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Some of the teachers in the introductory classes are hard to understand and not very good at their job. But, once you get into the higher level classes the teachers are very good and care about the students if you get to know them.
It's like a huge family in a small town and the professors are so understanding and flexible and the school overall is a joy to attend
I loved the sense of community, but was not satisfied with the level of support from the elementary education faculty. They seemed more concerned with personal research and profits than with the quality of education being provided to students.
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Kansas State University is home away from home. The professors genuinely care about each student and want you to succeed. I love the environment of the campus and how each student is friendly and always willing to help.
The university overall is alright. There is literally nothing to do here if you are a party person or drug enthusiast. If you are greek, you will have the complete college experience, not gonna lie they throw really good parties. In case you are over 21 you can go to aggieville which is really fun but it get pretty boring after awhile. For the academics part, the quality of education is average. if you are interested in agriculture/animal science or any related areas, you will love this school. Manhattan is a college town, so everything here goes around the school. The cost of living is cheap and you will find the nicest people here.
Kansas State is a great place to be. I have never felt excluded or judged. The campus is small enough to walk but large enough that you don't feel stuffed in like sardines. There are plenty of things to do around town and game days are a ton of fun.
Great campus, great people. I have attended 3 colleges before this college, and this place beats all those places. It is a college town but doesn't lose its small town feel.
Big college in the small town of manhattan. People mostly from KC or small town Kansas. Mostly Engineering, Architecture, or Buisness majors. Everyone is very nice and the “family” feel is real. Manhattan food and bar scene is great.
I have had wonderful professors that really care about my own success as well as my peer's. I very much enjoy attending the school, and I recommend Kansas State University to anyone interested in majoring in Agriculture.
My experience at Kansas State was incredible. I would not have wanted to attend another school. I received a great education from the majority of my professors and had a great community of friends. It was great to have so many different opportunities, greek life, clubs, campus wide events, at my fingertips to advance my knowledge and world views.
I'd like to see more diversity, overall it is a good college. I like the food that is served over at Kramer. Wefald is also pretty nice to stay in as first year college students.
My experience at Kansas State has been everything and more than I could have hoped it would be. K-State's campus, faculty, and students exemplify what it truly means to be a "family"; something we K-Staters take pride in. K-State has become my home away from home by providing me with numerous support systems, many opportunities to for me to get involved, and the opportunity to grow as an individual.
My first year at K-State was was amazing! I grew so much as a person and KSU helped me. Whenever I needed help I knew exactly who I could Emil or call about what and everyone was wiling to help.
Kansas State University has small class room sizes and a great atmosphere. There are plenty of extracurricular activities to keep someone occupied every hour of the day. I would like to see more professors being hired to allow for more classes.
I began my journey at Kansas state university in the fall of 2014, and what a journey its been so far! With one semester left at Kansas state university, I can say that I've enjoyed my undergrad years at K-state. From the food, to people and culture of the university, I've enjoyed it all and have no doubt that I chose the right place for higher education.
Overall K-State is great, the size might scare you of the student body, but there are many connections that can easily be made. Most of the professors really care about you and your education and show it. I worked in the dorm halls my freshman year and honestly the staff is really focused on helping everyone and anyone that lives in their building. It really is a great campus and home.
Kansas State University is an awesome, friendly and big family university! The medium size town will just catch your heart, while enjoying your college life. A great place for studying and learning for life.
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Kansas State University is a great place. When you hear about the K-state family it is true, everyone is kind and ready to help. The College of Education is very professional and is there to explain when ever it is needed.
I liked the people and how friendly everyone was when I was a freshman and how personable people still are as years passed.
K-State was the perfect fit for me. The campus felt like home, the people became part of my family, and I was able to have so many amazing experiences that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else.
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