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Kansas State University is a very diverse university that makes sure to take care of the needs of everyone. The environment is really very serene and pleasant and homely!
I have had a mostly positive experience at Kansas State. Most of my teachers have been excellent and taught me a lot. It has truly prepared me for me Graduate School I plan to go into. However, many of the older buildings need major remodeling to make them a more comfortable learning environment. There are new buildings being build while some of the older ones have become neglected. Despite this I have enjoyed my time here and feel like it was worth my time and money.
Kansas State University has so far been a very enjoyable place to continue my education. There are so many different organizations you can be a part of to make your experience more enjoyable. Many of the professors will go above and beyond to help you succeed, which is something that high school teachers said would not happen. And there are also many other resources that are available to students.
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Kansas State University has a great, warm, family oriented community. At Kansas State I have learned that there is something for everyone to get involved in. I have loved every bit of my college experience at Kansas State!
Kansas State University is known for its family atmosphere. From my first class to my last, I felt right at home on campus. The professors are approachable and truly care about their students' academic performance.
I like the fact that even though it’s a big campus you don’t have to really walk too far for your classes as well as the fact that it also pretty nice.
Kansas State University is like an Amazing Welcoming Family. One that stands behind you and keeps you going even when you feel like giving up. The campus is small enough to get around and able to make getting between classes easy. The advisers and staff are available to you and guide you through options as well as break down the system so that you can understand what is expected of you.
When I first stepped foot on this campus I immediately felt at home. There is a family atmosphere that wasn’t at any of the other colleges I looked at. The professors are cool, the classes are fun, and the sporting events are amazing! I am currently a freshman on the rowing team. With that being said, I do get a little bit more things than an average student. I get free tickets to all the football and basketball games, amazing breakfast and dinner, and I’ve made amazing friends. If you’re a student athlete or just a student, definitely come to K-State.
Friendly environment, safe, good professors and research. Opportunities for student research and jobs, and a safe and friendly surrounding community. Many resources for every student.
I am located at Kansas State Polytechnic, which is in Salina, ks. While yes its not main campus it is a very nice facility that has helped me chase my dream of becoming an Airline Pilot.
Very Loving and caring schools that genuinely cares about the students that attend both academically and emotionally
I am an incoming freshman who has been visiting the campus for the last four years for FFA. Everyone is so nice there and the campus is beautiful. Im so excited to become a Wildcat this fall!
Kansas State University has been my home away from home for three years now. The environment is beyond welcoming and friendly. In fact, a common phrase that you hear from high school seniors and juniors coming on tours here is, "Everyone is so friendly here."
This place gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and join Greek life. The Greek life on campus is unique in that we are all a community that roots for one another, but still competes hard for the coveted Homecoming 1st Place Win.
Another thing unique about K-State is the opportunities to get involved in Undergraduate Research whatever your major may be. I am involved in two different research labs currently, and both of them have taught me valuable skills to prepare for Graduate school and my future career. K-State has given me the best three years of my life thus far, and I can't wait for the fourth!
I loved the atmosphere of the campus and the dedication by all of the staff to ensure you get the highest quality education.
Kansas State is a family, we have a beautiful campus, national ranked sports teams, have great programs, and ranked the best college town in the country
Coming in as a transfer student I felt so welcomed by the people at Kanas State University. Everyone was so nice and wanted to get to know me, which made me feel like a part of the purple family from the start.
This is a great school! The teachers are great and seem eager to teach. The dorms are the great as well lots of nice people to get alone with, K state is like a big happy family. Also the food is pretty great, I would say I never go hungry here at K state. But the biggest importance in my opinion is that this school is one of the safest schools I have ever been to.
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I go to KSU online (Global Campus) and I love it! It provides the flexibility I need as a new mother and all the teachers I have had thus far are very good at what they do! I will say that you have to be self-motivated to get through your work. Your teacher is not reminding you of assignments due, etc like you'd find on campus.
While touring the campus, the students were all very friendly and outgoing, while offering to help in any way they could. The campus is small and perfect. The library is amazing; with moving shelves and the Harry Potter Great Hall study room, there are resources that are ready to be utilized.
I so far have loved K-State all the friendships that I have made are ones that I will remember and cherish forever. The environment is also so welcoming and friendly.
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