible. However, the only thing I want for it to change is more opportunities in the art field when it comes to animation and other digital art majors.
I like how many different majors they have that no one else does. When you walk on campus, it feels like you are at a small school and that you are apart of a family. One thing I would change is updating some of the buildings that haven't been updated in awhile.
Kansas State is a very underrated university. It's got great opportunities for people who want to get involved. Those people just have to find these opportunities themselves. I wish K-State wasn't so caught up in the PC culture of our time though. K-State has cut ties to all Greek Life out of fear.
Overall, I have enjoyed the classes and the people at Kansas State University. However, some things seem overly priced.
K-State is a great four year university with an easy to navigate campus and great professors. They offer several tutoring programs that ensure the success of every student that is willing t reach out for help. The residence halls are relatively updated and offer a large diverse dining hall. Overall my experience with Kansas State was very pleasing.
I've had a great experience at Kansas State and love all that it has to offer. However, it is sad that the focus of the public surrounds athletics versus focusing on academics. There is not much improvement in the buildings that need it the most.
I loved studying there. The professors and advisors are helpful and the entire faculty helps you achieve your goals. Grateful and happy to have experienced both on campus and online classes. Great University
I love Kansas State University, overall professors are nice and the dining hall food doesn't completely taste terrible. The campus is beautiful and the people are always friendly.
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Very well clean school. Everyone’s very nice. For the most part the professors are very easily understandable and will help anyone if they need help.
Kansas State is an amazing school. A very friendly family like environment with helpful people anywhere you turn. The classes are great and the professors are just as great!
I love the campus and the's like home away from home! They made transitioning from a junior college very easy. I have enjoyed my first semester at Kansas State!
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