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K-State was the perfect fit for me. The campus felt like home, the people became part of my family, and I was able to have so many amazing experiences that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else.
I love this campus. More then friendly. Would 10/10 recommend this to others. The campus Is full of friendly students, staff, faculty and other resources that make it so great. The campus is full of limestone and it is very beautiful especially in the spring and summer when everything is green and blooming. The campus is full of many historic buildings as be build brand new energy efficient buildings for all the students. The town it is in is a perfect college town and community for growing families and our elderly. We have apartment complexes and regular neighborhood homes that are great for college student areas and family areas. All in all it is quite the amazing place to attend college.
I am a veteran who works for the Federal Government. I have asked for information regarding an MBA program three times. Each time, this university's enrollment department has blown me off. I am not impressed.
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KSU is often described as "a big school with a small school atmosphere". I agree with this completely. The college is huge, yes; but the community is like a family.
Only in Kansas would 76% white be viewed as "very diverse" This school is as country frat boy as it gets. Let's just own it.
Kansas State was my first choice in schools to transfer to becuase of its family oriented environment. "EPAW!" This is the anacronym that best says what Kansas State is about: family, inclusion, diversity and friends. "Every Person A Wildcat!" I have embraced this philosophy and made it the philosophy of my life. It has made me happy and introduced and shed new light on how I view life, both my failures and successes. I hope one day that Kansas State will be able to offer scholarships to not only traditional, but also non-traditional students, like myself.
Amazing! I enjoyed every little thing about it. The food was great. The campus was great, and finally the teacher to student ratio is good.Amazing! I enjoyed every little thing about it. The food was great. The campus was great, and finally the teacher to student ratio is good.
Kansas State is such an amazing college. Everyone you meet is friendly, and there are so many cool opportunities throughout the college that you are sure to find something to get involved in. The only thing I would change is how they run their housing and dining. It is a mess and they do no communicate well.
Kansas State University provides a very family, friendly atmosphere. Being a pedestrian based Campus, the community is closer then other Colleges or Universities. The University provides great education and social interactions. The town of Manhattan is a great little place to live, party and study. I have loved everything about being here. It really is a great environment for anybody. Would highly recommend this University to anyone.
I love how the campus really tries their best to revolve themselves around the idea of family. Even though times get tough and things happen around campus, the community never fails to acknowledge the problem and come back together as one.
i liked how my first visit there i already felt at home and everyone there is so nice and kind and they treated my like family as soon as i stepped on campus.
Kansas State is a great place to be if you are looking to be in a smaller friendly community. The University is the heart of the town and everyone bleed purple. The sporting events are very well attended especially Saturday football games better know as Caturdays. I feel very safe here and there is plenty of activities from going to the lake or headed to the "Ville" to eat or drink. They have every type of bar for any type of crowd. There are many different housing options on campus between dorms, greek houses, and apartments. As well as housing located off campus just blocks away. We have great facilities including the union and rec center. The classrooms are nice and the professors truly get to know you. Class sizes are relatively small which I enjoy. The campus is continually being modernized and 3 of the colleges have been redone in the past 2 years but they still keep the beautiful appearance using the limestone on the buildings. I would recommend this school to anyone!!
Upon entering the town of Manhattan, there is purple all over the place and just has a very welcoming and proud feeling. The actual campus itself is very beautiful and there is school colors all around. It has a feeling of a Hogwarts school (for all those harry potter fans). Once I took a step inside of the campus I knew I belonged. I've been to the campus a couple times and the buildings and dorms are all very nice.
The campus is lively and incredibly beautiful! The faculty at Kansas State University is well trained and open with their students. They will always help and put a smile on your face!
Great place to meet friends, make awesome memories, and proudly be a WILDCAT! The first day of school is easily where you meet most of your friends and connections here on campus, and you wind up feeling like you know a little bit about everyone in just a few short months. The teachers are always so helpful, sweet, and really just want to help their students succeed. They are always approachable. The best part of K-State is knowing you are part of one big family.
The last time I visited K-State the people treated me politely and helped me around the campus. The campus seemed very organized and absolutely beautiful.
It gives me a safe environment to learn. I have many activities and clubs to join to make new friends. The campus is easy to get around in and everything is clean and friendly.
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Kansas state university is a great school with many different academic programs to suit any interest.
Kansas State University has so many options and events going on at all times. The campus is clean and constantly growing and being remodeled. Awesome place to go to school and see homey, Manhattan, Kansas.
K-State overall is a great school that offers many different educational opportunities for students of all ages. When I first arrived at K-State I had no idea what I wanted to do but within two years I had found my dream. At K-State, there are many teachers, mentors, and advisors that are helpful and willing to work with you.
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