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I've been apart of the honors program for the last year and it has be a really good experience. I enjoy the majority of my professors. I like that the class sizes are smaller so you feel like you can talk to the professors more easily.
I am a high school student right now and I am taking a tech program at KCKCC. Though it is a community college it is a great school that provides free tutoring for students and has other great resources to help all kinds of diverse students on and off campus. KCKCC will be of a great benefit and experience to anyone who truly wishes to continue their education, with the help and encouragement of professors and other staff members will make anyone feel at home and capable of getting through school.
I like KCKCC because it is a small, tight-knit community. The classes are small so you get chance to get to know your peers and your professors.
Review Kansas City Kansas Community College
For the past couple of years at KCKCC, I couldn't ask for more. I enjoy the quiet environment that is later flourished with social activity. It's one of places where you feel you belong despite your racial, ethnic background. It's also a place where you utilize your talent and skills to take you further into your dreams for your career. It's also a second chance. Some problems that I have with the college is the educational system and of course the campus food. I just wish that the college had more opportunities to earn scholarships that anyone could win and and the the criteria for those isn't too difficult. Overall, the only change that I would reccommend them is to have more equal opportunities for studente despite financial backgrounds and academic performance. The campus food, I would also reccommend healthy, non-expensive, and plentiful food for those looking for in-between meals or snacks.
Kansas City Kansas Community College is close to home and very affordable. The professor are more then willing to help you with anything you need. Also there are tutors all around campus ready to help you also.
The professors (very few excluded) do not care about students. When coming to professors about grade concerns or concerns in general academically or their teaching, the professors dismiss them without resolution. Especially in the nursing program. They really just want you to shut up and "deal with it". I'm excited to be done with this school and transfer to KU.
As long as I have attended KCKCC, my experience has been great, with all classes and certain teachers who sit down and make sure i actually understand how to do my work, who give their personal phone numbers and tell you to call if you have any problems. I love being able to go into any office and come out with more than enough information that I needed. They go above and beyond to help.
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It's very competitive to get in the program I'm in, but the classes are smaller which gives you a better chance at having one on one with the teachers
Too early to tell how this school is going to be honestly. You have a questions, they get answered. Teachers are easy to talk to. I like it so far.
They give us a blueprint of what to do and how to do it. They even require us to register classes thru a counselor at first, so that they can make sure we are on the right track
The instructors give us a plan of when assignments, tests & quizzes are due and are always there for questions. The way they set up the course planning, students are required to interact with each other, which helps all of us.
They offer us plenty of options to transfer to complete out degree. There are several representatives from 4-year colleges that visit us and are accessible for questions, concerns and any other information we need
The professors really help each other out. One semester, one of my professors passed away. The other professors stepped in and helped us complete our course without any issues
They offer a lot of assistance with transferring to a 4-year college. They offer a lot of options of where to go
There offer both online & classroom classes, which helps a lot. But our professors are there for us, even after class hours
I feel so comfortable there. College can be intimidating, but the professors & other staff have the ability to ease our fears
Review Kansas City Kansas Community College
My experience at my school has been great!! I'm in the Honors Program and am very close with the honors academic advisers and they really help me in registering classes and steering me into the right direction. My class schedule usually fits where I'm about to have time to relax and then go to work and vice versa. Transferring credits were easy because this school is recognized and schools accept their credits.
I work a lot so being able to take online courses helps me out. I have time to turn in stuff instead of turning it in at that set time during the class period. Online courses are unique because you're in control and you're responsible for what you do. Workload can be intense at times but it's understandable. Registration process is very easy. Professor/Student relationship is strictly professional and sometimes there's engagement and involvement. Peer-to-peer interaction I notice it is mandatory and a requirement but other than that, we don't really talk each other. We just say our piece and focus on our life.
I don't know much about that part but I would probably guess that the quality is fair. It's all about connections. And networking can get you to where you need to be. I think the quality for the post-grad is the same as pre-grad but a slight difference because of education.
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